Fishtail Braid / Mermaid Braid Step-by-Step Tutorial

After our success with the Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid tutorial, Brittany and I are back with more hair tutorials.

With summer right around the corner, and the warmer weather on the way, we all want a little something to spice up our look while keeping us cool at the same time. The fishtail braid is a perfect way to pull your hair back, yet keeping a classy elegant look going on at the same time! Here are 20 easy steps for you to achieve this lovely braid!

Step 1: Pull hair back with your pointer fingers, as if you were going to wear your hair half up/half down.


Step 2: Split gathered hair into two sections


Step 3: Pull a chunk of hair from section two; this will be piece three for the time being.

Step 4: Cross piece three over section two.


Step 5: Join piece three with section one. Piece three is also now section one.


Step 6: Pull a chunk of hair out from section one; this will be piece four for the time being.


Step 7: Cross piece four over section one.


Step 8: Join piece four with section two. Piece four is also now section two.

Step 9: Hold both sections one and two in your left hand. Using your right pointer finger pull a chunk of hair up from the right side of your head from the hair hanging down; as if you are pulling hair to french braid.
Step 10: Cross this new piece over section two.

Step 11: Join this new, crossed piece with section one.

Step 12: Repeat steps nine through eleven, only hold sections one and two in your right hand and using your left pointer finger pull a chunk of hair from the left side of your head from the hair hanging down; as if you were french braiding.

Step 13: Pull sections one and two away from each other as if you were tightening a pony tail. (Don’t worry about the end result being too tight. This kind of braid always finds its way to become loose.)


Step 14: Keep repeating steps nine through thirteen and tightening until you can’t pull any more hair hanging down and tighten.


Step 15: Just like in the beginning of the tutorial you are going to pull a chunk of hair out of section two, only from the back/underside of section two.


Step 16: Cross this new piece of hair over section two.

Step 17: Join the new piece of crossed hair with section one.
Step 18: Repeat steps fifteen through seventeen only pull the piece of hair out of the back/underside of section one. Cross over the new piece over section one and join it with section two.


HERE IS A TIP! Make sure to keep tightening the braid, otherwise it will fall too much

Step 19: Continue fishtail all the way down and secure with a pony tail holder.

Step 20: Towards the bottom of the fishtail braid where you stopped pulling pieces from the hair that was hanging down may be a little too loose. Using bobby pins clean up any loose hairs that you want tucked in.

All Done! Click to Enlarge :)

Voilà! You now have a fishtail braid! You can even add colored hair extensions  to add a little spice into the braid! Happy Braiding!

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Uuuu what a beautiful hairstyle very different but good work, I like it very much. And I may say what a beautiful model, she has a very lovely face.

Love it. I have wanted to know how to do this look for sometime. Grabbed my daughter and did it right away. Super easy. Thanks

I wish I had a head of hair to practice on. I’m the only one in the family with long hair. I find braiding my hair myself is puzzling. I managed to do the Katniss Everdeen braid a few times and even got my many layers to stay in for a short time. I really love the hair tutorials, please keep them coming! I too would like to see a tutorial on Brittany’s makeup. So simple and beautiful.

Hello Heather!
We are working on more hair tutorials so there will be plenty to come for a very long time! I’m delighted you liked my makeup, we will work on getting a how to for you asap! Keep watching for more stuff! :D

I love this hair tutorials! Please keep doing them, I hope to see some of the hair styles that were on the poll the other day, they were awesome!! Nice job.

We have been working on more of the ones from the poll!! You should see them relatively soon. We are trying to do a couple a day so we can start posting more!! :) So glad you like the tutorials!! :)

Thank you all so much for such great feedback!! You Muggies are awesome!!!

<3 Love to all you Makeup Geek fans!!
-Brittany :)

i luv this tutorial but cud u stick to vids. i hav alot of trouble doing these things wen u rnt showing it.