Christina Aguilera Hair Tutorial

Make sure to spray your hair before curling with the iron to get the defined, glossy curl.   It will not damage your hair as long as you don’t keep your heat setting too high, and apply a heat protectant spray before styling your hair.

I do have to admit that the price for this was much cheaper than I expected, so if you’re interested, here’s the link:
Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron

Both the purple and gold work fine, and I am really impressed with Hot Tools’ products. I find them to work as well as the more expensive ones for less money :)

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Hey Marlena…… what is the difference between the curling iron you’re using, and a Marcel curling iron…..just the handle or what????

I love your website i think this is the best thing I’ve seen. Your a real person and you dont lie to us about products and give us info on good bargains. My question is i have really thick curly hair and everyday i staighten my hair but there are times i want to have loose curls but since ,y hair is so thick and gets frizzy easy its hard for me to just curl my hair to have the loose curls . any suggestions

Victoria: I’m in cosmetology school and in school we’re required to learn how to use a Marcel. The main difference’s are the handle, it’s much harder to learn how to use, especially on yourself. And, there’s not a cover on the end, and not grabbing the end of the barrel can be a hard habit to break.
Hope that helps =]

Wow that was a really cool tut. I have short hair and sometimes find it hard to come up w/looks. I hope you keep doing more :) and thanks for taking the time to do them for all of us. We appreciate it :)

Hey….All of the things you do with the pigments are really cool. I don’t know how I would ever do my make-up with out my MAC pigments(and other MAC things.) Everybody at school really loves my make-up every day, but I am starting to run out of ideas….at the moment I only have three pigments(kitschmas, Antique Green, and Museum Bronze), but I have a lot of the regular eye shadows(blues, purples, neutrals, browns, coppers, pinks, silver ring, and carbon of course, and like I said, my imagination is not huge and I need a few good ideas and was wondering if you could possibly think of a few. You can “IM” me at Victoria22207 if you think of any. But don’t e-mail me….I don’t ever use mine. Haha.

You are such a doll! I cant make it to the seminar, i hope it goes well. We will miss you while you are away!!!

Hi! I just want to say that I really like watching your tutorials! You seem luke such a down-to-earth girl! It all started with YouTube and then I went to your website and just love it! Keep up the good work!
I do have one question… I have fine, thin hair with zero volume. No matter what I do it always seems to fall flat. Anytime I tease my hair it won’t stay. So you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear from you!
Thanks! Nicole. ^_^

Velcro rollers on the crown are the BEST way I’ve ever found to get volume- my hair is fine also. Right after you dry your hair, put 2 large rollers in the hair on the top part of your head- let it sit to cool down while you do your makeup and get dressed. Take out and pull up the roots, then spray a bit with hairspray- voila, instant volume :D

Hey girl,
You are awesome.. I have used all of the same products for ever as well. I was just wondering if you have ever tried Mary Kay? I just started using it l and I love it. You can always go online and look up a consultant in you area and “try” all of their products for free. Believe me they have completely updated their line.. no more powder blue and bubblegum pink colors.. just check them out I promise you will enjoy the products.

Hey Marlena,
Did you blow dry your before you started styling your hair? I need to learn how to blow dry my hair to give me volume. Whenever I blow dry my hair, my top crown hair looks flat down. Can you do a demo on how to achieve volume with a blow dryer? Thanks.

Just wanted everyone to know that i have very blonde hair, and the purlple hot tools curling iron turns my porous ends pink! So, i would definately recommend the gold plated one that Marlena has.

Hi I have been doing makeup forever- Professionaly I’ve been a freelance artist for Films and Commercials. I’ve worked with many different faces. I think your talent is amazing. I wanted to Thank You. I got an idea from your video about adding primer to the bottom of the eye. I never thought of doing that- duh. I Always do on top.
So i’m going to try it so see what I think. I know that powder on the bottom helps with running makeup.
Another cool trick is using a product (examples are- bare essentials & makeup forever they makeup a makeup liner sealer) It is liquid and waterproofs powder shadows to make a wet/ dry liner. ) I’ve used this product after i do my bottom liner with a q-tip to really seal & waterproof my bottom liner. This works great for people that go out dancing- gymnasts, competion dancing, swimming, working out etc. anything that you might sweat a little. Its a fun trick.

I love your tutorials They are amazing. Thanks for the color ideas, I sometimes also tell young artists to go to a paint store and Get a Color Wheel and use that as a guide to try out colors that are complimentary, tri- complimentary etc. To your own eye color. You sometimes try colors you might not think you’d ever use.
I would love to send you a Tutorial. Are you currently accepting any. I saw that you picked one from a Makeup Geek and had it on your site. COOL.
Much Much Kudos to Your Skills.

Natalie Hale Minnesota

I love how the curls turned out, but I have a question for you… I have waving hair and even though blow dry my hair and it builds volume which I like sometimes but it gets crazy afterwards and I have to run my fingers through it.
I just got my hair colored with streaks and a new cut with beings and it look good the way he straighten my hair and it stayed perfect for the next 2 days and I wanted to know if he use any type of shampoo that I don’t know about or chemical cause I am trying to get that look again and it is never the same when I do it.
Also what type of straightening iron I should buy that isn’t too expensive? I have long hair that almost goes to my behind.

Hey Great look and it really suits you!! How long would it take me to curl my hair like that? I have A LOT of really straight hair and they’re about just under my shoulders….

Hello !

I apologize for my English but I’m French and I hope that you will not bear a grudge to me for it…

I want to thank you for your website, I love it so much. Your tutorials are absolutely fantastic…You are wonderful and I learnt many things about making-up. I like making-up and now I like it even more thanks to you. You are very good one teacher because it is difficult for me to understand everything when you speak but I can “SEE” what you say because you show very step by step and you give the necessary equipment (brushes, colours, etc), so I can make it easily.

I thank you very much !


Julie who writes you of France

Marlena you’re famous all over the world, I’m from France too ;-)

You look stunning, this look is definitely hot, I love the hair, the make up, everything!!! I have to try it, my hair is longer than yours but I think I’ll look hot too, haha ;-)

Thank you for sharing.

i love your tutorials :] i have medium thickness hair and i love to curl.
i use revlon’s curling iron. it works really well, but can you do a tut. on beachy waves?
thanks a bunch!!

You’re just great!!
I feel so much better when I check out your tutorials, I can’t wait to try this look.
Thank you!!!!

P.S.: sorry about my English!

wow this is my first time listening to some advice on makeup and hair. i love it. i just started wearing make-up so this really helps me. thanks a lot for that cristina aquilara look i love it. that was perfect demonstration.

your an excellent person. you share a lot of your talent as an artist (hair n make up) keep up the good work. your site is very helpful.

i curled my hair yesterday and it turned out pretty good, thanks for the tips on how to get volume on the crown area!! : ) i have horribly limp hair! : (

Aww your hair looks so pretty
my hair is like really limp and has no volume, lol!
annd thankyou for thee avice :D its much aprehiated

Marlena, I love your hair and I love all your videos on here. This is the first time I have ever been on here and i havent been off yet i even tried you Barbie look, it turn out quite well. I wanna do make up when im older(im only 14) well thank you for all your tuteriols<333

you’re amazing!
seriously, my sister and I have fallen in love with your tutorials.
We watch a new one every morning before we get ready to decide how we’re going to do our makeup that day(:

What size of hot tools iron do you use on your hair to curl it? I currently have the hot tools 1.5′ but I find it to just make my hair wavy and not really curl it. What do you sugguest?

Hey! I love love love your videos. Their so helpful! Quick question, what color do you use on your hair? & like is it highlighted, lowlighted, etc. I would love to know! Thanks