Golden Brown Look with Makeup Geek Shadows

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Hi MUGs!   As you may know, we have been doing a slow roll-out of our new user-submitted Idea Gallery system and we’ve had a lot of great looks submitted (you can submit your own looks here).  You may remember Petja from the wonderful Valentines Look she did.  She has created yet another stunning look using the Makeup Geek eyeshadows and has a video to go along with it.   We hope you enjoy it!

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Hi all! I'm the Shipping Manager / Review Teams Leader / Administrative Assistant here at Makeup Geek! I handle all your questions, packages, and orders along with doing some makeup here and there ;)


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Absolutely stunning. Is this a Real Technique Brush you used for the Bronzer? If so, how do you like it? I am considering to buy some of them but i read some rather negative reviews.

Yes it a Real Technique buffing brush. I absolutely love it, though I only have couple of them and only for face (those with yellow handle) and they are amazing! I actually think to get another buffing brush as it is soo great! But I can’t help you with the other brushes, especially those for eyes, cause I haven’t try them.

Well, i was think especially about getting the buffing brush so your comment was very helpful. Thx.

I tryed a look very similar to this one and It looks really nice on dark skin!!! Alex this look is so pretty and I can’t wait to see what other looks you come up with <3 xoxo

this is very pretty, and it makes your eyes really stand out. I will have to try it. Great tutorial.

This look is STUNNING! My birthday is in a few weeks & I plan on wearing this out for my celebration :) The golden upper lid and blue on the lower lid complement each other very well. I am obsessed!

Petja…u are amazing, u are so talented..I really loved the look. Can you please tell what eyeliner brush did you use in the video…thanks a lot for help

Thank you for finally showing someone of slavic origin. I’m of Russian background and my features are not the same as typical eastern european…appreciated how application looks on different features!

Beautiful! I didn’t think the blue that you used for the bottom of the eye was going to look good until you pulled it all together! Its really a gorgeous look. Please do more tutorials! :)

This look is absolutely stunning! I’m not sure what you felt the need to “conceal” because your complexion appears beautifully flawless! Thank you for sharing this look.

You have an amazing ability to put on makeup. Please continue with the tutorials, hopefully I can learn!

Wow, absolutely perfect color for your eyes, skin, and hair~stunning! I have enjoyed your videos and thanks to Marlena I have enjoyed subscribing and watching your videos too:) Thanks and you are very helpful too!

This is such a stunning look and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more looks from you. Take care.