Glittery and Glamorous Makeup for New Years

If you are looking for something fun and festive for your New Years Eve, than look no farther. This glittery look is ideal to help usher in a new year and a new you. With a touch of added sparkle to the sides of the eyes, this look is sure to make you look dazzling. Don’t let this look be just for New Years though, leave the crystals off and you have an ideal eye for a night out with friends or with that special someone. This would also be great as an Angel look for Halloween, the possibilities are limitless with a look this beautiful.


  • Benefit- The PoreFessional Face Primer (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer (Amazon)
  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation (Amazon)
  • MAC Cream Blush – “Lilicent” (eBay)
  • LASplash Body And Face Glitter  – “Gaudy” (Amazon)



  • MUG Lipstick – Delightful  (*coming soon)
  • NYX Lipgloss – Smokey Look     (Makeup Geek Store)



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This is stunning Marlena! Would love to see a hair tutorial on this, so gorgeous!! Have a wonderful holiday and all the best in the new year!!! :)

As always, another stunning look from beautiful Marlena!!

Love the glitter, wish I had somewhere nice to go for NYE and I would wear this in a second.

Also just wanted to comment on the lip color… I was eyeing it since the beginning of the video and was freaking out to finding out what it was.. scrolled down to the makeup list… and a MUG lip color!? SO excited for it, can’t wait! Great job on the eyeshadows (still waiting to get mine), and that lip color looks like more great things coming from MUG. YAY!!! I am a very happy Muggie!

Hey! Marlena…..Beautiful look for the ny…. U can use an “Bindi” that indian women wear on there forehead when they dress up for weddings…its super easy…. peel it off the paper n stick it wherever u want the rinestones :) xoxo

Hey! I Love Love Love this look!!! Where in New Brunswick, Canada can I find LA SPLASH Cosmetics?? The glitter is AMAZING…Perfect for NYE!!!

WOW looks amazing!!! aww I just wanted to order some goodies from MUG, but it won’t let me place the order…. :-((( ah well… <3

Very interesting !!! fairy look ;) !

PS: when will the forum work again ? I am looking forward for the challange…it’s the first time I’ll participate !

Kisses from Romania, Bucharest !

Hi,Marlena.I love your tutorials.I need your help.

1. What is the difference between MAC Ruby Woo lipstick and MAC Russian Red lipstick?
2.What is your favourite Nars blush for fair skin?


Hi Marlena, I love this look! I’m actually going to head to ulta to get the LASplash products because they look so great on you! I really like your websites and your tutorials are so helpful. I was wondering if you could suggest a good primer/ foundation for normal to dry skin with dry patches. I’ve been using the neutrogena healthy skin makeup because of your tutorials and i love it, but i want something a bit more moisturizing. Thanks so much and happy holidays!

Yaaaay I love it!! I’m all about the glitter and jewels (hello, Hollywood)! Glad you went with my Twitter suggestion, must’ve been a lot of others who were thinking the same thing. Question though, I got a bunch of rhinestones from Michaels and there is a warning on all of them, that they contain lead. I know they mean not to ingest, but are they OK for the skin?
Thanks, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Gorgeous, I just wish I had somewhere to go NYE, right now it seems I’ll be home alone with my daughter, I guess it’ll be pjs and bed hair for me :)

woooww i just love this look its gonna look great for the party where having… and honestly Marlena ur gorgeous and the makeups u do maan they look gread on you, thanks for the totorial have a wonderful christmas <3<3

This is gorgeous and I love it!! Some shimma shimma and glitta glitta is perfect for new years eve.

Thanks Marlena, love the look, it’s simple but so, so, so divine!! Love your tutorials and I’m your number 1 Australian fan x

Really gorgeous, icy, sparkly look for both winter and NYE. I love this! And I’ll be trying this out, also in different monochromatic schemes. For example, a gold or copper look for would awesome, too, or a glittery purple or pink theme…

I tried looking for similar jewel kits on Michael’s online ship, but didn’t find anything similar. I wasn’t really sure what product category to look under, but I tried general crafts and beads, but didn’t find anything.

You mentioned getting them from Michaels, was this recently or a good while ago? I figure if they don’t have them online, they might not have them in their shops in person. Where else can I find little jewel kits like that because the ones I find in jewelry shops are expensive. I sometimes use them to fake stud nose piercings, which can be cool, too.

I am in West Los Angeles, by the way…

Also, for those looking for LA Splash Cosmetics (I hope this is OK to post, if not, please let me know), they sell their products online through their website:

I am looking through their inventory, as well, because I really love the concept of those liquid eyeshadow glitters and the ones for both the body and face, especially if it is good quality and affordable.

The closest Ulta Beauty (they sell their products) to me would be on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. I’ll have to take a little trip there and see what I can find in person, too…

I will definitely be doing this one, though I’ll just do the makeup on the eyes, not the face, as gorgeous as it is.

Love the tutorial, Marlena! Do you know if there is a dupe for the lilicent cream blush since it’s discontinued?

I was told that ‘Ladyblush’ is the closest to ‘Lillicent’ now. Unfortunately, they did’nt have that one either in my local MÄC shop. Have to wait until January to get it. :-(

LOVE LOVE this look, I am new with this site, Marlena your tutorials are super great, they always look professional, keep up the good work. You are an inspirattion to us all.