Funky Chunky Hair!

Products Used:

  • Bed Head Cocky Thickening Paste   (eBay)
  • Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray    (eBay)
  • (optional)  MAC Fix+ Spray  (makes the hair soft)

Tools Used:

Marlena’s Cut and Color:



*The dark color is my natural, and the blond streaks are bleached out chunks with a tan based toner on top.

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hahah!! cocky paste!

i love it!! thanks! i’ve had hairdressers ABUSE my hair :(
i will do it myself now :)

Hey Marlena I always enjoy your tutorial, I have really short hair, but I love your look, now you make me feel like I wanna grow my hair back………hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! you are AMAZING!!!!!!!

You are so adorable!
I’m from London, UK and stumbled onto one of your vids on you tube a couple of months ago and have been tuning in ever since. Keep ’em coming, girl!
Jo :) x

HI Marlena, i just love ur tutorials! I like your makeup during the tutorial and on the photos as well… any chance you can do a tutorial too on the makeup

Thanks for the tutorial Marlena. My hair is thin like yours and I cant wait to try this technique.
Would you mind sharing what shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair. My hair gets really dry and damaged looking when it gets to be your length. Does the flat-iron help fix that problem? I have never used a flat iron on my hair.

hey.. loved how u added so much volume to ur hair!!!
i was wondering if u have tried those hair bump things
that u can insert for volume??? as an alternative…
u looked gr8

Love these tutorials! I’m buying that Cocky Paste tomorrow – can’t wait to get some volume in this hair.

Wow! Thank-you so much Marlena!!! I’ve always admired your hair cut and colour; apart from your superior make-up application skills of course!

OMG>>>> You MUST take smaller sections and move your flat iron quickly…. you will burn your hair if you leave it on there too long. also if you take a med. section and rotate your flat iron while your sliding down… youll create the celeb.. ultra sexy waves.

Wow thanks :D I never thought of blow drying my hair the opposite way for the back. I do this with my bangs but never thought of doing the back that way. I have an angled bob and the back is always too flat.

Love that look!! But I was blessed/cursed with naturally curly hair.
Is this loom at all possible for curly hair? I know you have straight
hair, but couldn’t hurt to ask. ;). ~V~

dude! ive never seen your house but i bet its absolutley gorgeouse theres so much green!! tut your house!

well i love your hair
bt can you do ilke a night make up cuz my sisther is geting married and i dont no how to do my make up and hair can you help me

hi.i would like to ask you something about the applying of eyeliner.can you email me the steps or video to apply the eyeliner if i don’t have a double eyelid?and would the outcome be the same?thanks.and i really enjoy watching your videos..please email me as soon as you saw my comments.thanks!

Gorgeous hair, love this style!! Any chance you can list the colors used for your makeup in these pics? Thanks!!

I have a hormone imbalance and have lost half of my super thick hair. I have some thinning patches on top. I saw this tutorial last night and went out and bought some of the cocky. Wow. It is an amazing product. My hair is much fuller on top and I can hide my thinning issues! Thanks so much!!

what colors are you wearing on your eyes? and i don’t think you mentioned your hair color in the video! =) are those chunky platinum blond highlights?


Can u do a make up tutorial on the look in your pics? the purple is really pretty!


THANK YOU FOR DOING A HAIR TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waithing a while. What happend to the velcro rollers? :)

You have officially inspired me to grow my hair back out!

FYI, BED HEAD QUEEN FOR A DAY is a great product that adds tons of volume to your hair. :)

Hey Marlena,
You might also want to try the Pantene Full & Thick voluming mousse, or the Herbal Essences volumizing mousse. I have to use volumizing shampoo, conditioner and mousse! I have paper thin hair and it falls flat as a pancake without anything in it! It’s insane, I hate it but I love how the products make my hair thicker and fuller. I’ve tried so many and I don’t recommend the L’Oreal volumizing mousse, it makes your hair stiff and hard to run your fingers through. But those others are wonderful!!

Thanks for your wonderful advice for us and your beautiful demeanor and disposition. You are so beautiful to the Lord!!

Hi Marlena!
My hair is much longer and not so flat but now I’m curious about that brand, I think I’ll buy it as soon as I can.
My hair needs a bit of volume on top and BED HEAD seems a really good brand and not so expensive.
Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the this video! I really like it! Your hair looks great! I’m going to try it today! :)

Thank you soooooo much for doing this video, I’ve always admired your hair and now that I know how you style it I’m going to ditch my long blonde layers and get it done like yours! YAY!

Hey there Mar,

Can you post a pic of the back of your hair?
I really love this Chunky look on you…so muh so i am thinking of doing the same….hope you dont mind…:)

Melissa N Texas

Hi Marlena,

I was at your beginner Vacaville seminar (I won the door prize, thanks so much, love the colors) and I tried your blow drying technique this weekend before going to an outdoor wedding. My hair is just a little bit shorter than yours and I have bangs but similar layers. I always try to have volume at the crown. I had to say that it worked beautifully. My hair had so much volume on top and I didn’t use a volume shampoo. I was outside in the heat and it lasted all day. Even the next morning when I woke up I could tell the volume was still there. I’ve tried velcro rollers and while that did help it, I sure didn’t get as good of results as this. I will be drying my hair like this from now on. Thanks for helping me have great hair days.


heyy marlena,
great video as per usual.
I have watched a few makeup vids of by you now, and I was just wondering if you need to use a base or primer for your looks, or will it work without. I live in the UK and cant find any primers or bases. If anyone knows the answer to this question plz tell me as i am dyin to know. thanx..x
c u soon

Coral —
Can your order from Sephora from the UK? They carry several face primers (Smashbox Photofinish comes in regular or oil free, Laura Gellar, Laura Mercier, Make Up Forever . . . tons of brands carry a face primer.)
Also, MAC has a few face primers also.
If you are looking for eye primers — Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion are good (you can order them from Sephora or from their own company websites).
I use MAC Paint Pots for my base (Painterly, Naked Lunch) for eye makeup.
Hope this helps!!

These tutorials are great! My green eyes thank you! I also love the tips on hair since I have fine hair and never know what to do with it. Thanks!

Hi Marlena! I LOVE your tutorials and think you are so super talented. I am so happy I came across your videos on youtube. I just wanted to say that your new hair cut and color looks great! If possible, can you post a photo of the back side of your hair? I would love to print your photos and take them in with me the next time I get my hair cut to get something similar done. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to help all of the people like me who need makeup and beauty tips. You are the best! Thanks again! -Sarah

Great tutorial. its nice to know that your website does more than make up! :-)
I have really thick (but flat) hair, so will be buying myself a toothed comb tomorrow!


I like you streak but then I wanted to know how you apply it on. I also cut and color my own hair but then I am having trouble with the streaks. I like your how you have it chuncky on one side and then a thin sliver on your left side. If you may please do an video totorial on how you get it to look like that. I am sorry I know I am asking too much, but I need help. None of my hairstyist do it how I like it. Thanks

What kind of pomade would you recommend? Everything I have tried brings my volume back to flat.


Hi, Just a question about your Funky Chunky Hair! Video.
Is the promo code RUNWAY. I just wanted to see if I can get this product and the beautychoice site said it was an error.

Just wanted to make sure. And I did not see anyone asking about this yet. Thank you for all your tips.

LOL..oops please disregard my first message about the promo code. I tried it again and it works. Sorry.

I love this tutorial so much! I don’t really need alot of volume but just a little so I haven’t used the root booster but I do blow dry forward and use the rollers while I do my makeup and it works great. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair this week. I love you girl and you are the best out there. Thanks for everything you do and keep em coming.

This is great! I have fine hair too; I’d love to try this to see if I can get some “oomph” going.

Wow, I think the straighter hairstyle is the prettiest – you should do your tutorials with it like that!

First, let me start by saying that you are gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE all of your tutorials! Can you please let me know how many streaks you have in your hair (since we can’t see the back) and also, do you know if your stylist uses the weaving or slicing technique when bleaching. I color my own hair and really want to try to recreate your look in the next few days…hope you don’t mind. :~) Thanks so much for all that you do!

Hey Marlena, I absolutely love this website. I literally have to go through ur tutos everyday othawise i feel like my day isn’t complete. I really like ur tutorial on Funky Chunky Hair..thanks a lot and i also loved ur makeup in that vdo. Can u please please pleaseeeeee do a tuto on the makeup u did in that Funky Chunky Hair vdo? I would appreciate it oh so much cuz ur makeup in it is just awesome, so clean, glowy with kinda cat eye look going on. Again please try to do it at ur earliest convenience. Thanks! Luv ya!

hey marlena, i just love your hair… There’s lots of layers and its totally gorgeous… Thanks anyway!

Hey Marlena, Love this tutorial. I have been watching it over and over again. I absolutely adore ur makeup in this vdo. Can u please do a tutorial on the makeup u have on? I m gonna love u for this. I have a party coming up and i am planning on doing the same hair and makeup if u can teach me how. Love ya and thanks for everything u do.

Wow that seems to be so easy. :)) You’re absolutly wright about ” teasing ” hair. It won’t hurt you’re hair if you do it carefull. I LOVE the highlight in you’re dark hair a lot. <3
Thank you for sharing so many things with us. Lots off hugs from the Netherlands. xoxoxox

I love the new tutorials!!!!Very easy to do!!!!
I am a mom of three and i just back into the groove of make-up and hair.So fast and easy tutorials where I can most products from target is awesome!!!!!