Fruit Series: Watermelon-Inspired Makeup

Nothing is as juicy and sweet as biting into one of summer’s favorite treats, watermelon. And nothing will look as sweet and inviting on your eyes as this fun and creative look. Using the vivid colors of the watermelon, this eye-catching look is ideal for those days or nights when you are feeling a little more flirty and daring. This striking look is sure to create some fun and make you the center of attention.

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Loving the bright spring looks! I haven’t had the guts to use my bright MUG shadows yet, but once I get Pixie Dust in the mail I’ll be trying this one out!

I Looooove it!!! Thanks for the video!! Hope you’re having a great time in Paris!! <3

I was loving the blazer too!! soooo cute i want one lol :) by the way, could you be more beautiful?!! jelious!! (but in a good way lol :))

You are so creative and talented like I am such a huge fan of yours, you really do inspire me and all the other girls and one day I hope I can do what you do. keep it up and I hope everything goes great with you, GOD BLESS YOU! :)

I really like the technique on this one! You can use neutrals and do the same shape and method and it is really refreshing! Thank you Marlena!

Great job, Marlena! But to tell the truth, I don’t like that all the looks from fruit series are done in the same technique. I’d like to see more of variety in technique.

I absolutly adore your job as a make-up artist so go on and be yourself!

Hi Marlena! This look is so SUMMER! =) You never run out of great ideas. Hope you don’t mind me nominating you for Versatile Blogger Award (did a post in my blog).

OMG, I’m totally in love with this look! I’m going out with my girlfriends soon and I think I might where this just a little toned down. BTW, I think that you might have pronounced the name of the blush wrong, you said it like “unreQUIETed” in stead of “unreQUITed” but w.e. I love you and I am impatient for your next tutorial! <3

Thanks Marlena! We were pretty happy with how they turned out. Although all the creativity credit goes to the “watermelon lips’ we found on google, that is certainly where the inspiration came from!

I watched the video three times just to hear how Marlena pronounced the word Unrequited and she said it correctly. If it wasn’t such a big deal as commented why did the person even bring it up, so petty.

imho: the method of applying colors on the eyes should be reconsidered.
it’s the same technique which used for a long time recently, yet colors are always in perfect combinations.

Waiting for more MUG eye shadow tutorials.
Also I’m Latina med tan I think yellow undertones so maybe slightly olive colored too(?). Can anyone recommend a coral/peach lipstick for my skin tone?

I just got YSL’s #36 which is a pretty coral :) Also, Revlon has a nice one but I can’t remember the name….

hi marlena,

thanx for ur tutorial, i ‘ve tried this style yesterday for working, it was sooo nice….thanx again….i m working as a nurse in riyadh, saudi arabia….i m from malaysia

It looks nice but I miss that green which is the watermelon from the outside! Also from the MUG eyeshadow collection. Are you coming out with a mid tone green later? Something like Mac Wondergrass? I would really love to have a color like that.

I apologize if you’ve already received this question, but how do the MUG shadows do on oily lids? Even my MAC shadows crease on me. I really like a natural look, so I’ve been eyeing the starter kit colors.

Can you suggest NYX or MAC dupes for the MUG colors? I am trying to build my MUG collection but I do have a fair amount of NYX and Mac.

This probably sounds funny compared to all your other comments, but you have such a cute nose Marlena!

i noticed that you used lancome teint idole foundation and i just got this foundation and i noticed that when i’m in normal light it looks great but if i’m in the car where there is little light it looks almost pink and i had the shade matched to my skin tone at the lancome counter and the shade i am is called bisque. I’m just wondering why this is, could it be because it’s oxidizing maybe? btw great look :)

Beautiful!! :D OMG you should check out the new Urban Decay Eye Shadows! they released brand favorites from the older palettes ( the special edition ones) and now there is a customizable palette!! :D

Luv this look!!! At first it looks too dramatic but then it settles very nicely. Plus I luv the way you do your makeup. You are an exceptional artist!!!! Congrats and keep up the good work.

Wondering if an orange inspired look is in our future….maybe with the maybeline color tatoo fierce and tangy as a base?

You know Marlena i know you have a life/reputation but can you just like post a video every week? im sure you can be that busy enough to not post a make-up tutorial for 8 weeks and counting :(

i love this look, except i dont feel the “seeds” at the edge of your eyes. I mean i like it but i honestly dont mean to be rude