Fruit Series: Lemon and Lime Look

I realize this is such a bright look, but it’s still fun to experiment with different colors! Since I never use yellow eyeshadow, I wanted to see what I could come up with. Here’s the first of the fruit series: Lemon and Lime Inspired Makeup!!






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WOW!!!! What a fun look. It looks so fresh and cool. Thank you for another great tutorial!!! :-)))

Hi Marlena,

I am glad that you not only do your tutorials with Make up geek eyeshadows put also used other brands. Because it is nice to have a vaste variety of choices for certain looks. And I have bought all the Mac eye shadows from the previous tutorials. I love this look will try it tonight. Once again you did a fantastic job.


Another great look. Though it’s super bright it looks so good on you! I love that you laugh at yourself whenever you make a mistake – it’s a great quality to have. :)

PS. My unborn child ALWAYS kicks whenever I watch your videos.

This is the kind of look that I love! So unique and bright! Thank you so much for the daring colors and thorough tutorial.

You look beautiful and fantastic Marlena! 8D Can you consider Dragonfruit next? I love to see how you interpret the colors!

Hi Marlena, Love the look super cool for summer! By the way love the jacket/blazer you are wearing maybe you can post that on your other website simply Marlena and show us the outfit of the day :)…and maybe where you got it from. thanks!

Love it, but i wish you had used your green mug shadows to do this look instead! Need more tutorials using your mug shadows PLEASE!!!!

This is amazing!!Can you help me for a dupe of the nyx jumbo pencil..since its discontinued!!

Love this look! Nice and bright for summer! Also, I got my makeup geek shirt and I loooovvveee it! I am a nail tech/makeup artist and I wore it to work and got so many compliments! Thanks!

Wow I love it! I am going to try this- or a modified version of it -on my 56 year old face. Let’s see if I can do it with grace and beauty, keeping things bright and fresh without looking clownish.

You’re gorgeous, sweet girl. Thanks for all you share with us…especially your journey with weight loss. you’re amazing!!!

you look great in everything. i wud look like a clown that looks like a clown with that on. its really pretty tho

yay! yay! yay!! i’ve been asking for tutorials/charts/ideas of looks with bright eyeshadows because i went wild a while ago and bought a lot of bright eyeshadows (fucsia, purple, cian, turquoise, light green, emeral green) and now I ran out of ideas on how to wear them!!
I think i’ll like this series a lot!!

Gorgeous look as always!!

Hi I was wondering what advice you have for me.
I am asked constanlty by co-workers, church family and friends to have a makeup party. I am filled with so many tips and makeup do’s and don’ts because of you Marlena. Thank you very much for your web site and the work you do. So my question I know that if I do have a makeup party the ladies are going to want to buy. Since there are so many products out there that you recommend I can’t go out and buy them in hopes that the ladies will purchase. I thought about selling Mary K to make it easier but then again there are so many products out there that are great quality and even cheaper at times so sticking to one product like selling Mary K doesn’t seem to be the answe. So I want to have a makeup party and give tips and do faces. Do you have any suggestions for me as how to have product available in case there are buyers which I am sure there will be. Thanks for your time.

marlena have you heard of cosmetics a la carte? Its wonderful especially the blushes! you should try them out:)

Heyy Marlena,
I was wondering if I can ask you for a favor? My 16th birthday is the 18th this month and I want to do something special with my makeup that day but I’m coming up blank. I was wondering if you would be able to put a fun look together, neutrals and colors are fine, for me to where on my birthday. This would mean the world to me if you could do it. No pressure thought. Anyways, I’m rambling. But please and thank you <3<3

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