Fruit Series: Grape Look





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Looks very cool and I think I have just the place to wear that look! Thank you very much. Please post inexpensive alternative!

The manly palette is super inexpensive- like $20 for the whole palette :) That’s why I didn’t list alternatives as it’s pretty reasonable

Precioso look!!! Por favor!! Necesito saber sí hacen envíos de sus maquillajes a La Paz, Baja California Sur, México?? Estoy interesada en varias cosas:-)!!! Saludos!!

So gorgeous, i really love that look, I have a idea for makeup look Marlena, you can maybe do Cities series, like you take cities of all around the world to inspired your make up, city like Rio, Newyork, Hong Kong…

wooow i love this look!
i try as soon as possible ^^
thanks Marlena for your videos
KIsses from France =*

Once again Marlena, you did a fantastic job, love love the combination of colors. Just make my day by watching your new video.


Thank you Marlena for this tutorial, I really like the cut-crease style but had no idea how to do exactly. :) I’ll definitely try with other colors.

I tried this today but in a more wearable way! It’s really pretty! i blended it out more and its perfect! its very flattering for people with hooded eyes (like me) Beautiful Marlena ! thank you!

Thank you a lot for these colorful ideas, Marlena,
but I wish so much some nude/”no make-up”/natural beauty tutorials from you, because spring – is a time to be simple and clear, still Gorgeous.
IMHO – you’re very beautiful, it comes from inside.

Hey i have a spring fling coming up and my dress is black with diffrent shades of pink on it can you please do a video for it along with a cute dutch braid by the 3 of may 2012
Thank you if you can


I truly love this look. So versatile just as you said at the end. My favorite color is purple (I have green eyes) and would wear this anytime.

Thank you for yet another fantastic tutorial. I am ALWAYS learning something new from you. What a blessing you are!!

Love ur look…. i have a question……. what can i do to have my hair long….??? its pretty short because of my hair cut…. i would like a makeup for my… light… i have blond hair.. and blue eyes… PLEASE HELP

i love this look, I actually do this look very often (except with not such a sharp crease) in black and silver, with a slightly shimmery lid

marlena!!! you’re such a wonderful and talented MUA! you put together beautiful looks and great videos! thank you so much for being an inspiration to women everywhere!

Hi Marlena!
Thank you for your tutorials, you made me connect to my make up addiction once again :D
I really need to ask you something, though.
I have my lower lid going down in the latter part, before reconnecting with the upper lid. This makes hard for me to put make up under the eye, it makes it look strange.
What can I do?

Hi !
It’s very very beautiful !! I like it so much !!
I tried this makeup with Makeup geek eyeshadows but the result was not realy similar… !! ;)
I love your creativity !!

XO from Paris

Marlena! thank you for doing a look with the 120 Manly Palette!( do you have more looks with the 120?) i would like to see one with the coastal scents nude pallete!! . here in my country ( Argentina) women don’t use so much make up , we are a litte bit clasics , some times you can see a few smoky eyes ,for every day look. thank you again. I love your videos!! see you soon!!

Thank u marlena for ur tutorial and taking the time to show us what like and ur passion for make up. I live the colors coordination. The technique I have see before. But good job like always.

Wow! All of these tutorials are amazing! I just got done with cosmetology school, so I will definately be using your tips on the regular. When I discovered this site and started experimenting with the different looks, I got soooooo many compliments. I mean several times a day! You have no idea how much it has boosted my self-confidence!

Marlena are you going to do more of the fruit makeup looks? Are you going to do more looks for blue eyes?

Hi Marlena, i kow you never respond to me but i honestly think that on your lid the yellowish color kind of makes you look ashon right now its on the verdge of being ashon and pure