Easy Braided Updo Tutorial

We all have our days when we are in a rush. I love this hair tutorial because its really easy and you can do it really quickly. A ponytail can get boring! Seriously as a working woman and mommy I don’t have a day that I’m not running out of the door. It’s also a very wearable hair-do that can be casual or you can dress it up.

1) We had our models hair curled first. If your hair is naturally straight it can be harder for rubber bands or braids to stick in your hair. Having your hair curled will also give your hair more volume.

2) To achieve this hairstyle I parted her hair into five large sections.

3) I then braided those sections and secured it with a clear elastic.

4) To give your hair more volume tug at the sides of the braids to loosen them up.

5) Grab one of the bottom side sections and bobby pin it up to the opposite side.

6) Do the same with the opposite braid overlapping the braid you just pinned.

7) Bring up the very bottom braid and place or wrap it above the other braids, securing it with the bobby pins.






















8) Now you grab the front braids and cover the loose ends of the bobby pins, tucking the ends of the braids in. You also overlap these braids. Add some hairspray to have hold on your up-do.

There you have a quick updo that takes five or less minutes but looks great!

Products used: 

  • Its a 10 Miracle Spray  (Amazon . eBay)
  • Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control   (Amazon . eBay)
  • Kenra Volume Spray 25  (Amazon . eBay)
  • Conair Bobby Pins  (Amazon . eBay)
  • Goody Clear-Elastic Bands 52 pcs


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