DIY: Hair Tinsel

If you’re anything like me, you like a little “bling bling” to celebrate your New Years!  It could be through accessories, makeup, and even hair.  I found these hair tinsels on Amazon to play around with something different for my hair- they’re super inexpensive, fairly easy to apply, and are temporary.  I picked up the color “copper brown” so they blend in my hair a bit (no, I’m not looking for shiny pink hair- it may clash with my outfit ;) )   Even celebrities like Beyonce have been seen wearing these.

My only complaint with these tinsels is they can slide out of your hair if you don’t tie them well enough or if your hair is super fine.  It also takes a bit of practice to tie them in, so if you can recruit a friend to help it will be easier.  They come in several different colors ranging from blue to purple to even gold.  I still think these are super fun to wear!


Price:  $12.95

Where to Buy:   Amazon  (not sure if they carry at Sallys…)







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Love your eye makeup in this tutorial! You should do a tutorial for this look! I would love to know how you did it and what colors you used! Thanks!

i agree!! Your makeup in this is gorgeous! I would love to at least know what products you used if not a tutorial!! Happy new year marlena, I wish you all the best you are such an inspiration to me and all of us muggies. You look beautiful by the way

Hi Marlena!! You are looking stunning as usual. What color or what type of acrylic are you wearing in this video? It looks so delicious and feminine.

I work for the owner/founder of PopTinsel, so I’ve learned how to get those suckers in and to stay. The easiest and best way we’ve found to do it, is to make sure your hair is damp, and do at least 2 slip knots. If you find it still wants to slide out… use some hair powder/dry shampoo on your roots as it will give your hair some texture and also, it helps (after you’ve done your 2 knots) to take half of your hair that is in the knot and tie it again with the tinsel. I also don’t usually cut the tinsel… I like having both sides hanging down. Good luck! That color looks great on you!!

It’s very funny for the new year, I love your makeup the colors was gorgeous, I hope you should a tutorial about this makeup. I wish you a happy new year and many success with the makeup geek eyes shadows!!!!!!!!!

please please do a tutorial for your makeup..LOVE YOUR EYESHADOW AND LIPGLOSS. and your whole face/skin looks so dewy and gorgeous!
keep up the good work…
god bless and happy new year!!!

I ADORE this look! I love all of your tutorials. You are talented and I love your fun, cheerful and genuine personality. :D Happy Holidays!

I’m using the hair tinsel for my birthday party this saturday, after seeing your tutorial. Thanks

Hi Marlena,

Love those hair tinsels, very imaginative. You always come up with super new ideals, either it is with your make up tutorials or hair ascensories. Keep up the good work. You always brighten my day.

Happy New Year