Dianna Agron at the Grammys

Dianna Agron rocked the Grammy’s with this striking and sexy look. The dark, stunning look was the definitely a winner at the night’s event. The bold, crisp lines created at the outer corner give it a look that stands apart from the rest. This recreation of the amazing look is ideal for wearing out for a night on the town or when you just want to let your inner rocker come out to play.



  • Urban Decay Primer Potion  (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette   (Amazon) (eBay)
    • “Creep”
    • “Gunmetal”
    • “Buck”
    • “Sin”
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in “Perversion”   (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara   (Amazon)  (eBay)


  • MAC lipstick- “Masque”  (eBay)
  • MAC Cremesheen Glass- “Richer, Lusher”  (eBay)


Inexpensive Alternatives:




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Would you mind to upload it at Vimeo or so on, for the german music industry controlled youtube not able to watch the video – viewers? :-(
Thanks, Magda

Paige actually did it :) She teased the crown then pinned a section back. Then took all the hair into a ponytail, teased the hair, then sprayed to make it piecey :)

omg marlena you look so good. love the look and hair do. I have a question Do you know of any drugstore foundation with a yellow base? I have tried revlon colorstay and to me it is pinky with a grey-ish cast. I love MAC but for everyday I want something else. I started swatching foundations and haven’t found any. Also when you mix a high end foundation with a low end do you see a difference in texture or stay-ability? thanks glad your back

Actually, Revlon has 2 shades that have more yellow in them- #310 and #360. I have the same problem, so I use one of those and mix with a lighter foundation if they’re too dark.

I mix the 2 foundations to get the finish I want and the right color- it still stays on well :)

Hi, Marlena.
You look gorgeous. I’m so happy you’re back. Loved the toturial. I was wondring if you can do a green sort of a smokey eye toturial? I’m very much in the same skintone as you, but I don’t know how to pull of these colors. Maybe it will encourage me when I first see this look on you.
Here is the picture:


And please use inexpensive makeup like NYX. Have a great week, and take care.
(PS: What color shade are you in the new NYX HD foundation? I have to buy it online, since I don’t have any nyx store in my country.)

What a nice coincidence; I dyed my hair red during New Year and have gradually been going brighter/louder, so have really been getting into the matching ‘Rock Chic’ makeup look :)

I love this look! It’s gorgeous I will have to do it soon. Marlena I hope you’re doing well, you look so beautiful!! Could we entice you to come down under and do a MUG seminar for all the Aussie MUG FANS :-) we would love to meet you and the team!!

OMG!!! Love this look!!!
I am so glad you used Naked pallet… Cuz I just got it~~
I ll try it tomorrow for sure~~~
One thing, for me it’s hard to see lip color that you use.
Can you tell me similar color from illamasqua’s lipstick?

BTW, I am so glad you back~~
I’ve been miss your tutorial…

I love it!!! Thank you~

love this look marlena, def one of my favorites.. which we could log in and save our favorite videos.. then be able to look back easily and find them// just a suggestion.

did u mix the revelon foundation and the makeup forever one.. or is it an alternative

love this!! hair tutorial would be fab if you could, and would you mind telling us where you got those rockin earings?? love x

Hello sweety
Good to have you back. The lipstick you are wearing in this look is now longer available :-( and when I push on the button Ebay next to the name I turn on to a page whit kids toys he he.
Is there someone like in the NYX or other collections I could use in stead of the MAC one.

Have a great day!

Wow, this is my favorite look from you yet… so pretty!
I love that jacket by the way, where did you get it? :)

I love this look!! I seem to love your brown and black smokey eyes. You should do more looks with the Naked palette! I have one and I love seeing more looks from it.
Also, a while back someone on the website mentioned doing a NYX and MAC lipstick comparison post. Is that still in the works?

Thanks for doing another look using the naked palette! I love it! I’m going to do this look this weekend! You look great by the way!! So glad our girl is back! :)

Love it!! Gorgeous look, easy and quick to do!

PS. Marlena could you please do the look Scarlett Johansson wore at the Oscars this year, please??

Oh Marlena you are AMAZING!! I am always SO excited for your tutorials! This looks incredible on you..really stunning. I’m definitely going to try this look out. Thanks doll xoxo

Marlena, you look gorgeous!
I love this look, and those earings you are wearing are pretty cool! :D

Gorgeous Marlelna!
And your hair are amazing.

Could you please give some MAC alternative for the eyeshadows?
Thnx in advance.
Hope you ‘re doing great.

MARIANNA@…I am asian and have yellow in my skin tone. ALL DRUGSTORE BRANDS DON’T ACCOMODATE THIS…so I kicked down for BOBBI BROWN FOUNDATIONS..she was on Oprah, and worked on her..fabulous. Her foundations last a long time, too.

Love this looks. YAY YOU’RE BACK MARLENA!!!!!!

OMG.. this is one of the best looks yet. I could wear this everyday! and I love love love the jacket!! Where did u get it?

That’s awesome, I totally will rock that to work. It looks especially gorgeous on you, by the way. And the jacket is HOT, lol.

oh my gosh! i love this look!!! i cant wait to try it! i’m totally gonna rock this first but move into some colors to test them out….yay!

Love this. I got my naked palette a few months ago and I will defintely be trying this look out.

WoW!! Beautiful as always! Glad to have you back at making tutorials :)
Missed you!!
You look gorgeous- that look makes your eyes look extra glamorous!
Oh, where did you get your earrings? I love them.
Have a lovely day Marlena!!!

I love all of your makeup looks, they are insperational and i always get some helpful tips. I do have a question though, i always see you put on makeup, but what products do you use one your face to keep your skin healthy and what products do you use to take off makeup. any tips would be greatly appreciated as i sometimes have trouble getting the makeup off, especially from the lashes or right next to them :)

For my skin care, I use a lot of Dermalogica as I’ve had problems this past year with adult acne… I also use Cetaphil’s gentle face wash on the days I don’t wear makeup. For eye makeup remover, I really like Clinique’s one that is purple- it has a bit of oil in it and so it breaks down the mascara really well. Just make sure to wash afterwards so you don’t have oil sitting on your face

OMG, that look is so beautiful! I always come on your site min. once a day, just to check if you have come out with a new look, and today you did!:D missed you when you did recover, but i’m so happy youre back! :D
hope you gonna make many more of thoses beautiful tutorials, now since your back!
Have a still lovely day, Marlena!!! :D
-Hege, age 15, Norway

I have never seen a urban decay 24/7 pencil so pointed before. I always have problems with mine!

Yusss! Another naked palette look(: That is some DARK eyeliner. I want it soooo bad. You have to admit, the 15 year collection, even though priced at 90 bucks, is still a good deal. That’s $6 per pencil! You look great!!! btw, just a suggestion, have you ever though of doing a series on looks for different hair colours? :) Hope all is well Dear!

this has to be the best look ever. it looks amazing on you :)



don’t be afraid to SUBSCRIBE/COMMENT
not trying to advertise, just trying to make my channel as great and successful like yours ;)

Hey Marlena, I love all your videos!! Do you think you could do a video on Concealers soon. I have such a hard time finding the perfect one and applying it without it looking cakey. I have extremely dark circles and it’s an everlasting search for the “perfect” concealer without having to spend a fortune. Would be muchly appreciated. You rock!!!

i loved dis look….ur so beautiful marlene im always on ur website looking to see what new ideas u come up wit their all beautiful i get alot of complements ..tanks to u…but i hav question wat do u think about E.L.F eyeshadow and wet n’ wild eyeshadows would u recommend them or not…reason i ask its because i got sum for christmas and i was wondering if i keep them or pass them down to my younger cousins…lol

Are you guys going to put a kit together for this look? It’s absolutely gorgeous! BTW, you look great!! Congrats!

awww sweetie, I am positive that you are beautiful and have features that you love! I have days too where I feel not so pretty- we women are so hard on ourselves sometimes :( I try to focus on what I do love and feel pretty about, and forget about the rest. Like I know I like my eyes, but not so crazy about my nose, so I’ll play up my eye makeup more. Maybe your lips are really nice, so then play up that- whatever your best feature is. We’re all pretty in one way or another :)

So excited about this look!!!! I’ve been dying for you to make more tutorials with the Naked Palette. It looks amazingly beautiful! I could wear this every day. As usual amazing work!

Hi Marlena,

Great look!

1.) What under eye concealer did you use?

2.) Love the hair! Can you do a tutorial to show us how?


I used the Peter Thomas Roth one (pricey, but works really well)

I’ll see if I can get Paige to do a tutorial for us as she did my hair that day :) I suck at hair- hahaha

Hi marlena! This a greatttt tutorial! awesome thanks for sharing.
Two questions: 1. How do u avoid that the black eyeshadow fall down on ur cheek? i have that problem all the time and i end with a mess on my face
2. I love ur eyebrowns! Do u recommend tatoo them or just put some brown color on them?? is because i love define eyebrowns.

I would do the eyes first- that way if you have fallout, you can just wipe away, then apply your face makeup :)

For my brows, I just fill in with brown eyeshadow and an angled brush :)

Thanks a lot marlena! I love ur tutorials ur page i fpollow all the time!
Now i want to participate in the contests but im not sure hehehe thanks a lot!

RavenTresses said:

2.) Love the hair! Can you do a tutorial to show us how?


I totally soport that! Can u please? =)

Gorgeous Marlena!!! So simple but effective :) Would you consider doing a review and tutorial with INGLOT Cosmetics? I would really value your opinion! Btw love this look on you!!!

Love this look! Also, I have noticed that you have good skin, but lately it seems to be just GLOWING, even pre-foundation. What skincare products are you swearing by these days? I would love see an updated skjincare routine video. To Nadia- reading your post made me sad- please know that beauty is based on such a broad-spectrum of things, sounds cliche but most importantly, beauty really seeps from the inside out. Its true. Most people know someone that they thought was not attractive and then got to know the person and just thought they were the cutest thing ever. I am sure that you are much more appealing than you are giving yourself credit for! And in the end, make-up always helps :)

OMG! LOVE THIS LOOK! and finally another look with the naked palette! def. gonna try this one.

I love this look. Is there a way to simplify it or make this an easier look to wear for everyday?

Hey Marlena,
Love this look, but could you possibly let me know how you did your hair? I know you are so super busy and don’t have time to do a hair tutorial, but if you could just send me a brief email, I’d appreciate it. Thanks
Erica M.

Hi Marlena,

You mentioned a few inexpensive alternatives for the eyeshadows but I searched for the MAC lipstick in Masque through ebay (my normal makeup haven) and it is gone. Could you suggest another alternative for that color lipstick, maybe an NYX? It would be greatly appreciated as I would love to try this look for a very important date.


I wore the copper and plum look the other day, all the girls loved it at the motorcycle club i hang at. The girls all say i do my make up so beautiful, i said i watch makeup geek, lol . Now there watching. Cant wait to try this new one, going to wear it to work tomorrow. Now i can’t wait for my order to arrive, I have all my favorite looks bookmarked and my lap top on my vanity in the morning as i get ready, you are so talented, Hope your feeling well. I too am saving for my tummy tuck cost a lot of money but i will get there.

Im begging PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a hair tutorial i tried and i tried last night trying to get it but just couldnt so PLEASE would you do one?

Hey hot mama! I’m so glad you’re doing well. I love this look. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Love ya bunches!

I love the earrings and jacket! where did you get them ??

And i too love your hair! highlights? extensions? great look !

hey marlena i want to see this video too. u know i cant see this cause i live in germany, please take it to another page where i can watch it. i have the urban decay naked pallete and want to try this look out. regards manu

I would also love to see this video – I think this look is absolutely amazing!!!
Tammy, also from germany

Hey Marlena, do you know why it`s not possible to open the video in germany… it`s soooooo sad, I really like the look and can`t watch the tutorial.

love this. love u. love your room! love the pink. love the green! love the vanity! its an epic lovefest here!

I love love love this Marlena! Thanks for showing this. I am def going to try this on the weekend!

Hi Marlena! I’m from Argentina and I saw aaaaalllll your videos!!! Maybe once, maybe twice each one… hahaha
I’m studying make up with the most famous make up artist here in Argentina. You’re my inspitation, and I’m determined to be a great make up artist! I’m practicing a lot!!!
The only thing that makes me feel a little bit sad is the prices!!! I can’t afford M·A·C and even your cheap alternative (NYX) is still so expensive for me…. As you probably know our currency has fallen and everything from abroad is too much expensive here…. But I don’t give up and dream of a wonderful life being a make up artist (And to be a Computer Engineer!! I think in towo years I will end my studies!!! )
Thank you Marlena!!!
A lot of Kisses from Argentina!!!!

Hey hii….
I really like your tutorials.. i am from India… Could you please do some tutorials based on indian skin tone.. and suggest those brands available in india( Like Loreal, Lakme).. something for the masses?? You use great make up brushes… which are not readily available here. The eye make up palatte has a sponge brush only… Could you please suggest the best ways to get that glam.look using just a sponge brush???

there are mac stores in India ,so you can get the brushes and shoppers stop has got brands like revlon and maybelline as well. call justdial to identify the locations. :)

Hey thanks for your response……… But I still I wish Marlena could do a tutorial….using just simple sponge brushes….!!!!!!!!


Glad to have you back… Thanks to your crew who kept us on the greekline while you recovered. First you look great, second love the look and I am glad you are using the Urban Decay line… LOVE IT!!! lastly thanks for all your help over the years.


Hey Marlena,

I would like to watch your videos but I cant. Im sad. It says that the video isnt available in my country (Germany) :(
Can you change it? I would like to watch the videos “how brown eyes pop” so bad…

Thank you!

Marlena! All of your photos look amazing. What kind of camera (for your still pictures) do you have?

I love love love this look! Rocker eye is my favorite for a night out :D
I love it even more because it’s another look to use with my UD Naked pallette!

Thanks Marlena, your the best <3

Hey Marlena! Great look! Can you tell us where you got that fab pink mirror in the background? Thanks! :)

Hey Marlena!
I love this video, this look is one of my favourite. I looking for everywhere the Naked Palette, but in France (yes, i’m french, sorry for my bad english ^^) , it’s impossible =( , no matter i will try this look tomorrow!


I *love* this look. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it. :)

I would also love to know where you got your shirt ( from the birthday tutorial you did a couple of months ago).

Keep up the great work.

Im so glad you did a naked palette i was gonna email you today to do one and BAM you read my mind now I can play with my new palette. Ho and where did you get that Jacket I love it now that I dont have a huge gut anymore and i can start wearing cute clothes :)

I would love to see a tutorial of your beautiful makeup room! Don’t know if you made one already or not, thanks! :)


As always you look gorgeous and beautifyl, love the earrings and the hair and your skin is flawless, Also where did you get your jacket i love it!

Marlena hi. could u do a look with the MAC “idol eyes” eye shadow please??? i bought it and i’ve tried it but i can’t get the correct use of it. i’d like to use it more please give me a good idea.
thank you lovely

Hi Marlena. What a great tutorial!! I’m so wearing it everywhere now. :D Can you please tell me what song is playing in the beginning of the video? :) btw, you look so stunning :)

Hey Marlena, love your look… you should do a tutorial on your hair that day to….cause it’s soo pretty i have try the other morning…but did not work ifyou you have any trick… can’t wait

take care…and by the way…you are one hot chica…you were before…we all are ..i think but sometime is nice to say it out loud

OK Girl your hair colors are amazing…. What colors are they Ive been looking to go a dark red brown like what you have. And is that blonde too? Are they extension pieces if so what is the kind if not do you have an idea of the color for that too those colors compliment each other very well. I hope your healing is going well. The swelling should be finally going down.

I know this has already been said but…you look H.O.T and way better than the girl you are using as the inspiration for the makeup. Two words, Jealous and Inspired.

Thanks for a wonderful tutorial.


hey marlena,

nice work :) what Mac colours would u suggest for this look. please let me now. i love the look

Hi my dear Marlena I love all the makeup tutorials you do… just wanted to ask and see If I can request an eye makeup tutorial for traveling long distance out of country. I am looking for something easy and natural please Love all your videos… Thank you so much

Marlena I love this look I am actually going to try to do it when I do to Las Vegas next week, I have one question why did you not wear false lashes on this look? Would it be too much?

You look absolutely amazing Marlena with this look! I do think that this might be the best one I’ve seen on you yet! I must try it a.s.a.p girlie :o)

Hi! Are you sure about the lipstick name? I can’t find it anywhere!!! Do you have a dupe for it? Thanks! You rock!!!! kisses from Brazil

Hi Marlena,

Between those 2 foundations, Make up Forever HD foundation and Revlon Colorstay Foundation, which one to apply first?

Love, from Malaysia!

Love love the rock look. Just dyed my hair orange and red today. I was hoping beyond hope that you would have some eye shadow suggestions that would NOT clash with my hair. I had purple on and… well not so much!

OMG Miss Marlena, you look absolutely FABULOUS!!! This look is really rockin’, I so have to try it out when I finally put the cherry red highlights in my brown/black hair. I’m starting to get back into the rocker look that I loved back in high school and totally wanna do this look for a nite out with my girls! Missed you bunches and hope to see this tutorial on youtube soon! Smooches.

I REALLY LOVE this look! I’m not pro at doing the line with the tape yet, but I’m gonna keep trying cuz it’s fun! Thanks for all you do, i love your site and try your looks all the time! :)

i’m from Nigeria and i’ve been following your tutorials for quite a while now.I am impressed with your work,person and weight loss…….i love this look and I sooooo love your jacket.where did you get the jacket from and where do you shop?I hope to meet you someday when I’m in California.Pls reply
C ya

Does anyone know how this would look if it was more purple or blue than the blacks and browns? Also would it look good with a bright red lipstick, like Kat Von D’s Adora color? I’m thinking this might be my prom make up look but I wanted to do it with color.

I adore this look!! I’m totally going to rock this for my upcoming weekend in Vegas :D!
I am just so sad that the UD Naked Palette is out of stock all of the time, and there is no way I’m paying $90+ on amazon- that’s just crazy!

It would be great if you did more tutorials with the Naked Palette, since it’s so versatile. I’m curious too though (like another Muggie that posted here) I want to try this look with more purple or teal :)

Thanks for the great video Marlena! You’re so gorgeous! Very inspiring ^_^

This look really inspires me to be daring with that UD Naked palette & makeup in general:) But for those days I feel less daring, how would you suggest I tone down the eyeshadow (maybe with the same palette) for a daytime look?

Sal, 17 :)

I love this look! Only saw this morning & had 2 try it (my 1st time using eye shadows)… N rocked it!!! Used slightly different colours cos I had no time 2 get the right ones. I Used MAC Electra, carbon, satin taupe & brown down. Thanks Marlena ur video instructions were perfect!!

Omg I hate dianna agron! But marlena, you made a gorgeous look! Good job! You’re so beautiful!