Dia Frampton Makeup From The Voice

Dia Frampton became famous for her sweet voice and unique style. Not to over power her remarkable voice, Dia keeps her makeup to a minimum to enhance her appearance. This makeup from The Voice is a stunning example of how Dia keeps her look clean and simple for an elegant and sohpisticated look. The addition of glitter on the eyelids and full, thick lashes adds just the perfect amount of drama while keeping the look soft and exquisite.





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great look marlena! you definitely have that pregnant woman’s glow..i’m so happy for you.when are you due?again congrats on becoming a mommy soon and on your site.it’s great

I think we can all agree that Marlena is beautiful and has a “glow” about her, even though she’s (probably) not pregnant.

Why would you think she’s pregnant – perhaps you’re thinking of another youtube makeup guru, because as far as I know Marlena is not prego.

Where did you hear this? She just did a 6 month update on her surgery progress and that wasn’t mentioned? I think you might be misinformed.

Are you mistaking her for Nic of Pixiwoo? Because Nic is definitely pregger lol…. She just had her surgery it would be dangerous if she was pregnant….

Marlena, you have GOT to start putting where you get your snazzy tops and accessories! ;) Thanks so much!

and agreed again ! I am losing some weight ( -42) too and I have no clue where to shop to get normal size clothes. ! cute cute cute ! you go girl !

Ooo!! Yet another stunning look, Marlena, thank you!! :) I’m new to MUG, but I’m already hooked! Your tips are so useful!! Stippling makes such a HUGE difference in the look of my foundation, and I’ve started my brush collection properly thanks to your insight – 8 brushes in, but I’ve got a ways to go :) Also, I’m proud to say you’ve taught me how to pull off blue eyeshadow :) lol can’t wait for the next tutorial!

PS: Your journey with weightloss and surgery has been incredibly uplifting, and when I saw a couple of your videos where you got teary-eyed, I wanted to jump through the computer and give you a gigantic hug!! You’re amazing and so brave, you one-woman-army you :) xoxo

Very pretty! Very natural looking apart from the lashes :) I would love to have seen this look with a more natural set of fake lashes, they overpower the rest of the look.

Another beautiful look Marlena! I was just wondering if you have ever tried using a saturated brush when applying glitter. I haven’t tried it myself but from what I have seen it works great! Never any fall out. I will be trying soon. Hope that helps! :)

– Jasmine

Hi marlena! Beautiful look. I just wanted to tell you… On another
Post I asked you what a good eyeliner for the waterline would be. You answered with many answers and one of them was urban decays perversion eyeliner. Since that was the most easily available to me, I went to sephora and ulta and neither of them had the shade perversion so I got the color zero. It doesnt stay on my waterline at all. It gunks up in the inner corner and gives a gray cloud under my lower lash line. I’m thinking of trying Mac fluidline for the waterline. If you’ve ever done this did it work for you.? Thank you, jessiana

The perversion was only avaliable in the limited 15 year set. it does work alot better than zero. but the set is very hard to find now, and super expensive.
i used remmle (spelling is prolly wrong) waterproof liner for my waterline and it worked well..

Hi Marlena,
Great tutorials!!! Somehow I cannot access anything from tutorials, articles,idea gallery or the product vault bar at the top. HELP


Marlena: this is beautiful yet simple LOVE IT!! So Why does this gal above say your pregnant?? I haven’t heard anything about it either, not that I guess you would be telling me. I guess I thought it might be something you would share with your viewers. Anyway, you look beautiful as always!!

The perversion was only avaliable in the limited 15 year set. it does work alot better than zero. but the set is very hard to find now, and super expensive.
i used remmle (spelling is prolly wrong) waterproof liner for my waterline and it worked well..

woops, wrong post :-p and i think the person she is refering to is Nicola Chapman of Pixiewoo. she is preggo.

i thought she was..maybe i’m wrong.it’s just that she looks pregnant(i’m not trying to be rude by the way) oh well,guess it’s her bussiness anyway..but i do love the site

Hi,Marlena.I like Bobbi Brown Corrector but I don’t know how to choose the right color.I’m MAC NW 20/25.Can you help me help,please?THANK YOU FOR YOUR TUTORIALS.

Hey Marlena! :) I have this problem in the summer where, even if I wear waterproof mascara, it ends up smearing above my crease by the end of the day. I’m generally NOT a fan of having black streaks on my eyes lol :P Do you have any tips that could help me avoid this problem?

are you finished with the cocktail series? i would kind of like to see some more of those looks..they have been great..hope u post one of those soon..

Another pretty look Marlena! You weren’t blabbing, you were giving very useful information in my opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered when watching one of your tutorials, what color eyeshadow, paint pot, blush etc., you would recommend because I have a darker skin tone than you. I’m pretty sure fairer toned people were appreciative of your color substitutions, also! By the way, I am Native American and my coloring falls right between Medium and Dark, so I often have problems figuring out what colors look best on me. Thanks, again! =)

Hi marlena you are looking fab like always. I wanted to know what hair color you have and what brand your hair look lovely.take care

Girl, just go macrobiotic vegan!

No processed food and Plant based food only and u will shed those 40 lbs in good time !
The bad fat that clings to the body is from animals and animal products ! and the tran and saturated fats in processed foods!
love this look btw

I love this one!!! So natural and pretty!! And super easy!!!! By the way, you look beautiful!!!! That hair style looks great on you!!!

My name is Jenna Lynn and I am 32 years old. Let me get started, by saying I am a Makeup Artist at MAC and I work at a MAC Store in a Mall. It is across from McDonald’s and next to an Italian Pasta Buffet, and basically next to the whole food court. I only get a 1 hour lunch break. I weigh 451 pounds. When I started at MAC I was 28 and I weighed 125. I was always very thin, but not morbidly obese like I am now. (I’ve gained a whopping 326 pounds since.) During that 1 hr lunch me and the other artists would go to McDonalds. I only went on 1 break, but other girls went on different breaks and I would have them get me food. This ballooned into a big problem, because I gaind 54 lbs in the first month of working there. I tried to stop but couldn’t. So Fast forward to the next couple of months. This was getting out of control. I was 230 something by december, and this was bad. Walking was a chore, and I ached and pained to get lunch. I could not walk too well. Oh, and I couldn’t go thru the main entrance anymore. It was awfully skinny. I had to go thru the other one, and walk all the way around the building. By then I’d be all sweaty and smelly and then I’d have to go to work. It was getting harder and harder, and I was also suffering from Candida Yeast overgrowth. :( By the time I got there, I would have to sit for a good 10 minutes (and ofcourse have my coffee rolls from DD that Ashleigh Would get me) Now when I was 30, I couldn’t do my job anymore. I couldn’t make my way around a woman to do her makeup because i would have to lean forwards, and all of my fat would just compile on the person. Once I actually fell onto someone; Unable to support my own weight. I couldn’t go to a nail salon because I couldn’t fit in the seat. I couldn’t climb stairs. I had to have an elevator installed in my home. I couldn’t stand up straight for more than 2 min without my legs getting wobbly and my knees feeling knobby. I was wider than my closet. I couldn’t work anymore and left mac. I couldnt even fit on a twin bed. I full was barely big enough. I couldn’t wear bras or underwear anymore. nothing fit me. I couldnt wear pads when i had my “.” because i wasnt wearing undies.

Ok… so i knew i had to do something. I stARTED going to water aerobics but i did it in my normal clothes b/c swimwear didnt fit. It was really embarassing at first but I got used to it. now i was 30; and started these water classes in feburaray, and started not eating any takeout or fastfood or soda. I lost 30 pounds in the 1st 2 months. I continued and continued.. (adding in more excerizes I enjoyed and better foods and lots of H20) and now it was december and I was 359 lbs. I still wanted better results. I started working with a personal trainer 6 days a week and I ran, weight lifted, bicycled and many other things. And I only ate 3 meals a day, lots of protein and veggies… and It was march of the next year. Now I was 315 pounds! I lost over 100 pounds, 136 to be exact. I kept going and going.. amping up my lifestyle and food and excersize.. and being better to myself. (BTW, I was now a cashier at sephora, FAR AWAY From DD, MICKEY D’S… ;) ) The weight was coming off so fast! Now it was my september weigh in…And I had lost 89 Pounds!! My goal weight was 120. I was now 229, 109 pounds away from succeeding! I kept on going… losing dress sizes, top szes, bottom sizes, and I could fit well into swimwear!! :D Now comes december… I had been working specifically hard these couple of months… VERY HARD. NO CARBS, and good foods! And I wasnt considered that i had candida anymore!! on december 15 i believe i was 149 lbs… 80 LBS DOWN!!, 30 to go!! I remebered back when I was saying only 300 to go… WOW, what a diff..

I wanted to lose 30 lbs in 1 month. So i started going 7 days per week with my trainer. And On January 3, 2011, I was 119 LBS!!!!!! I lost 332 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!

I went back to mac and surprisingly got my job back. I was now head of the team at my MAC. I bought my OWN lunch, and never had any takeout. I’ve been 119/120 since then and I now help out at a
LA|Fitness gym. I feel so good. I remember when I was 451, and i couldnt fit into the largest MAC Apron, and now I need to tie the smallest really super tight for it to fit!!

I really wanted to share my story with you. You also inspired me greatly.\
HUGS from CT!!


What an amazing and inspiring story Miss Jenna! I am 22 y/o, from Philippines. Before i started, that was two months ago i weighed 180lbs. I go to the gym 3-4x a week and i do cardio exercise every morning. i cut sodas, greasy food and rice(filipino loves rice!), so far i already lost 20lbs (and counting). I know its not much but still i’m happy that i’m able to lose that off. : ) Stories like yours and Marlena really helps me a lot and keeps me motivated. Thanks for sharing!

Great tutorial Marlena ;) Love the look. Can you help me decide which shade of Eve Pearl Salmon concealer i should choose? Light or medium if I’m using foundation from Make up Forever in 118 or Revlon in sand beige. Thank you.

Hi Marlena…. i just want to say i m a huge fan of yours.. i m not that good at make up but watching your videos really helps….. love u very much..