Cut Crease Kitty Cat Look Step-By-Step Tutorial

Tutorial by Marilyn

Neutral eyes don’t have to be boring! This striking look is created using all neutral shades but delivers a dramatic flair that is spectacular. This remarkable look was done using all Makeup Geek eyeshadow. For my first look I decided to do something that leaned used more neutral toned shades that will look good on everyone, but with a vivid appearance. This look isn’t too hard to recreate and makes your eyes look bigger and sexier.

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Begin as always by priming your eyes with a good eye primer from lashline to brow. I am using the Art Deco Eyeshadow Base here but you can use any primer you would like. Next, use an angled eyeshadow brush to line your crease using the color Mocha.


Next, with a fluffy dome brush, blend out that line by using the color Brown Sugar.

With a flat, stiff brush used for helping to pack on color, apply the color Ice Queen to the inner corner of the eye sweeping the shade in about 1/3 of the way.

Wipe off that same brush really well and place the color Bleached Blonde to the rest of the lower lid area.

Again, wipe off that same brush and use Makeup Geek’s Homecoming to the outer 1/3 of the lower eyelid making sure to keep the color under the crease.

With the same brush, or a small, fluffy dome brush, use the color Bling as your highlight under your brow bone.

Now, using a gel eyeliner line your eyes on the top of your eyes and extend that line to create a cat eye effect. Then blend the color Homecoming on your lower lashline.

Curl you lashes and apply a couple of coats of your favorite mascara.

For the cheeks, use a bronzer to define your cheekbones and add a good highlight to the top of your cheeks. Add your favorite matte red lipstick to finish the look like Makeup Geek’s Ravishing or Elegant.

And there it is, an extraordinary stunning eye using all neutral shades that will compliment any eye color and skin tone. This eye is perfect for a dramatic daytime look or a night time look.

To see more of Marilyn’s creative talent, check out her blog and Idea Gallery profile!

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Yaaaay first comment :P
I’m seriously loving this look. It’s like a bit of a pin-up girl look with the extremely winged out liner which I’m totally into. More tutorials please! :)

Gorgeous look! I was wondering what lip color was used. It is red, but not too red. Love it!!

What brush did you use to make that perfect eyeliner? I have tried different brushes but can’t seem to get that perfect “stroke”.

Gorgeous look. For those of us of darker complexions, what substitute shades would you recommend? I know that some of these colors would not show up on my skin as intended because I my skin tone.

I don’ t know why but I never think that neutral colors match my skin. Probably I need more practice to find out how I could work on with the neutral colors.
I will get there ! :) And congratulations, Marylin !
Your make up is stunning !

Love the look! The colors that you use what nyx color would be the same as makeup geek one you used?

This look is stunning! For myself I don’t care for the heavy cat eye liner. I’m 47 years old and just can’t seem to pull it off. But with a bit of tweaking, and a lighter hand with the liner, I will definitely be trying this look!

Also, I prefer video tutorials, but this step-by-step one looks very easy to follow, and the discription for each step is very well-written. Thank you for another inspiring look.

I love this look. I’ve never tried a cut crease makeup look but I will try it and see how it looks. Thanks

Nevermind! – maybe I should read the whole thing before I start asking questions. So gorgeous though!

Loving this look but how do you get that winged liner effect? No matter how much I try I can’t do it. Any tips on how to perfect it??

Marilyn this is beautiful as is all of your work…Please do a video soon. I tried to find your work on Youtube not having any luck but just the mask you did…

Lovely look! Now… silly question, how on earth do I get my hands on some Art Deco products? I love their stuff but their website is not very user friendly. I don’t think they have an online store (am I wrong?)… help? :(

hi makeup geek. i love this tutorial. the pics made it a lot easier to understand. keep up the good work. Maureen From Nigeria.

Absolutly beautiful! Very neat .. Could you please tell me what camera did you use ? Because am having a hard time finding a camera what would make my makeup show in a clean way like yours ;(
I would really appreciate the help .. Thanks :)

I loved this look right away, good thing I had all the colors and tried it on right away. I used it this weekend and I felt beautiful.