Coconut Lime Breeze

Hello Makeup Geeks. So I decided it was time to do another fun and creative series of looks for you and today I have the first in these colorful looks. Recently, I visited Bath and Body Works and I was very inspired by their packaging. The one I picked up was Coconut Lime Breeze. I got this specifically for the design and I am going to do a look inspired by the packaging for you to incorporate some creativity and color into your summer looks. In the past I had done several collection which I am going to list for you along with the links below.





Coconut Lime Breeze 06.1

I hope you all are having a great summer so far!  These Bath and Body looks are so fun and colorful for this time of year, so I hope you have fun with them.



Candy series:

Flower series:

Soda can series:

The fruit series:

The cocktail series:

BUT WAIT….THERE’S MORE! I am going to be doing a giveaway as well. If you are one of my YouTube subscribers you could win the shower gel, lotion and body spray in the scent that influenced this look, Coconut Lime Breeze.  We will announce the winner on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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I would Not say you have been boring, but I am really happy you did such a lovely bright look. I love color and try to do it on my own, but my looks always turn out so much nicer when I follow the steps you give. Thank you very much!

Not a fan of this new format. The music, poor/shakey camera angles, and just quick shots of the makeup application make this seem more like a promo for your makeup line than a tutorial video. I’ve been following you for years and love your videos, but this was difficult to enjoy. It’s been a month since your last actual makeup tutorial, so I was looking forward to it, but was disappointed. Thank you for hopefully reading my feedback.

No offense you can do better! But I excuse you because your a gurl in luv ;)

Obviously, it’s hard to make everyone happy. For all those that say they don’t like the promotion of the Makeup Geek products, we have 10 people requesting more tutorials using them. A lot of people have been disappointed that we aren’t doing more video showing how to use them.

We’re still trying to perfect the camera angles using models. We’re all still learning here as we grow.

All of us here at Makeup Geek appreciate feedback like this, but I hope you take these thoughts into consideration.

As for the month-long gap between tutorials, Marlena has been under the weather this past month (and is still recovering a bit), so we’re actually kinda burning though some videos we have built up, but don’t have a lot of new recordings.

Hi, Nick! Thanks for the response. :) I just wanted to clarify that my problem isn’t with the promotion of the MUG products. It’s a great line (have a full zpalette myself) and I appreciate the use of them in tutorials. It’s more with the production of the video. There have been companies in the past that have put together quick tutorials of their products that end up coming out more like commercials than tutorials and this is how I felt this one was. Marlena is a great teacher and I just didn’t get that from this video. I understand as a company, and even as a guru, you have to change it up and see what works and what doesn’t. Thank you again for reading my feedback. I hope Marlena gets to feeling better. <3

I personally enjoy more, videos like the older ones that were more “complete-detailed looks” and I am saying this just to help cause I guess you need our opinions. Otherwise I wouldn’t mention that.

Uuu what a beautiful makeup, hoping it will be one of those you show in the near future. Nice summer look. And great lipstick what’s is the name of it?

I hope you all in the makeup geek team are doing great. I visit the website almost all the time. I can’t get enough of it uuuuuu.

I hope Marlene are feeling better.

XOXO from Pernille

Ups I forgot to say that I like them both a lot, but the one I had in mind was the one on Marlenas eyes!

Love the tutorial! What eye makeup is Marlena wearing and is there a tutorial on this? She looks stunning:)