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Happy Friday, makeup geeks! I realized that in the last 4 years, I haven’t come up with a club makeup for you dance freaks out there ;) Instead of the usual black smokey eye, I wanted something still dark and sexy but with a lil’ kick- some purple and some glitter. Here’s a dramatic, eye catching look that is perfect for the dance floor.

Be safe and have a great weekend!

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  • As always, begin by priming the eye with a good primer from lash line to brow. Here we are using Stilla’s Prime Pot which adds a touch of coverage to the lids to help conceal them. You can use any primer that you prefer.
  • Next, take an Outer V brush or any small dome shaped brush, and apply the color Galaxy by Makeup Geek to the outer portion of the eye coming in 1/3 of the way and staying below the crease. You just want to darken the outer edge of the eye.
  • Wipe off that same brush and go in with the color Unexpected also by Makeup Geek and sweep the color in the crease area only coming in 1/3 – 1/2 of the way depending on the size of your eyes.
  • Without picking up anymore color, continue to blend the Unexpected up and buff the color out.
  • To blend out any harsh lines from the Unexpected, take a color close to your skintone, here we use Samoa Silk by MAC, and buff out any harsh lines using windshield wiper motions. (Lighter skintones can use Makeup Geek’s Vanilla Bean or MAC’s Vanilla, whatever is closest to your particular skintone.)
  • Next, to help the glitter adhere to the eyelid we are going to use a cream eyeshadow. This one is Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #2 in Steel. (A good alternative would be Maybelline Color Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt) Gently press the color onto the lower eyelid staying under the crease.
  • Using a flat, stiff brush, take MAC’s Antique Gold glitter and gently pack the glitter over the area you placed the cream eyeshadow.
  • Wipe off that brush really well and go in with Pretentious by Makeup Geek and sweep the color near the inner tear duct coming up slightly into the purple and in onto the glitter ever so slightly.
  • With the very tip of that same brush, pick up the pretentious shade again and place in the inner tear duct on the lower lash line going in 1/3 of the way.
  • Again with the same brush, take the tip and dip it into your favorite black eyeshadow. We are using Corrupt by Makeup Geek smudge the color out along the outer 1/3 of the upper lashline to help darken it. Then place the same color under the lower lashline coming in about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way.
  • Go back in with the shade Galaxy and place along the middle of the lower lashline between the black and the copper shade.
  • Now take any purple eyeliner and dip it into a Bobbi Brown’s Violet Ink place the color along the lower waterline.
  • To finish up the eyes, add a pair of your favorite dramatic lashes. We used Ardell’s Demi Luvies to add the perfect pop of dramatic flair and add your favorite mascara.
  • For the face we are going to apply a bronze under the cheekbones and blend the color out to fade it.  Make sure to go up the sides of the temples and buff it in to warm up the skin.
  • Next, go in with a matte finish blush, we are using Pink Swoon by MAC. If you have lighter skin use a lighter shade, but this is perfect for medium to dark skin. Buff the color onto the top of the cheekbones and blend out toward the hairline. (Make sure not to use a glittery blush, with glitter on the eyes it will be overpowering)
  • To make sure you lip color last throughout the night, line your lips with a stunning shade like NYX’s Rose and fill the lips in with it as well. This will help you color last.
  • Top the lipliner off with your lipstick. We are using Makeup Geek’s Innocent and top it with your favorite lipgloss.

And there you have it, the perfect sexy makeup for hitting all your favorite clubs. This amazing look is sure to catch the eye of everyone on the dance floor. Be happy and safe!

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This is by far one of my favorite looks!! The colors are amazing! Can’t wait to try it out

Love this look, Just wondering why you do not do other options for the shadow like you use to in the past. Just asking cause I may have like colors in my collection without even knowing it and that was always helpful to me for you to have that info on here. Thanks again for the look :)

You need:
-light muted purple (like MAC’s Shale)
-tan gold
-black for adding darkness

The only thing I really say you need is that pigment or some sort of silver glitter… The rest can be altered to what you have :)

Love, love, love this look..only wish I had somewhere to go to be able to wear it :-/

Shoot, I’ll wear this to the grocery store if I have to. Yep, I’ll walk through there like I have somewhere else to go- no one will ever know ;) hehe

Thank you! I’m so happy I’m not the only one who thinks this way! Lol. Btw, this is such a beautiful look. Thanks Marlena! You look great too! I need to follow your videos and make a lifestyle change to get my health in order. You have inspired me once again :)

I do the same thing!!! I always look like I have somewhere to go! The funny thing is I have a 3 & 1 year old with me while I look all dolled up! Lol ;)

Thank you. I appreciate you saying it’s a daily battle because I have good days, but most are filled with bad food choices and/or lack of movement. Thinking about the weight that needs to go is overwhelming, but thinking of it little by little is much easier to handle, and hearing this from someone else makes it somehow better! Thanks again.

I so love ur eyeshadows. I was wondering if u have a pallette with all the colors we can purchase??

I absolutely love this look! The colors are gorgeous, and you look beautiful as always :) you are truly talented. Have a great weekend!

I LOVE this look! A smokey eye is my daytime look, so I agree with the grocery store comment. Heck, you only live once, whoop it up!

Hey Marlena,
I am new to your channel, but straight from the start I knew you where amazing.. And I was right. You are simply beautiful and congrats on losing about 100 ounds. Thats a great achievement(: I wish you could give me a little advice because i really want to lose weight this summer. Also, what everyday makeup look would you for dark-skinned girls? Please reply to this comment.. your my makeup role model(:

Hi Marlena!

I really like this look. You are looking So thin-oh my goodness! ;) Hey, I am kinda a highlighter junkie, and I did notice some sparkle just above your cheekbone. Could you tell me, is that something special or just a shadow?
Thanks beautiful!

Quite possibly one of my most favorite looks from you!!! I gotta add “unexpected” to my collection!

Hi Marlena :) You look lovely as always :D

If I were to use the same technique you used in this video and i were to substitute the silver with a gold … what colour should I put in the lid?

Thanks :D


You look stunning, Marlena! Great look, as usual ;-)

Is there a particular bronzer you would recommend for lighter skin? I am around NW17.5

Thanks :)

Love this look! I also love the new background. It’s so soft & feminine, and not distracting.

Hi Marlena, you done an amaizing job i really like the colors specialy Unexpected, i want to know do you ship internationaly as well if i want to order makeup geek eyeshadows, please confirm. Love your looks i always wait for your tut, all i know today about makeup is just because of you. Thankyou

hey curious abt your cheekbone..since you did not use the fluid sheer , how did it become sparkle?

So beautiful! I love this Marlena! Was wondering if you’ll be getting the Reflects Gold pigment back in stock? I REALLY want that along with the MUG shadows I’m going to order!

Thank you!!!

I absolutly LOVED this look. The eyes, cheeks, lips, everything. It’s so glamorous and sexy looking

I love this look. You really look amazing! I was wondering what nail polish you are wearing and where did you get your ring? Thank you!

Hi Marlena, beautiful look, btw just wondering what nail color you have on here and the other latest tutorials! :)

Marlena, you can’t imagine how much you have taught me . I have always been crazy for makeup and since I saw your videos my passion for it has been increasing more and more. :). Thank you so much, You are an icon of beauty !! :) God bless you and your skill.

xoxox from a Brazilian girl,

This look is perfect!

Can’t wait to try it. Will go clubbing next weekend!

Thanks Marlena! :-)

I’m so glad I could finally watch this video! Youtube sent me an email twice telling me this was uploaded but then did that “video has been deleted by the user” thing….
Great look! smoky silver eyes have always been my go to for clubbing.
especially the glitter!
The only silver silver I have is the one in the H.I.P. metallic duos, but it shines like a new dime!

absolutely gorgeous. love this look ans all your other looks. i have been watching all your tuts fron before till. u are really talented and very pretty. i sometimes find myself watching the videos from before and now over and over just to make sure it’s u because u looks different and i mean that in a good way. thanks for the videos love them

Wow I love this Marlena! I always love your looks. You look beautiful there :)
Lots of love from the Netherlands xoxo

OMG! I can’t wait to try out this look! Do you know when or if you’ll get more of the MAC Reflects Antique Gold pigment in? This look is so pretty. I just emailed a couple of friends to share with them. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Hey Gurl luv this look ur sooo hotttt ! Is that antique gold or old gold from mac pigments ? All i can find is old gold I cant tell from the pics are they the same ?? cant wait to try:)

My best friend applied this look on Friday night ! It turned out magnificent. This website has been perfect for my friends and I. My little sister is just starting to apply and I directed her to this sight. Thank you for all of your posts :)

Hey Marlena I cant even put into words how much I love this look! Def. my fav video you have tapped in a long time!! Last night I recreated tis look with your instructions and it turned out beautifl!!!! You are so talented and make it easy for may people to do eautiful looks like this! Thank you so much!!!

And I think you are beautiful!

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a cheaper glitter I could get that’s similar to the one you used in this video, it would be a lot of help thanks!

Oh and you amazing and I love your videos!

Hi Marlena

You’re so beautiful! What a nice look! My favorite look :D! I just want to know how you apply your foundaition? Because your skin look so amazing! ;-)

Many hugs
Simone ;-)

Marlena, what color is your hair? I want my hair that color so bad and nobody can seem to get it right. I love your website. I have really learned a lot about makeup application from you!

ALWAYS ROCKIN’ A BADASS LOOK! I love it and I will have another hot look for my husband! I just love your make-up tutorials. you TRUELY make it easy :)

Marlena, simply stunning!!! You look gorgeous!
Thanks for your always creative, fun, beautiful and inspiring tutorials!
Greetings from Costa Rica! :)

this is again an awesome look……when u demonstrate its just looks sooo easy…..i have tried a few looks but doesnt gimme this good effect…..

especially while learning as well m still struggling with the outer V…thats the biggest challenge for me….