Classic Black Smokey Eye



Eye Primer Substitutes:

NYX Eyeshadow Substitutes:


  • MAC Fleshpot Lipstick (MAC / eBay)
  • (Myth, Blankety, or Crème Cup work also)
  • Smashbox Gloss Pronto

Ring:  Disco Butterfly Ring (Makeup Geek Store)

Music: “Walk Away” by Plumb

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Hey Marlena:

I love this look! Thanks for doing it for us! Your eyes are gorgeous…


I’m a makeup artist just starting out. love your work. im in florida, in miami. where in florida are you going to be? are you coming for a seminar or show? thanks for all the great videos!

Hi Jessica, this was actually recorded a few days ago — she’s been in Ft Lauderdale for the last few days teaching at the Cosmix school and then putting on her seminar right now :)

personally marlenaa

mac studio fix makes ur skin looks mch mo flawless and beautiful on u!
lov d look

so pretty :-)
I’m so sad you’re in South Florida right now at the Makeup school I went too :-( I wish I could have gone.
You should really consider doing a seminar in Orlando or Tampa!! :-) That would be fabulous!

Love this look, not too dramatic. I was wondering if you have to use a grey base, could you use a white or cream base

When is the next seminar in ft. lauderdale or miami? i wished i discovered this site sooner so i would’ve known. i think that ur great at what u do and would love to be at one of ur seminars. hope to be at one soon!
thanks so much

I really love this and need to know this!
Im new to all this and this is one of my fav looks!

This looks soooo amazing! I haven’t even watched the video yet because I’m too excited to play it!!! Way to go creating a beautiful look with inexpensive products!!

It would be great of you could come to orlando. I would love to be in one of your seminars.

Hi Marlena,

I love watching your videos and get excited whenever I see new ones posted! You truly are gifted at what you do. This look is incredible. Makeup is my guilty pleasure. I think I am debt from buying the makeup you recommend. lol!

Julia, if you’re referring to the pictures, it’s due to me overcompensating from the washed out color due to the low light and strong flash. Sorry about that :)

Thank you thank you for doing this look i was dieing to try somyhing exactly like this..

Really like this look, love dark eyes, just can’t seem to get it right myself.
Must try harder!
Thanks for this!

Hi! First I’d like to thank you for the work you are doing for makeup lovers.
I’m awed by the way you do the tutorials & also like the way you explain :) Keep it up!
I have a request. If possible, can you do a tutorial for smoky make up for brown skinned people? Because I’m brown skinned & I cannot exactly use the colors you use since you are fair. Thanks in advance!

Hey Marlena,
I absolutely love this look. Unfortunately, I went to the MAC store today and they told me the MAC Fascinating Ruby Palette has been discontinued :'(


I founf out about you on youtube. I really like watching you at what you do. i have some makeup from Cover girl and Mac but i am brown skinded and have brown freckles and what to know what this look right on someone like myself. I like doing hair but make up isn’t my niche i tried to use what i have before i spend my money on more make up

this is great look but i really would like to find out about every day make up- go to work because you do every day the same make up and it’s boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Marlena,

I’ve been watching your videos for the longest and I love, love, love you! :-) Every look you’ve done has look so amazing. Keep up the awesome job.

P.S. Yeah, I would have to agree with Sarah; the new foundation that you’re using does nothing to show off your beautiful skin.

Hey Marlena! I did this look with the exact same products and mine creased really bad. Did you have a problem with that? What can I do to prevent the creasing because I really love this look?

i love you and i love your ideas
please can you show us how to apply eye liner for different eyes shape . thanks
best wishes

hi … i am so impressed you make experimenting with color very easy. I am a medium skin tone person and I had almost similar colors to try on my self. Although I was impressed with the outcome I feel it was still more darker for me then aqs shown in your video. Do u have any suggestions for toning it down so that it looks more likes yours in the end. I have recently been introduced to your videos and now I am very addicted.

Thanks for your videos I am very happy trying new colors and styles now.

Although I love your techniques and creativity I have to say on this one … Less is more….

Wow Marlena I LUV your videos, tips, and makeup skills, once im in colage two years from now im so THERE!!! Mind tellin me where you took makeup classes?

Hanan & other deeper skinned ladies-

Instead of the first shade (medium gray) Marlena uses, try a bronze or even an olive green. Try substituting a gold as your light tone to buff out the bronze/olive instead of using the white that she uses to buff out the gray. You should be able to do everything else the same way. Good Luck!

I love smoke eyes….the only problem is how do you know if it’s to much or to little? I don’t want my eyes to come out like to BLACK!….Anyways i love the way you actually show how to put it. After i watch the videos i go and try it for my self. Do you think you could make a video on how to different colors on your eyes???

Thanks Ash:D

Wow! This was so fantastic! Marlene is definitely my makeup guru! you look really pretty in any makeup!
keep it up!

i tried a smoky eye before with some plane black blue indigo and white and it looked nothing like that butit did look nice my MUM even aproved of it and trust me she is so hard to please when it comes to make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lovin the totorials keep them going .

Hey Marlena!! I love all your looks, you are so gorgeous! I resently found a sparkly turquoise liquid liner called mermaid and it reminds me of aqaumarine and blues, greens and purples. I was just wondering if maybe you could do a aquamarine look with a blue glitter liner because those type of colours look really good with my dark eyes and I would really like to see your take on the look!
Thank you so muchh! Kepp going with the tutorials, they are so amazing and inspiring to so many people! :)

i only just started watching it last night from u tube and i felt i am totally addicted to u and this program,u r such a sweet girl,i love watching u and this has been really helpful.i am gonna keep watching it and sharing with all my girl friends,yeah!!!

Hi marlena!! as usual you look super WOW!
by the way i i didnt have the smash box color but i did buy the delft paint pot after seeing the too dolly tutorial and subbed that instead for an equally spectacular result!!!

others should try it too!!

hey Marlena, I love the hair style you have in this tutorial. Could you maybe do a hair turotial on it. Make up look is also awsome!!!!

Hi Marlena, Love your tutorial. Tried the style of smokey eyes, it was awesome. Pl try new thing. love your ideas!!!!!!!!!

Hey Marlena –
I love this look! Is it ok to combine smokey eyes and red lipstick? I’m going to a cocktail party soon and really want to rock my chanel red lipstick (the ONLY one I’ve ever found that stays on and doesn’t go orange on me), but I also want to do a smokey eye. I’ve got a gorgeous black satin CK cocktail dress, and I think the smokey eye would go well, but I don’t want to look too…well….ho-ish.

Also, I love that hairstyle you’re wearing in this video – could you perhaps post a quickie tutorial on how to achieve that look? Thanks!

Hey Marlena! :) I’m sixteen years old….I’m a baby MUG, haha. I’ve never had anyone to teach me how to do my makeup, and you’ve taught me so much. I keep getting compliments whenever I follow your tips and try out your tutorials, and it really makes me feel good. I owe you a lot!! :) So I just wanted to say thank you!