Christmas Look with a Twist

Here is a fun and funky twist on a traditional holiday look. This is perfect for those of you who want to stray away from the typical look of the season and try something a bit more adventurous. The unconventional twist to this look is the striking purple lips to match the green smokey eye. This look is both sultry and fun at the same time and will have you as the center of attention no matter where you are. Don’t limit this look to just the holidays however, this can be worn year round for anytime you want a dramatic look.


  • Bobbi Brown Corrector – “Peach”   (eBay)
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation  #60 (eBay)   (Amazon)
    • Use this if you want a dewy finish.  I mixed 2 foundations to get the right color and finish I want
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation  #320  (Amazon) (eBay)
    • Use this if you want a matte finish
  • Palladio Rice Powder   (eBay)  (Makeup Geek Store)
  • Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Concealer   (Sephora)  (Amazon) (eBay)
  • NYX Cream Blush – Natural    (Makeup Geek Store)



  • MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick – “Goes and Goes”    (MAC) (eBay)
  • MAC Dazzleglass Creme – “Gone Romancin”     (MAC) (eBay)


Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique

Inexpensive Alternatives:

Pictures Taken by: Taryn from Tough Love and Makeup Geek

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CEO of Makeup Geek and Makeup Educator


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Hi, MUG! This holiday make-up is nice! I watch your videos all the time because they’re so nice. I hope you’ll do more holiday make-up tutorials and I hope you’ll do a LINDSAY LOHAN make-up tutorial. You can do a Lindsay Lohan make-up tutorial basing on any of her pictures that you can do and you want to do. Thanks!


Ok, MUG…Thank you! You’re the best guru in youtube…I am still 11 years old (no joke :D) and when I am already 15 years old, I’ll be a youtube guru, too.

I love watching make-up tutorials in YOUTUBE, but your videos are the best! That’s true :)

Hi Marlena,
I love this look. Really pretty. Anything with green is great for me! Is it possible for you to post some mac or nyx dupes? I can’t buy this palette in australia and no one will deliver it here!

It’s soooo pretty. I did something similar few days ago, but your version is so much better. You’re a fantastic artist

I absolutely love this look! Thanks Marlena for all the tutorials, reviews and everything… I haven’t knew much about makeup before but thanks to you and this lovely webpage I’m learning very fast ;)
Regards form Slovenia :)

I love that look !
I was thinking to do something like this one with the BOS III :D
But I’m sure it’s going to be a little “wird” coz’ of my green eyes but I want to try :)

Bonne journée ;)

I stopped the video so I could see what brush that was…it’s by bourjois, not sure of any of the other details.

I am in love with your all Chrismtas looks…they’re always inspiried me to do my own version :D
Thank you for those all ideas:)))
I hope you have great and peaceful weekend ( which is going to end, unfortunatelly )

Its purty :) I just have a question, not related to this. I’ve been apprehensive about fix+ is it recommended for oily or combination-oily skin? I use the same foundation technique as you, liquid then powder, just not doing the fix+ yet.

beautiful love, the lips are just the perfect amount of purple! hey marlena, do you know if you’ll be coming to Texas anytime? i’d love to see you!(:

hey marlena i love your chrismas looks, i only wanted to say this. thank you to share with us your beautiful looks and for explaining . love your tutorials ;)

Oh my god, Marlena;) one of the pictures above is like a passport picture. I usually look horrible on those. You look stunning as always. GOD BLESS;)

Hi Marlena,

the first picture is awesome!!! I love greens, it looks great on you (everything looks great on you)
I will try this look if I find a similar green :)

Have a nice week….

I love this- you are amazing! Thank you so much for bringing us all these wonderful ideas. I think you have inspired me to start wearing a little color on my lips! yea :)

This look is just beautiful!…keep up with the great work!! Hopefully you can have more holiday looks…
Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

omg its a pity you didnt upload this tutorial sooner because the eye shadows are the same colors thats in my prom dress :)
but its greate tutorial :D thanks :D

Hello gorgeous! I stumbled across one of your videos for small eyes this weekend and have since spent a great deal of time watching others! I have started my shopping list but i’m curious about what you would suggest for must haves? Also, any chance you’ll be in Pittsburgh or Philly PA anytime? Thank you for all of your wonderful tips and tricks! <3 your fellow MUG

Here’s my must haves:

MAC 239 brush
MAC 217 brush
Eye primer of some sort- the Palladio one has been working well for me
Gel Liner- black and purple or brown
Concealer: for blemishes, I like MAC Studio Concealer; for under the eyes- either Eve Pearl Salmon COncealer or Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
MUG Deluxe Stippling Brush

Thank you so much! That streamlines my list! I already own a lot of pigment shadows, your suggestions are wonderful! Do you do any live classes or makeover sessions?

I love your site!! I know you always say never match your eyes shadows to your shirt color, but should they at least compliment eachother or does it not matter? I think this look would look awesome for Thanksgiving, but not sure what color top would look good with it. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks again!!!!!

You can have the same color top as eyes as long as the color on your eyes is an accent color- hope that makes sense…

I think this look would go with just about any color, but best with neutrals

Hey Marlena!

I am going to need a new eye primer soon…my Shadow Insurance is almost gone! What do you think overall of the Palladio eye primer? is it as good as the others you use on your videos?

Thanks! :)

Hey Marlena :)

I bought MAC’s paintpot thinking it would be a good primer for my makeup look, but I have oily lids and it completely failed. I bought UDPP and it works great, yet I don’t want my MAC paintpot to go to waste. I can’t return it because it has been way over 30 days. Is there any way I can get it to work for me?

UDPP is great because it keeps your lids matte and prevents your shadow from creasing but I also luv painpots as they seem to make the eyeshadow grab on better to the lids. I had the same problem you did and what I do now is apply a thin layer of the primer potion, let it dry then add my paint pot…..the color comes out very nicely and no creasing!!!! yay! lol… hope this helps =)


Hi Marlena,
When will the review for the Tarte palette be up? Also I was debating between this one and the smashbox’s wish for the perfect palette. Which one would you recommend for the money and quality? Thanks, can’t wait to see more holiday looks.

Hi Marlena hope your doing great. You look amazing! I’m jealous……. *S*

Exotic Green from NYX and humid from MAC are they not almost similar… Sorry if my english sucks… I have MAC Humid but not Exotic Green would I be able to use Humid instead or is the color too dark?

And another question that I hope you will answer. I really like purple colors on the lips, what other colors can I use on the eyes with such strong color. I like dark colors on the eyes and I wear mostly dark colors.

I very much look forward to seeing how you will use the green pigment Moonlight Night from the Scottish MAC look, MAC “A Tartan Tale” Collection.

I know you have a lot to do but I really hope you can help me.

Huck’s from Shania from Denmark

Your look is beautiful as always! I never stop being impressed! But I have a strange question. I’ve asked this to other makeup artists before and they have laughed at me which kinda sucked. I know you won’t do that because I know you want to help.
Sometimes when I go on dates and I end up making out with my date some of my foundation rubs off my face. I have acne scars above my mouth and on my chin and by kissing the foundation comes off. I get really embarrassed because my scars are now showing and I am looking for a way to make sure the makeup does not come off. I use a primer and have powder over my makeup. I wonder if you can make a suggestion. Thanks so much!

I’m obviously not Marlena.. just wanted to say that I’ve had this problem too and would also like any suggestions for it :)

Hi sweetie…Have you tried Dermablend concealer..It’s a very good concealer..You apply it with a small layered amounts.. nothing to over the top…really small amounts..blend with a brush..then apply again..letting it dry in-between..I would say 3 layers..2 under the foundation..1 over..Try that..:)

Hi Marlena,

I really, really think your are the BEST!!!! This look is so fabulous. I would like to try it out but in Montreal, Canada we do not have many drug stores that carry NYX but we do have MAC:) What dupes form MAC do you suggest?

Keep up the wonderful, wonderful looks,

Beautiful look Marlena! :)

I know you’re busy but if you have a chance I think it would be great if you did some of the looks from the Sephora Holiday Catalog (like you did last year with cheaper alternatives).That would be awesome!! :)

Keep up the good work!

Hello Marlena, I love your tutorials; you offer alot of versatility and they’re never boring. I was wondering why we haven’t seen you in your studio during your tutorials in a while?

Please respond

Hi,Marlena,I need your help, how can I know my eye shape?Round, almond, large, small?PLEASE,help me.
thank you for your tutorials.

Hi Marlena!
I love love your videos!!! There are sooo many palettes for Xmas this year…..I would love to get one but I never know which one to get! I have super oily lids so I am always looking for primers and eyeshadow that will stay…what are your recommendations? Ive been looking at the Tarte one but I guess Ill wait for your review:) Im turning 30 this week (yikes!) so I am looking for a new look:)

Lorac came up with a Chrismas palette too… I am waiting for Marlena´s review also, so I can decide which one to buy…

Please Marlena can you compare the eye pencils in this Tarte Palette with the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils!!!?????
And can you tell us how pigmented are the lipsticks on this Tarte Palette??!!

Thank you Marlena… You are the best! :D

Your looks are always amazing!..I could sit for hours watching your videos.. I cant wait to see more holiday tuterols.
You look great. Deff. can tell you have lost alot of weight! Whats your secret? I battle with my weight always especially around this time of year!

These shades really make your beautiful eyes pop!! They seem so green. Quick question:
I have very round, close-set eyes. When I line the waterline, I look strange. My eyes almost seem beady and it looks “harsh”. Is this normal? It looks so nice when you do this to your eyes. Is there a particular way I should be lining my eyes?

Hey Marlena, everyday more gorgeous than the previous one!! how do you do it? :)
Awesome look!!!! as always is very creative and beautiful. Thanks a million for taking the time to share your ideas with us!!

Fabulous!! I’d like to try this with MAC. My green options are swimming, steamy or humid. Well those look the closest to the video.

Thanks for the inspiration! I hope YOU have a great day!!

I am addicted to your vid- I think I’ve seen them all!!! :))))

*Just a quick question, your teeth look very white, how did u whiten them?

I love it! I’m so going to try that out for Christmas.

Quick question, for contouring, which do you prefer (and which gives a more natural look – like for creating the high cheekbone look)? Cream or powder?

Hi Marlena
Great look!!!! i am kind of a beginner in make-up. i just started shopping at Sephora and when i walk in i dont know what to by. there is just so many things. So what do you think i should by makeup wise or look into getting? also can you do an updated makeup collection!


Hi Marlena- Is the Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Concealer supposed to be the same as your skin color, or darker? Is it for setting the other corrector, or to smoothe lines? what is the best primer for oily skin and also for treating pores and lines? Thanks for all the awesome videos… you look great, hope to see more videos regarding your current diet/excercise routines

Marlena, I have a question for you. I have only been doing makeup for about 4 weeks now. I have got some great looks going and getting a lot of tips from your site. The problem that I am having is when applying shadow…how to you prevent it from dusting your face? I thought that I may be putting to much product on the brush but when I try less product it doesn’t seem like I get the same coverage. I noticed that you added concealer at the end to clean it up. I have tried this and it seems to help. But is there anyway to apply shadows without it falling all over the face? Also another thing that I would like to know which I’m sure is a whole other ball game is MAC pigments….any tips on these as well? Thanks and as always your video’s rock thanks for being willing to share your secrets!

Jared!! I know I´m not Marlena, but she always gives this tips for preventing the shadow fall out :

First you need to buy an Eyeshadow primer, this helps your eyes to catch more color.. I personally recomend Urban Decay Primer Potion

When you´re applying pigments you must put a little bit of the product on the lid and then with a stiff brush press that pigment really well with the brush, right after that you should tap the brush against the lid to remove the shadow excess on your brush and then apply it in your eyes with little strokes motion.. that will help your eyes to catch most part of the product

Other tip Marlena gives is to sprinkle under your eyes some mineral or loose makeup and when you finish your eyes makeup swipe it off with a Blush Bush, when you swipe the loose makeup at the very end it suposed to take away all the makeup fell out

Hope that make sense to you!! Keep practicing and watching Marlena´s tutorials!!!

Thanks! This is exactly what I do with exception to the tip about loose makeup. I use the Urban Decay Potion (just bought the professional size one). With the pigments I am using a stiff brush but I may need to press it more into the brush and tap a little more. Thanks for the advise!

I really reallly love the green! It’s beautiful, and I’m glad you used it. I have been wondering how the right way-any ideas to wear a green color. As usual, thanks :)

is it tacky to wear the taped on the outter edge of the look on an everyday bases i like it but wasnt sure

I really love the green eyes! and that kit looks amazing!! I have to add that to my wishlist! (which of course is miles long already! haha!) Happy Holidays!!

Hi Marlena! Thanks for the video! You’re my hero, haha. I absolutely adore this website.
And I was just wondering.. it may be too much to ask since you probably get a LOT of requests, but I was thinking that you should do a tutorial for a Lady Gaga or Hayley Williams look. Both of them have extremely unique make up. Some of their looks can get pretty crazy, but I thought it’d be a lot of fun for you to do and for us make up geeks to watch. :]
Hayley Williams Look

Lady Gaga Look

Those are just some ideas. :]

I hav also seen some really great looks on Lady GaGa that werent so crazy despite what clothing she may have been wearing, if you could simulate this really bronze and glowy look that she has in her pokerface vid, that would be cool.

Thank you so much Marlena for another great tutorial!!!! I was never confident in experiencing with makeup until the day I found your website and I’ve been hooked ever since!!! :) quick question.. Can someone w/ green eyes pull this off? I’m just afraid of it taking away from my actual eye color. Since everyone seems to be asking….do you ever come to Missouri?

Marlena, another gorgeous creation from you!! You should start doing hair tutorials!! Love you hair in this video! ..

(waiting patiently form my order to arrive from 2 weeks ago. Does it normally take this long to ship to Australia??)

i live in canada and mine took almost 3 weeks and i’m right next door to the usa so it will most likely take longer than that.


Love your tutorials!! Is there a less expensive alternative for the Peter Thomas Roth concealer that you would recommend? Thanks much!!

i looove this:D Christmas time is one of my favourite part of the whole year so..thank you soo much marlena :X:X

i love how you do your tutorials.can i request? , i have this Bare minerals Candy Cocktails eyeshadow set from my mom.. can you upload a tutorial video for me on how do i apply it as my daily,quick natural make-up?
thanks a lot..more power and god bless!

Hey Marlena….you r lookin gorgeous as always…love you….i have a question…this might be the silliest question…but i want to show you how to place the mirror for doing eye make up…i just cant get it myself…pls

Hey, Marlena, love the green color!! And your hair!!

Wasn’t threre a rule that if you have purple on your lids or lips, you shouldn’t wear blush, but try to make your face pale like porcelain? (or maybe it was just a trend, idk).

Anyways, I wanted to request a Sophia Loren look, please!

Thanks for all your great tips and hard work!!


Beautiful Marlena,
I’m a new fan of yours. I love the MUG website!!!! Thank you for sharing all your make up knowledge with us.
This is a beautiful christmas look. I love it!

May I please have you do a tutorial on your hair in this video? The style is beautiful and it really suites you. Thanks!!!

Hi Marlena,
Hope all is well with you. This is awesome, as per the norm for you. I love it. Question…this green seems to bring out your baby browns. What would you suggest for hazel? I tried a mixture of some reds and deep maroons once and they made my eyes really pop! but I can’t wear that everyday. Also, do you have a website in mind where I can get a copy of a makeup “color wheel”? I look forward to the next tut, always. Take care.

Thank you for doing a look with this palette, I ordered it and it’s on it’s way here so I can’t wait to receive!

Did you know that the jewelry on the box is meant to be a necklace that you actully can wear? Could you please do some more looks with this palette? Pretty Please?

Love from Belgium!

hi!! im dying to get my hands on the angled blush brush but its never in stock. i bought the sonia kashuck angled contour brush in hopes that it will work. havent tried it out yet. any news on when the blush brush will be in stock??

I love this look , like everything you post but I am dying to see your take on MAKEUP FOREVER’s “GOLD ICON”. Marlena please post a video showing how to create the “GOLD ICON” look. I left a picture for you to see, in Forums. I would be FOREVER grateful. I love the way you teach, thank you for all your posts.

The eyes are gorgeous. Who knew you could make green eyeshadow look so good. I tried it out it even looks amazing on me, which is normally unlikely because usually browns only suit me. If you get a chance can you do a makeup tutorial from the music video Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood? I believe the look is absolutely stunning.

very cute look i love it!! i love green eyeshadow looks!
One question…What is a good concealer that wont look cakey, or dry..because i have dry skin and it looks really cakey =/..Like a concealer similar to the one you used here on this video??

Hi Marlena,
Hope you’re well (happy & healthy) :D I just wanted to let you know what happened to me the other day. I work for Estee Lauder in Australia on the makeup counter and I had a customer I was foundation colour-matching & we got to talking about our fav youtube beauty guru’s and I told her that you’ve always ben my favourite (you were the 1st I ever watched after my friend stumbled upon this site) I like your vids best not just because of your technique but you really let your personality shine through and you always seem so cheerful. Anyway then she said I look like you :O and that I have a similar personality. BEST compliment EVER!!!
xxx Erin, Australia

Hi Marlena! I am also requesting MAC dupes…hoping I have something that will work – I LOVE this look! Honestly what do you think of the tarte eyeshadows. Do they wear as well as MAC ones (staying strongly pigmented all day long)? Also how does the Bobbi Brown gel liner compare to fluidline? I’d like to try more gel liners and I’d love a green but MAC doesn’t sell one so if this is a good one I’m going to check out my local Cosmetics Company Store next weekend! :) THANKS! I’ve never posted before but I totally appreciate all your great videos and advice!

Hey loved the video, you’ve inspired me to start wearing eye shadow and i’ve been getting lots of good comments on it, if it wasn’t for you i would be colourless! :) thanks and keep up the great work!

You are gorgeous and SO inspiring…watching all of your videos in the past couple of months has made me so much less afraid of eye makeup! I’ve finally figured out how to work with my eye shape, which I never thought would happen!

Love this look and will be trying it ASAP, but mostly love your hair in this video…now I want to try that too! Is it just a messy ponytail or bun?

Thanks for ALL you do!

I love you! I love you! I love you Marlena!! I used to be so flirty with my makeup, but then I got married 3 years ago and my husband and I started having money problems and we had a son and now we also have a girl, so money is really really tight at our home, so tight I haven´t been able to buy makeup in 3 years. I have a lot of makeup but it´s old, so the thing is I forgot how much I used to love makeup. I had stopped wearing it, I just wore masacara and lipgloss. My husband went to work to another state and I haven´t seen him in 3 months, I expect to see him in 2 months, and I have been practicing makeup looks with your videos, only I am using my old makeup and the colors don´t look as pretty as yours, but it still looks pretty. I want to surprise him when I see him.
Even if I cannot afford makeup.

Teresa, HI! I try to buy the most efficient and affordable makeup as I can. I have a huge variet of makeup from all price ranges, and for you I’d suggest that if you have a couple dollars for yourself, WET N WILD has these new 6 shadow pallettes that are about $3, and let me tell you, they are AMAZING. The color combos are up to date, the pigment is very good, and many times you can find them1/2 off or buy 1 get 1 free at cvs, rite aid, and most regular stores. also they have very nice glosses in a tube that are comparable to mac for about $2. I tell everyone about them.


Thanks so much for publishing the uber-large final pics of the look. There are a few subtle things that the very large images can help bring out.

If you’re ever bored, it would be great to have the uber-large size for more of your “Advanced Looks”! ;-)

Thanks mucho,
P.S. A couple of additional shots would be nice, too, if you’re feeling generous with us. Heheh.

Thank you for this look Marlena, I just got the Kat Von D ludwig palette which has a couple of pretty greens, that I think I can use for this. I had just been thinking about green eyeshadows and how I did not have any before I went shopping, and then bam you put up this tutorial! I always enjoy them even if they are something I may not be able to wear. Your tutorials are hands down the most fun to watch. There are a lot of youtube make up tutorials out there, but yours are the best on so many levels! Keep up the great work!

Hi Marlena! I love your tutorials – all of them…
I live in Brazil and as you prabably can imagine Xmas time around here is REALLY. I’d love to have a makeup sugestion for that – a hot weather christmas and new year (haha!).
I hope you have a great end of 2010 and a super 2011! (with lots and lots of great ideas)
“Be healthy and happy” always…
kisses – Carla

Hi Marlena!

I really love your videos, you’ve made me a real Make Up Geek haha. I have’nt been that interested in makeup before I saw some of your videos, you just make it very interesting and I just want to learn more :D
I’m actually going to Paris this weekend with my boyfriend, woooho! And was planing on shopping some makeup at Sephora, since I live in Norway and we don’t have that store here
Do you have some tips on what I should buy? The best foundations, concealer, eyeshadow or whatever! Just want to try something new! :)

Hope you are doing great! :)

Hi MUG!!!
I’m from Brazil and I’m here to say that I LOVE MUG!
Marlena you are fantastic!
I wish I live in USA so I could by all the items you use!!

I’m looking for a brazilian version of MUG!!! :)

Hi Marlena!
I was wondering if you could suggest colors for me. I am looking for blushes preferrably from NARS or NYX. I am Asian and have a tanned complexion. Thank you and I love your site. I am learning so much and spending so much! :0)

Hey Marlena, thanks for another great tutorial!
I have a question, though, i always find it hard to find colours that are good on me, its tricky. I have pale skin, natural pale blonde hair and blue eyes, what colours should i steer clear of?
Thanks, Lu xx

Hi Marlena!
Great look I love the green and gold together.I have a similar box and i think i have those colors so i will try that look,the purple lips are a little too much for me though,one question,i like to wear shimmery eyeshadows but i seem to get it all over my face,any suggestions? Thanks alot.
God Bless and have a good Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Hi Merlena,

I really love your videos. I watching all of your videos in the past couple of months has made me so much less afraid of eye makeup! I’ve finally figured out how to work with my eye shape, which I never thought would happen!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you Marlena even though I don’t celebrate X-mas!!

Great look!

My website is about a girl named Kathleen (I just made her up) and she LOVES beauty

Really cool color-combination! Nice purple lips :)

Maybe if you have time, you can make a tutorial for New Years Eve? With many colors? Like firework :)

By the way: Love your site and videos! I am checking for news everyday :D

Hi. Thank you for all of the great videos. I have a quick question. For some looks you use gel liner and for other looks you use jumbo eye pencils and sometimes you just use eyeshadow primer as a eyeshadow base. Could you please tell me why you choose these different products? I guess I am asking when each strategy is used? Also, I want to know which strategy out of these three is your favorite. Thank you!

Wow, this was gorgeous. A request for a tutorial on covering hyperpigmentation. What color corrector should I use? Using just concealer and foundation doesn’t cover the spots completely, and they just look grey. I’m very pale (NW15) and some of the extra coverage foundations are darker than my brown spots, so not a big help. Thanks!

Hi Marlena, love all your vids. I been wanting to ask you, I’m asian and i have a small crease and i want to get a MAC crease brush. Not sure about the 217 is there anything smaller? Which one would you recommend ? I already have a Bobbi Brown blending brush.

Hi Marlena,

I love this look. It’s easy but beautiful. I’m a big fan and love all of the tuturials. But i have 1 question. Your hair on this look is so great and i want to do this…but how??

Have a greet weekend!

Love from Holland


Hi Marlena!! I love this look, its beautiful!!! Of course any look you do is gorgeous just like you!! I love all your work you really have given me some very helpful tips!! I hope you do some more holiday looks, I’m sure I’ll be turning to you for inspiration lol :-D Love your site and all your videos!! Thanks for all you do :-)
P.S. How do you match your foundation to go with your skin tone?? I know you say to hold it up to your face but they don’t alway seem to match right, either a lil dark or a lil light?? Help!?!

Wow. I love this look. I must say, you have me really thinking about those NYX blushes. The Blush you used looks JUST like Tippy from MAC, but I like the point that you made about creme blushes and the winter!

this is so pretty !!! i was wondering if you could a red gold and green one i know you just did a christmas one but you FANTASTIC WORK!

Marlena! This look is completly gorgeous! I love it and hope to try it this holiday season. Do you have any MAC dupes for this? Thanks! Can’t wait to see your next tut!

i absolutly love this look… this is one of the first vid’s i have watched of your’s…these vid’s are amazing and i have a question…
Have you heard of the brand australias? if so it is pretty pricy and is there anyway i can get some here in melbourne that is cheaper???
i may only be 12 ( turning 13 in feb) but i have really thought alot about wanting to be a make-up artist and your vidioes have helped me make that decision…
xxxx Tory
P.S keep those vid’s comming! they are really helpfull!! :D

I just love your site! It’s so inspiring! I just wish I was braver……
Don’t know if I could pull off those looks? Feel people would look at me funny. But thanx anyway. I’ll keep on looking pretty at home!

I absolutely love this look! It is so beautiful! I love watching your videos, I can watch them over, and over. My little girl likes to watch them with me, also. I used to work in a salon, but I have been a stay at home mom for a few years, so your videos keep me updated. You are very talented. Every look you do is beautiful!!!!

Hi! I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a NYX purple lipstick to use instead of the Mac. Thanks!

Hello Marlena! I love to watch your videos they are super helpful for a 30 year old who is starting to wear make up now!! I have TONS of questions but I just found a super cute black, red, white Christmas eye palette from wet n’ wild!! I want to use is but don’t wanna do something wrong with the colors!! I can send you a pic of the palette so you can help me use it!! PLEASE HELP!! I don’t know how to use the red with black and not make it look so gothic!! thank you in advance for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!! THANKS AGA IN!!!

Marlena, i Love You! You Are Beautiful, Like A Young Elizabeth Taylor! I am So Happy I Found You! I Watch All Your Videos, Tutorials, and Read All The Info, about Everything, You Use, Buy, and Love! Love the Christina Aguilera Look, as To Why i do, I Have Been Told For Years That She Looks Like Me, and I look Like Her, Only the Thinner Christina. I Wish you Were Her With Me to Make Me Up, I Would Absolutely, Love that! You Are As Professional As They Come, And so Smart and Intuitive! I am Purchasing These Makeup, Items, and Use Headbands And Bows Ect. Like You do On Occasions, I Just Love Watching You, Day Or Night, You Are The One I Want to See On My Laptop! 4What Can i Say, But thank You so Much, You Are The coolest, And The Best Manners Are Perfect too, and A Smooth Pleasant Easy to Understand Voice To go With Those Gorgeous Looks! A Forever Fan, Now, Love, You, GIGI

Marlena, Please Excuse the Spelling, I Was Excited to Write to You! You Are The One I would Always Pick, to Give Me Expert Advice, and Make Me Up, If You Were Here, Or I Was There. I will Look At Your Store, Soon! Good Luck, With All this, I Love Makeup. Always Knew How to Do It. Now I know Even More, and Better, Thanks to You Sweetie. GIGI

heeey! i am just dying to know how you did your hair in this video it looks like miley cyrus & taylor swifts hairdo & btw i am loving this make-up tutorial! (:

Hi Marlena :)
I just wanted to thank you soooo much for posting a non-Youtube video of your tutorial. This really does help for people…like myself… who don’t have a fast internet connection.

P.S. Thanks also for always being considerate and including affordable dupes for your tutorials.

I LOVE this look!! I am doing it for my husband’s work Christmas party this week!! I watch you every week and you are by far the best for beginners! MUG 4 LIFE!

I have a random/weird request. I know everyone wants to look younger with makeup but I want to look older. I am almost 24 and everyone thinks I am 15 or 16 when they meet me. It gets kind of annoying when you are trying to do normal things people my age do, like go to a bar and the bouncer thinks your ID is fake. I know I will appreciate looking young when I am older, but right now its something that drives me nuts! So I was just wondering if you had any tips or tricks that would help me.

~ Thanks =)

I love this website by the way, I have been watching your amazing tutorials for about a year now and I just love them!

Omg, your really pretty & your teeth are super white! I’m 15 years old and I love your videos, they’re really helpful. Keep it up:) haha <3

I absolutely love this look and the tutorial. You make everything look so easy i am definitely having fun with all these new nyx products i have discovered. THANK YOU!!!

Your videos are amazing. I watch them all the time because they are very helpful. thanks so much for sharing your make-up tips and looks! :)

Hi Marlena,

I’ve only just recently found you on youtube.. but i’ll definatley be using your tutorials to help me with my make-up..
Are most of your looks achievable with the 120 palette?


Hi Marlena,
I ALSO WANTED TO KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THIS AWESOME RING YOU HAVE ON!! it’s gorgeous! I love all the accessories you wear!
Thansk for sharing! God bless!

hi, how are you? my name is a beginner in wearing make up and i was woundering what is th basic make up items that i ill need im on a budget can u buy the product cheap if so where can i get them? one more thing can u do any of rachael rays looks…i think she is so pretty..thank u…i hope u have a great day

carol h

hey! i love watching all your videos! i actually did how to apply eyeshadow and wore it to school and my friends loved it! :) but i have light brown eyes and love them! could you do a video on how to make light brown eyes pop? i also love what Selena Gomez does with her eye make-up could you do a video on that?

Hi marlena

I just love your tutorials well done for doing such a good job. What I wanted to ask if possible maybe you can do more looks with the tarte jewelry box which I bought to do this Christmas look. Thanks in advance.

Your fan from Malta.

Hey, I was wondering, I have very dark blue eyes and fair skin, do you think this look would be alright for my eye color?
or would it be too much
Thank you so much, you are so talented!

Hi (ola!) Malena, I’m Paula, from Brazil, I want to say that your toutorial are wondfull and the tips are all goods! I always having a god time with those looks you showed! Thank you! Tchau.