Olivia Wilde Makeup (using the UD Naked Palette)


  • Benefit Porefessional Face Primer  (Amazon)  (eBay) (Sephora)
  • Lancome Tient Idole Ultra Foundation  (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant  Touch Concealer (for under the eyes)   (Amazon) (eBay)
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer  (for blemishes)  (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Tarte Blush – “Blissful” (Amazon) (Sephora) (eBay)




Inexpensive Alternatives:


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I think the blue of Olivia’s eyes makes the look pop. Adding some blue shadow or liner would really prevent the look from being so monochromatic; especially on dark eyed girls. Just a thought. :)

I love this look. Unfortunately i cant watch the video here in germany
But the pictures are great.

It’s thanks to years of your vids that made me come up with the idea. YOU’RE THE QUEEN OF MAKEUP!  :D

I LOVE this look. Are there any drugstore dupes? I dont have any “high end” makeup but I do have quite a bit of other things, I also have the new “Too Faced Natural At Night” Palette, Which kinda looks like the NAKED palette colors.

MAC Masque was a limited edition shade from waaaay back in 2007 (Alexander McQueen collection), according to my Google fu. ;) A post on the Specktra forums suggested the Boots No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Nude (available at Target or drugstore.com in the US; available at Boots in the UK) as a dupe. (Angel or Innocent may work too?) Another one there suggested mixing Viva Glam II with Blankety to get the same colour.

Gorgeous as usual!!!!!! I love that type of look but it never lasts on me :( My eyeliner never stays in the waterline. I’ve tried everything, even bobi brown gel liner. And when I smudge the eyeshadow underneath, it never stays either! Any suggestions? Thx.

Where did you get your headband?

Try using a waterproof eyeliner like the Stila ones… Also, use a bit of eye primer under the lower lashes.

And the headband is from Rite Aid :)

I love the UD original palette than the UD2. So with that I think this look is great on every skin color. Neutral yet classy. Awesome. Keep it up Marlena

Every new look lately becomes my new favourite!
This is gorgeous! I love a darker eye with a muted lip since I’m not big on wearing really dramatic lip colors!
This is one I’m definitely going to play around with for day and night!
I love the white eyeliner on the lips trick! It’s one I use and it really helps give the lips a little extra without having to use a plumping gloss (that always makes my lips go bright red!) and without going crazy with lip liner!
Gorgeous look! Thanks for sharing it! I love that headband too!

Hey Marlena, you look amazing! Love the look. I’ve been noticing a lot of people on the Internet doing a bronzy, brown, smokey, coppery thing and I LOVE IT! You totally nailed it with this look!!!

Amazing !

All your videos are so great and helpfull ! Thank you very much for all your tips and tutorials, because i’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube before i discovered yours, and i always found the girls “TOO MUCH”, showing off..and not as cool as you are!

So thank you for everything it’s a real pleasure to learn how to makeup with your videos.

(sorry for my english because i’m french)

See u. ;)

And also this new caméra and background are really really great ’cause we can better see each step!

Gorgeous look thanks Marlena… Kind of that neutral look that could take you from day to evening…. Loving your tutorials and this one was lovely. Fantastic to see your own line of makeup too, I am loving using it, congratulations.

I love this look!!!!!! I need your help,Marlena

1.What are your favorite matte bronzers for fair skin?

2.Do you like Shiseido loose powders for combination skin?

Thank you YOU ARE THE BEST ;)

Heike~ How did you view this in Germany? I always have to wait for the “mirror” and sometimes it takes a day or two (I’m not the most patient person around).

Love this look!
could you please do a Lana del Rey tutorial? she has some amazing eyeliner looks :)

Hey, is there any inexpensive alternative to the MAC 109 brush? I would really like to have a similar brush but I cannot afford it :( I know that MUG had a contour face brush that looked similar to me but now I don’t see it anymore.. I would be happy if anyone could give me an advice :)

great look .. can you plz do a tutorial on make up for work ” especially professional one ” something classic and wearable everyday .. thanks alot

This is EXACTLY how I wore my eye makeup to a party on Saturday :D Glad to see it’s an approved look!

This is amazing! I love it. Aha, I just got the Naked Palette not too long ago and I’m very interested to see what kind of looks I can put together. This definitely sparks some inspiration and ideas, I love the look it’s so pretty! Definitely going to try this soon. :)

love this look, i think it fits you. could you try doing a video to help with me smudging eyeliner… it sometimes is hard for me

P.S. u r my inspiration

Hi Marlena,

This look is just what I was looking for, just the right colors and everything, again Marlena thanks for sharing your expertise and your ideas, keep up the wonderful work

Question: I love wearing that Bobbi Brown gel liner, except it tends to to wear off and smudge in a few hours. Is there a trick to making it stay put longer?

Awesome!!! I love love love this tutorial. I am especially excited to try this look b/c I just got the Naked Palette from UDK, and I dont really know how to blend the colors to make it look good! Thanks a lot!!! You are so pretty and talented!

hi Marlena, I am from India. I love your tutorials soooo much :) can you please tell the alternatives of the eye shadow palette in mac. would love to get your assistance:)

Why would anyone channel Olivia Wilde, when we can channel Marlena? You look infinitely better than she does. OW does have the classic symmetry that is sometimes used to define beauty, but, all-in-all, you look better, and you have a better makeup artist! We all thank, love, and support our favorite guru. I learn something with every tut/video. A thousand thanks.

I just wanted to say I absolutely love your new MUG eyeshadows!  They are amazing quality and great color pay off.  I have been following you for years and was happy to see this extension of the makeup geek brand. It is clear you love what you do, thanks for taking care of us not so talented makeup geeks.. :)

I love this video!.i need help tho I love makeup and I’m good at doin it,but unfortunately I can’t wear any. I’ve spent so much money on good quality eyeshadow primers..I mean u name it and I’ve tried it..no matter how expensive they end up creasing on me after a few hours! I hope that u have some magic trick up your creative sleeve..pretty please I need help?.i wanna wear eyeshadow too..hehe. Thankyou

hi marlena,   this video was great…this look is great on you…well you look gorgeous with all the looks!!!…im going to try this…btw i had a question about the foundation and concealer from the sephora collection…i wanted to know if they work good…can you let me know please…it would help me a lot!!!!..love you<3..tc!

hi marlena,omg..u r so gorgeous!..and this look, like all the other looks you’ve done looks great on you!!!…can you please do me a favor and let me know if the liquid perfecting foundation and the perfecting cover concealer from the sephora collection is good…it would be really helpful for me…i love you<3…tc!

hi Marlena,again great work,just have a question about the gold n black eye make up as u mentioned in one of ur HOW TO DEFINE AN OUTER V ,but I can’t find the whole video of it,I really want to do that,cause I still have some problem,I make a v but blending two colors like black with gold not getting better results,please help.thanks so much.

Beautiful Marlena….I have eyes almost the same shape and color as yours…I have done my own makeup since I was 16, I am now in my 40’s..I have gotten some fabulous ideas from your videos, and am now doing them on my face….I have had ladies ask if I am a makeup artist, and have been told that I could be an eye and lip model…How flattering for me…Thank you for your wonderful videos and your humbleness…..You are a sweetheart hon….

Hi Marlene,
Oh wow! I love this video, it’s amazing! I just got my UD naked palette in the post today and I’m loving it. I especially bought it because you’ve done some great tutorials with the UD naked palette. I was wondering if you could do some more looks – bold and subtle looks with it please!!! I’m a total newbie to makeup but I realy really wanna learn how to put make up on. Your website is awesome but I’m still not great at wearing make up. I guess it’ll come with time and experience (heres me hoping!).
Please please post some more videos using this palette.
Also what would be a good face primer for someone who has dry or extremely dry skin and doesn’t have pores and spots?
If someone didnt have spots or pores can they still use the Benefits Porefessional and others like that?
Also the YSL touche eclat – should that be used as a concealer or highlighter? I’m asian but fair skinned (kinda pale/yellowy skin) but i have kinda dark circles – what shade would you suggest I get?
Thanks Marlena. You and MUG are awesome! Look forward to more of your makeup tutorials!

I wanted some advice on how to hide puppet lines (not sure if you know what they are). Basically I’m pale skinned but I have these dark lines that run down either side of my mouth to my chin. It’s either dark lines or prominent veins but I wanted to know how i can hide it.
Hoping you can help.

Quick Q, if someone gets a chance to answer. I don’t have time to go back through all the tutorials to find the right one, so if someone happens to know the false lashes that Marlena used to rave about, please let me know. I know she had lash extensions for awhile, then she started using some lash enhancing cream/gel. But I remember that she used to use falsies all the time, and there was a particular brand (sold in the MUG store, I believe) that she always strongly advised. Thanks much in advance!

Woot! Thanks, Megz! (^.^) I’ve really been into Japanese “gyaru” style makeup lately, but I just can’t get the look without the falsies. (>.<)

Hi? Marlena! I have a question for you- how do you make your lips so pigmented and pretty?? My lips are weird, the upper lip is a dark mauve and my lower lip is mauvey withlittle white patches. It’s really embarrassing. Can you help me? I always have to wear something on my lips to make it look ok. Thanks!

Try putting a completely nude lipstick on, before you put a shaded color on. That might help to even out the tone and just let the shaded lipstick shine. What I do is put on the nude lipstick, blot with single ply tissue, re apply the nude, blot again, then apply whatever color lipstick…and then blot again!

Single ply tends to just absorb the oils in your lips and the actual product, leaving just the pigment behind.

@ Ashley. I also have very pigmented lips (and they have freckles, ahh!), they are pink to bright pink all on their own( I was born this way). I personally hate that and always mute them out everyday. I don’t think there is anything you can do really besides keeping up with wearing something on them…

Hi Marlena… This is beautiful as always.
I was wondering if you could do some eyeshadow looks for tv news anchors and reporters. It’s difficult to do something cool without looking overly made up. Thx

Loved it Marlena! Just got my Naked palette, gonna super try this one out. I have one question though: for brown eyes, where should I put some color (either green or teal, I guess) within this look so that my eyes pop a bit more??

Thank you so much!

I wanna see the tutorial so much. please do something, so that we germans are able to watch it. There´s no mirror to it this time. and the valantine-look is also not working, the mirror-vid says it´´s private. please help us. thank you so much!!!!

you are the best.

hugs and greetings

Hi Marlena, I really like how your brow looks in this video, have you made a tutorial of your brow before? And your skin looks amazing! Maybe you can make a skincare video? :D You’re just so beutiful! :)

Oh my Goodness! I’m so HAPPY to have found your video coz I was looking to make up myself for my wedding photoshoot (as opposed to hiring a “professional” make up artiste). This is exactly what I need… You look beautiful and with your tips, I think I can replicate this look. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

WOOOOOW I love this look!!! Wish I had blue eyes like Olivia to make it pop! Going out for my bf’s 30th bday tonight and this will look perfect with my outfit :)

I loooved this look! It’s summertime here in Argentina and I’m tanned :) So I wore this for a 16 birthday party (golden dress included U.U) and everybody was like “wow! did you do that yoursellf?” hahaha! I felt like a makeup artist! hahah
Thank you Marlene

Kisses from Buenos Aires


I always enjoy your video. I really like your headband in this video. Could you tell me where you get it?

Thank you and I’m looking forward to watching more of your great videos!