Carrie Underwood Grammy Look

Carrie Underwood is mostly known for her amazing voice and chart topping hits. However, she is becoming widely renowned for her stunning look. This Grammy look was enhanced by the dramatic eyelashes, glowing cheeks and soft peach lips and made for a glamorous look that stood out among the crowd of celebrities. Here I will show you how to create this striking look so you can feel as famous and breathtaking as Carrie herself. So let your inner star out and let her shine!


  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation – Bisque (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer & Treatment – Medium/Tan (Makeup Geek Store)
  • MAC Blushcreme – Lilicent (eBay)





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marlena this is an absolutely amazing look! i think you look much better than carrie and i like your version much more!!!

Another great tutorial & inspired by one of my favorite country artists! :)
PS. This is such a beautiful look on you.

Your skin is so beautiful, I would love to know what your daily routine is for cleansing and moisturizing!!!:)

What a nice video! The look is absolutely beautiful in you. The lipstick is gorgeus, I love that. I hope I can find it easily in Spain :-)

Your skin looks so flawless and pore less! Is that skin care by Dermalogica in your skin routine video working or is the lancome idole foundation really that good? I am interested in buying this foundation but my skin is very oily and the foundation is not cheap lol

So excited for your lip sticks and gloss!!!! Woot woot!!! Are you going to do sets like you did with the shadows? Like a pinky/peach set & a bright colour set???

Hey Marlena! Beautiful re-creation of Carrie Underwood’s loook!!!!!! I was just wondering what camera do you use to take your pictures? They look awesome! x

Love it!! I’ve been trying to find Lillicent but it’s way too expensive on ebay :( Keep up the good work!

I believe Lillicent was discontinued by MAC or was a Limited Edtion. I use the NYX Rose Pedal instead. I read somewhere it is a pretty good dupe.

Amazing how every and any kind of make up looks wonderful on Marlena. God bless you, girl !! You are amazing, talented, humble, good heart and so sweet. I love your tutorials and your joy in each video. Keep up !! You are our inspiration .

Hi! That’s the first time that I write a comment on your site. I have to say that all your tutorials are really great and that this look is awsome! You’re really talented.

Btw, I was wondering – which is the nail polish you have on the video? This creamy-white? It’s beautiful and makes all that look more faboulous.

Great job, continue this way. Kisses from Croatia! :)

anyone tell me the name of the song or artist during the time Marlena applies mascara…I love the music she plays :)

The artist is Charity Vance and the song is called “Hello Change”. Available on iTunes here is her website.

Hi, this look absolutety stunning on you, would it be possible to have the Mac dups post if possible, I have a large amount of Mac eyeshadows and maybe I could create that look with the ones I have.
Once again Marlena, you look amazing and your tutorials are the best ones. I always watch for new ones on the website.

Keep up the good work


I agree!! MAC shadow dupes for this this look would be great because i have a TON of them and i am on a strict budget right now, lol!
thank you :)

Wondering if you could do a skin care routine tutorial? You have beautiful skin…or just a tutorial on how you do your foundation! I love this look!

I’m so glad you chose to do her makeup! I’ve seen every one else doing Adele’s and I loved her makeup and all but she wasn’t the only one there lol. So really Thank you for being unique and straying away from that look.

First off, cheers for not doing Adele’s Grammy makeup. (Yeah, it was gorgeous, but really; it was basically her signature eye look with a red lip.)

This one… hello, lashes! Gorgeous. :)

Do you have an ETA on the blushes and/or lipsticks? (I think you said those were coming next after the eyeshadows?)

Very nice. This is a very pretty look, can’t wait to try it. Melina in your studio tour video you had a very nice geen jacket where did u get it .

LOVE LOVE LOVE that you used MUG shadows!!! This look is absolutely stunning! Your makeup looked better then Carrie’s! So love this look and will be rocking it for work:) Thank you so much!!!

Thanks Marlene. Once more you look beautiful and made an excellent job in this tut. I want to know if you can make one with blue eyeliner because I have permanent blue eyeliner and sometimes its difficult to match with all the colors. I will be very happy if you can show me how to do a great job in my eyes.

Kisses from Mexico

im a big fan of U………………………………… :)
i watched all of urs makeup tutorial. i like ur makeup but i try to put false eyelash but failed.

You can also put some olive oil on a Q-tip and rub it on the lashes band to loosen the glue up before pulling them off.

I don´t know who Carrie Underwood is…singer? actress? She´s not popular in Germany.
But the make up you created is so beautiful. Gonna try to recreate it tomorrow without the lashes. That would be a bit too much for work ;)
I just need to find an alternative for Galaxy. I have quite a couple of MUG eyeshadows but not this one. Maybe MACs Print?

My 10 year daughter started watching your tutorials, and turned me on to them. I love watching you, and I love this look. I’ve tried to order some stuff from your MUG sight but EVERYTHING I wanted is sold out. Please restock so I can stock up!!!!!

You’re looking more and more beautiful every day girl…keep it up whatever you’re doing! You’re gorgeous inside and out! god bless you…you are truly my inspiration. I’m chasing my dream of becoming a makeup artist now because of what i’ve learned from you….it’s funny as i’m applying makeup on my clients i can hear your tut…tips…etc…in my head :)
keep up the good work and i wish you only a more prosperous year!!!

I love this look! Also smokey look is one of my fav glosses thanks to you.

Now for a request, I heard of this foundation called hourglass, the ” Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free” foundation, I would love for you to review it for us oily skin gals looking for a matte foundation. Its on the pricey side, but I really want to see someone review it!!

I love this look!!!!!! its just beautiful. Thank you Marelena. I also love Carrie Underwood’s hair. Can you do the review of her hair style?:)

Omg, you look better than Carrie <3
Now im going to have to buy a whole bunch more of the shadows you used, and the biggest OMG is MUG lipstick!!!! I cannot wait!

Those are the longest fake lashes I’ve ever seen!
I would leave those off for most occasions, but it’s a lovely look.
Thanks for sharing!

I love as usual! What is the tool you used for the Bobby Brown liner??? It looks like you dipped a black pencil in the gel liner. Im confused!

Marlena I love this look and you are as beautiful as ever! I think I’m going to use this technique with a warmer brown instead of grey for my wedding makeup! Quick question: I just bought the bobbi brown gel liner to use for my wedding (in 3 months) do you know how long it lasts before drying up? Thanks so much, you are an inspiration!

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luv this look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

I’m sorry, but those lashes are so scary!!

Still your faithful muggie <3 but stick to the 305s!

Please forgive the repetition, but when are the MUG lipsticks coming out? I really love this tutorial and am excited to try this as is. That color ” innocent” is gorgeous!

Look forward to hearing from you…and your next tutorial.

As usual Awesum simply Awesumm video and beautiful u………….As always… be happy and healthy.God bless u…

This look is glamorous! It looks amazing on you. I can’t wait to try it out. Also excited for the lipstick to come out!

Hi Marlena hope you don’t mind me asking but you have the same tone of skin as me. I was just wondering what shade of bisque foundation you use? Thank you xx