Candy Corn Makeup

With Halloween right around the corner, we wanted to share a look for those of you who still want to join in on the fun but don’t want to do a full face of Halloween makeup. This stunning look was inspired by a holiday favorite, Candy Corn. Every year bags of this white, orange and yellow candy fills trick-or-treat bags everywhere. This candy is known for its striking colors and so is this look. But don’t let these colors be just for Halloween, these warm and enticing shades are perfect for the Fall weather and can be worn anytime.

We have updated our list of products with Makeup Geek alternatives that you can use to achieve this fun yet remarkable look.


  • MAC Lipliner – Mouth Off
  • MAC Lipstick – Jazzed
Inexpensive Alternatives:

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I;ve been trying to figure out what song that is too! lol i love it! Pls let me know if you find out and ill do the same :)

Nice look. I have chrome yellow but never use it as I have no clue what to do with it so thanks.
What is candy corn?? We don’t have that in the uk.

It’s little triangle shaped candy (I’m assuming meant to look similar to a corn kernal…but it’s more triangular) that tastes kind of like honey. They also have an interesting texture, almost grainy and waxy (that sounds gross but it’s really good).
They’re popular here in the US in the fall and around Halloween. They even make some shaped as pumpkins.

Very fun and festive! :D Can you recommend another lipstick from MAC, that is similar to Jazzed? It’s not in their regular line…

this is really fantastic! and like your many other looks, you can use other colors with the same techniques for something different! i always learn something by watching. keep up the great work Marlena!

I’d use the orange on the outer V instead of the middle, it looks kind weird… You look gorgeous however, no matter what you put on your face!

But if she used it on the outer V, then it wouldn’t be Candy Corn, would it? I liked it. Not for every day use, but definitely for Halloween ;)

You are so Beautiful, so talented and very professional, I just love all your work. Keep like that gorgeous women.

This look didn’t work. Application was flawless as usual. I am a huge fan and always look forward to your latest creations. I have bought many items after seeing how you use them. This one was a miss to me because it failed to accent your beauty. I will be sure in the future to comment on on the wonderful looks you create as well. It’s not fair for my first comment to be less than favorable.

Marlena, I need your earings! They are gorgeous. Where’d you get them? :) Also, can’t wait to try this look. I’m going to a business conference over Halloween weekend and need makeup/halloween ideas that can be used in a suit!

I have those exact same earrings!! :)
Very Pretty Make-Up by the way..I love how yours so daring to wear a variety of bright colors

HI marlena!
Could you please do a kim kardashian bridal makeup tutorial. Love all your celebrity looks and really look forward to this one.

Oh my dear Marlena, u look amazing and pretty as ever !!! I really wonder how u look so gorgeous with any eye makeup.. Love your outfit and hairstyle too mmwwwahhh !!!!! You inspire me a lot to try new makeup styles and products !!!!!! Keep up the good work dearie :) :)

Nice!!! I wanted to know if you can put a video on how you did your hair? it looks so nice i really like it.
By the way love your website I am addicted.

gorgeous look Marlena. As always an inspiration. I love your hair style in this video.Can we have a tutorial pls?

i think I may like this better with the yellow in the center, and the orange in the V…it’s a little odd looking with the orange in the center.

Hiii marlenaa !! Yu look AMAZING and Im not just saying that honestly you do !! I’ve learnt alot from watching your videos and I’ve been watching your videos for 2 years and you have changed in a good way !!! I’m only 14 and I’ve been obseessed with makeup for a while now and I’ve got a stash !! What every teenage girl wants right ?? :) anyways I jus Wna say I absolutely adore your videos Hav learnt alot and hopefully my knowledge will increase .. If I ever met you I wld probably hug you for being an amazing person !!! Can you do a tutorial for Arab eyes again pls it’s ok if you can’t you must be busy busy busy with your schedule !! But yea that wld be awesome if you used the oranges and reds on the eyes to create an Arab look and cld Yu possibly do a collection video !! I bet you’ve got lyk 2 rooms worth of makeup !!! Anywaaayss take care !!!!!!! Nishat from
Uk !!!!

I hate candy corn but, i just might have to try this look out when it gets closer to halloween cause it does look so cool.

Love this video! What song are you playing in the background?! I love it, been trying to figure out what song it is. Please let me know!

i loved the look!! it is so fun! it is a shame you can only have one look at halloween…. so many amazing ideas and only one night per year to wear them….

I love this candy corn look, I’m thinking at trying my hand at it for Halloween. I also LOVE your hair due. Maybe you could do a tutorial on how you did it? Have a great one!

Hey Marlena! Great look. Just a heads up, MAC’s refined golden bronzer isn’t discontinued! It’s a part of the permanent collection. It looks like the one you have was in special packaging from a limited collection, so that packaging might not be around but that color absolutely is!

I love your candy corn look! They are beautiful! I can do your look using my E.L.F 100 palette! Also love your nail! What are they? And other one you wore nail polish that were maroon with glitter, i am not sure what kind polish it was, should it be OPI or China Glaze? Can you do your hair tutorial? I love your top! Are they from Forever 21? =D I am getting obsessed with make up, not too bold color just normal colors. I do have a small make up studio in my room.

You are soo gorgeous and beautiful lady!

Hi Marlena….I love all ur videos. But why no hair styling tutorials?? Ur hair looks sooooo gorgeous…the way u curl or straighten it is so well done..plss plss plss post some tips & videos…
thnx in advance:))