California Dreamin’ Tutorial

Happy Summer Makeup Geeks!  I taped this video with my fellow blogger friend Helene from Paris.  She flew out to spend time with me, so we decided to do this California Dreamin’ look together.  The colors remind me of sunset over ocean waters :) I hope you enjoy learning some French!  Check out her blog (it’s in French):
Marlena xoxo


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It looks really nice and can be actually worn during the weekday if you take out that blue :) The colors blend nicely together!

Marlena you always do such a wonderful job! Helene looks are a true inspiration and i love every single one of your tutorials.. you are a wonderful person inside and out :)

Just as amazing as all the other ones Marlena! And I’ve Been anticipating those gel liner forever!! I’m like getting an anxiety attack from it! Lol sooooo can’t wait!! You are the best!! XoxoxoX

I have to agree that she have amasing eyes but I have to be honnest and say that I DON’T LIKE HER HELÈNE THE FRENCH WOMAN since I saw her video where she does a review of the elf products she bought. But the makeup is really beautiful!

Loved this! The makeup is fun, and you did a great job incorporating our California colors! I loved that you brought in Helene, and that she translated while you did her makeup. I found myself turning up the volume to hear her soft voice. This was a very fun change.

I’m a big Helene’s fan…. and through her blog I was lucky to discover yours !!!!
I do love your blog… and this make up is gorgeous !!!! of course the “model” is so beautyfull !!!!
anyway… the most important in that story is the friendship between you and Helene … and I hope you will be back soon in France !!!!!

What a great idea and a great look!

I love Helene’s blog (i’m French but living in the US) and yours of course, so it’s always funny to see you guys together! This look is gorgeous (and you are gorgeous too Marlena, just as usual). And I can’t wait for your gel liners!!

I love that look!!!! Its absolutely amazing!!! But I can’t stand the French Language!!! Its sounds awful to me! I am sorry, it hurts my ears! ;)

Hi Marlena! You look beautiful as always! I was wondering, what lipstick color are you wearing? I’m trying to decide what Makeup Geek lipsticks to buy and we have similar skin tones. Thank you :)

She dosen’t have in her eyeshadow line anything that look like or close to MAC tête-a-tint. But I look for you in the internet and came accross a site call the girl who own this blog find the perfect almost identical eyeshadow dupe for MAC tête-a-tint. The dupe she found is from wet and wild. It’s the palette #246 call “GREED” it is from there 6 pan eyeshadow palette. Here’s some pictures of the dupe:

Here 2 links where you can buy that palette:

So hope that helps!

I don’t like Helen from “Mon blog de fille”. Like a lot of people in France. Because of her character : too authoritarian. And so naughty. Brrrr.

@Venom : what’s the point to say that you can’t stand the french language only because you obviously dislike the french woman ?
I too dislike some of the american make up artists and I would not come and comment ” yeurk I can’t stant the english language” !!

c est tres jolie bravo et je trouve sa super de faire une video et traduit en meme temps en francais pour celle comme moi qui te suit en france et qui ne parle pas anglais tu devrai en faire plus souvent
bonne continuation

I see the Negative Nancys are out again today. Must be the heat.

Nobody cares if you don’t like her.

We just come here for the makeup.

And this look is gorgeous! And I love the French language.

This was a very fun twist on the regular tutorial routine.


You made me laugh…Negative Nancys.
I agree with you. I love that Marlene is always trying different things, and incorporating different people. Having different people as models and provide tutorials is very helpful because not all of us have Marlene’s coloring.


Variety is the spice of life. Surely we can all be tolerant in a makeup forum? Cutting each other down just brings us all lower.

Let’s celebrate each other’s unique personalities and individual beauty, shall we?


What a great look!

Ah! And how cute is sh?. And the French, that language is amazing. Her voice is great!

Marlena, you must tell me where you got your top!

Hie Marlena !
I discovered your blog years ago now, thanks to Hélène. And I am so happy to see a video of you and her :)
By the way, the make up is absolutly beautiful, thank you ! Great cooperation !

Marlena, the look is very nice but what I really loved is how u look in the video! So fresh and naturally beautiful! What make up do u have on???

FYI : It is true that this website is all about make up and first of all it is Marlena’s blog so really there is no point to comment about the other woman. Marlena is doing a great job, lots of pictures, details of swatches, articles, advices and most of all she takes consideration of her readers/fans.
Just to let you all know, the ones who wonder about why there is such nasty comments about the other woman, is that her blog is a joke (i.e when she can’t be bothered she posts a picture of a glass in a cupboard saying this is the nicest thing she has ever seen ! ) and it is surprising to see her in this video, all smiling, with Marlena who is such the most adorable person with her fans ! (i.e : she went back to IMATS on Saturday to meet her fans, some others did not …)

@Suzi: I soooooo agree with you!! That’s why Marlena’s French fans are surprised to see Helene here…

You did a great job, but the colors don’t look good on her skin tone at all. I wish you could have actually done a look with tones that compliment. the shades you used are far too warm/dark. also, why do you use cheaper products on your models? it seems like you keep the good stuff for yourself and the other stuff for everyone else. also, when will you show us some of the steps and skills you learned at makeup forever? when will you show us different ways to style the eyelids as well as contour and highlight?

just a curiousity, you have talent. i just wish we could see new things. you’re talented, but it’s the same stuff all the time, the only difference is the colors and brands.

That is so cuute!! I’m french and I discovered because of Helene and i loove your duo!! Thanks for this video et merci à Hélène! Bisouxxxx!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!! Would you please consider doing makeup for women in their 40’s? I LOVE to have fun, but their are some still caught up in the old trends…Sure you understand!