Bollywood Style Makeup

Everyone loves Bollywood! And there is no better time than Halloween to unleash your inner diva by doing this dramatic and eye-catching look. The bold, vibrant colors makes this look one that is sure to turn heads. Ideal for a last minute look or pair it with your favorite Bollywood costume, this tutorial will show you how to create a look that is exquisite. This exotic creation is sure to be one that everyone around you will love and will make you feel like a true Bollywood star.





*Special thanks to Taryn from Tough Love for doing hair and photos!

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This is just so incredibly gorgeous. i am absoloutly in love with your incredible makeup techniques:)

Wow this is absolutly amazing marlena!! I love it!! And the photos are to die for you look so gorgous!!! Will definatly be trying! :)

Hey Marlena,

I am from India and this is such a kwel video you got there inspired by the bollywood look ……

I am definitely gonna give it a try .

Thanks .

everything looks fabulous!
by the way, im curious as to whether or not you still use the Bobbi Brown shimmerbricks? :)

I really do love the shimmerbricks and still have my gold one and apricot :) They’re great highlighters! That reminds me to pull them out and use them again…. ;)

Hey, Marlena! Hope you’re well!
What video editing programme do you use on these videos?
love DivaGirlyGirl

hey i love d look and u look stunning but can u also post some makeup tips of bollywood actresses like aishwarya rai or priyanka chopra???

sure i can send u some selected pics…can i have some id on which i can send them?? thanx a lot marlena….ur greattttttttttttttttt :)

Hi Marlena,
wooh hoooo! another marvellous look. I loved it. I can never have the sleek cheeks like you. I tried to practice the contouring technique a lot but always failed :-( Hey marlena, whenever i wash my brushes they smell like goat’s tail and they also leave a yellow stain on the towel whenever i let them to dry on it……is that ok??? m confused. coz i use normal brushes not the branded ones…and does the lip plumper glosses let your lips to swell for about an hour to make them look gorgeous? what is the actual effect of lip plumpers???? please do answer my questions. thanks a lot! love u girl. as i always say OH Girl! you are so inspiring.

I’m not sure that the yellow stain is normal…. It almost sounds like a dye is coming out of the brushes?

The lip plumpers are supposed to plump your lips- they’ll tingle some :) I’m not sure how long the plumping action lasts, but I know the tingling for me lasts almost an hour

Love this look Marlena – its very timely for me as i am a henna artist and have a festival comming up. will try this look for then!

who did the designs on your hand? are they hand painted or transfers. i really like it, would love a clearer picture :)

They’re transfers from a kit I got at Borders Books ;) I want to learn the real thing, but have such little time now day s:(

wow you looks sooo beautiful on you, this arabic make up ;) very nice pictures, but i cant see it again, please put it an another site and link it to this/your website, thank you

Smoooooookin hot!!!! Wow. The pictures are striking! this is my new favorite look on you which I will be trying soon! Thank you soso much for taking the time for this look. I’ll have to do the cheek sculpting technique to get close but girl, you should be on magazine covers! Cant wait for the next one.

Okay, so not an everyday look for me, LoL, but I did like the eyeliner pencil dipped into the gel-liner trick! The total look was very dramatic and beautiful.

Marlena I LOVE THIS LOOK! Do you think I can some colors from the Urban Decay Naked pallette? Also can you list the NYX colors that will be comparable to the MAC eyeshadows?

Sooo.. I just showed my mum these pics and she went crazy. She thinks that you are absolutely beautiful with flawless skin!!.. She wants to know how your cheek looks so perfect and unblemished!!!.. Hehe.. And my brother wanted to know who you were too.. And if you were from the same country as we are..

You are sooo beautiful and inspiring.. And you are always so upbeat and positive in your videos!!

There actually are a few blemishes on my cheeks- they’re a bit smaller, but it’s all in using the correct foundation and technique :)

Hey Marlena…I have the blemish problem too, but I”m curious…what technique are you referring too? Can you explain please

marlena ….i love this look and you look gorgeous .i am from india.i have dark skin.i am looking forward to buy few items from mug store.can you please recommend a highlighter from mug store that will look good on my dark skin tone?

looks great! i was wondering if you are still continuing in your series of ‘how to become a makeup artist’? i know you are crazy busy, but just wondering if its still on the agenda.


thanks for the reply! i’m in makeup school right now, and it’s so great! can’t wait to be done and start my new career. thanks so much for your website. it has seriously changed my life!

I love the idea you had of putting the “makeup package” together for purchase in your store! What a great idea…hope there are more sets to come. Since these colors probably aren’t an everyday look, it’s nice to have the option of just buying the samples for a one time look. Thanks for always making everything easy and attainable.

I LOVE this look! PLEAAASSSEE do a series on this type of makeup and/or arabic makeup. The fine detailed eyeliner work seems challenging- it would be nice to hear a tutorial even on detailed eyeliner… thanks ! and great job – you look wonderful!

GODDESS MARLENA … Number 69 (extra hot section) please on the menu xx

iL have a double barrell basin full of chicken VINDALOO please as Goddess is just looking SERIOUSLY HOT and god …….. you are gorgeous today.

I can see a touch of elizabeth taylor as well i your look (..Cleopatra..) as im sure if the legend herself was to take a peek she would like us all within the geekie..ite family .. be licking the heels of your boots and chained to the holly grail of the Mac 2/17 yum yum ….. :-)

CHICKEN TIKKA (Goddess) MARLENA …… one of your best so far as im off to get fully bollywood,ed up down the curry house for a take away and a bollywood tearjerker on DvD.


P.s Dear Goddess may this devoted muggie please ask you for a special tutorial? ive been following the group Evanescence for many years and meet Amy lee the lead singer who is just gorgeous (second to you of course :-) please think about doing the look in the video .. call me when your sober as i think this portrays her to the upmost! …. just a little thought for tutorial ..

Thank you Goddess :-)

I really wanted to like this, but I found this look really tacky and the colors really garish. Yes I know it’s supposed to be a bollywood look but I’m Indian and watch the movies and the makeup is not like that these days, it’s actually alot more classier. Sorry Marlena, I love your videos but not this interpretation;-(

I agree with Rekha! its a 1970’s Bollywood look! Please do a modern bollywood look Marlena….

yeah i love the look…. but it is definitely reminiscent of the 70’s or such
it would be awesome if we could see Katrina, Bebo or Aish’s recent looks here

Omg Marlena ! You are absolutely stunning. This is one of my favorite looks on you. The pictures are beautiful as well !

Hey Marlena,

I love your videos and your fun humor! Your videos are really entertaining and I learnt so much already! It’s like watching your favorite soap after work ;-)

Unfortunately I cannot see all of your videos lately. I’m from Germany and it says that the video cannot be watched in my country. Is it possible to upload it in another format again? Sometimes two videos are posted and then it usually works with the second one. That would be so great!!!

I’m looking forward to see more videos!

Good luck with everything!

Hi, Marlena.

You look AMAZING. I love this look!
Hey, I remember you told us that we should NOT use gel eyeliner on the waterlines in the past. So is it OK to use gel? Please let me know. I am learning alot from you. Thank you.

I don’t usually do it on my clients, but I know my eyes aren’t too sensitive… I haven’t had any problems with it, but check the label on the one you use to see if it’s safe

My DEAR, can´t watch this in Germany…omg, would like to see it – you look sooo beautiful !!!!

You look great…. the makeup, hair, the snake ring (love love love) Gorgeous. Gorgeous… I will try this one, just for fun…
Jenny from Brazil (Brasil in portuguese)

This is such a great look! I work at a makeup counter and use your tips daily- thank you so much for all that you do!

Great look as usual. I really love how you edit your videos: the quality is always amazing and the music is great. I like the tip with white pencil, will try that.

I also like your ” henna” tattoos :)

Hi Marlena…
you are amazing…i am from Czech republic and i love your videos…thank you for that…:)

I seriously ADMIRE You and what You’re doing. You are my absolute idol when it comes to makeup. Every single one of Your tutorials is amazing. All the best from Poland :)

Hi Marlena !
I love all your videos !!!!
This look is just great , I love the bollywood style …
‘ nite from France …

Marlena, I LOVE the pics, you look absolutely stunning. I have always thought you were pretty, but I must say I adore you as a brunette. Love your tutorials, girl you’re gorgeous!!

I love this look so very much! I also liked the idea of putting together packages that we can purchase! I would really like it if you did that more often!!!

Absolutely gorgeous, as always. Sorry to ask something slightly unrelated, what’s the song in the beginning? I love this kind of music.

Hey Marlina please put sum video as to how you do video .. everythign we wana know how you put ur cam which cam you use .. what kind of lighting .. when do you edit.. it will be a really nice video to watch seeing Marlina spending time on her fvrt thing and which is so improtant for us too .. as we get lot of things to know because of your videos.

I can do that :)

My camera is a Canon Vixia HD camera (I think- I need to look it up), and I use a 3 way light from Target for most of my light. For editing, I use Corel Video Studio 12

Absolutely love this look!! Im so glad you did it….I Bellydance so Im always looking for new ways to wear my makeup and this is beautiful!!! I cant wait to try it!

I love it!! and i wanna try that.. But I wish Ur Video have Close caption because since im deaf i M very interesting And study and learn from You.

Vids in spanish? That should be interesting. Either language, I hope you do many more.

Stay awesome!

Love this pink lipgloss – that colour fits you very well !!! And thanks for uploading for your german viewers!!

hey marlena can u plz tell me a dupe for mac swiss chocolate and twinks?? i cannot afford mac eyeshadows :(

Swiss Chocolate is a very dark brown, so any dark brown should do the trick, and twinks- hmm…. NYX’s Gypsy I think is a little close, but I need to swatch it to be sure. Or Violetta by NYX ….


Lovin the make up. Its really dramatic. I’m a bollywood watcher and ur makeup comes very close to bipasha basu. U can google her. She uses her eye liner exactly like how u have. So good job.


Totally agree, it’s glamorous,it’s over the top, it’s awesome. I’m gonna try it out this weekend :P

woow! marlena you look so gorgeous,i really like how you do all your make up and this style looks very nice on you cant wait to put it on practice,im really lovin your pics there beautifull!!

Love the look, it so pretty! I can’t find the package you created in your store, is it sold already?

Can’t wait till this comes back into stock….I think the kit idea is genius! you may have to add an “let me know when this item is back in stock” sign up bar :) absolutely LOVE your work!! aloha ~

Hey Marlena, Do u know when you will have more of the bollywood style makeup kit? Btw I love your website.

Hey Marlena!
I see that you use NARS Sheer Glow foundation. Could you write a review on it?
My favorite bollywood actress is Kareena Kapoor! Could you do a makeup tutorial like hers? There aren’t many tuts on Kareena, but quite a few of Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra. If you like, I’ll enclose a photo!

I would LOVE to see a photo of her- Middle Eastern (Indian, Arab, and Pakistani) looks are my absolute favorite!! I would wear that style everyday if people here would quit staring at me :(

Be Brave like Julia from MissCheivous!
I sent links to you of Kareena Kapoor. I’ll email it to you now too!

Marlena you are truely an amazing artist and I have loved watching all of your videos! You are the main reason I have decided to go to beauty school and pursue my dream of being a makeup artist as well. :D You inspire me to follow my dream and I thank you so much for that! Keep on making these wonderful videos girl! :D

Marlena- Could you please tell me the song that you use at the beginning of the video? I really like it.

Btw, TOTALLY love the look and I’m gonna try it this weekend :)

Hi!!! I love this look it’s beautiful… Marlena i have 2 quick questions, for contouring my face which is better and easier to use an angle blush brush or mac’s 109 contouring brush? And which is better contouring with powder or cream (concealer) please answer my questions I really want to learn how to contour my face. Thanks
P.S I love all your looks and you’ve been a great help and inspire to me =)

You know- they both work pretty well so I’d say either one… I’ve been liking the 109 lately as it gets up under my cheekbones, but if your cheekbones don’t stand out much, then I think the angled one would work.

Cream looks more natural for contouring, but it can be a little more time consuming to do (at least for me). If you can get down the cream contour, I really think you’ll like the results :)

HI marlena,
i was wondering if you could do a cut crease tutorial? perfably 70ish makeup? that would so rock.

<3 you! u inspire me..
Ive lost 10 lbs! and doing good

I’m actually doing a series in September for historical makeup, so yep- that will be on there :)

And you go girl on the 10 pounds lost!!! WOOHOO!! I’ve been on a plateau for a good 3 months now, so I’m hoping to get 10 pounds off by September- gotta keep trying :)

Hi Marlena! Love, love, love the look! You look amazing! I just had a few questions for you what kind of camera do you use to take your pictures and what is the name of the song you used in the video? Thank you in advance! =)

Really pretty…!~..Any reason why the comments have been disabled for the actual video on YouTube..?…Were there haters..or something..just curious..

Btw…loving the hair!!~

I totally love this look, with my small eyes and that I’m not good at using liquid liner (kind goes everywhere if I’m having a bad luck day) I’m not sure I could pull off this look, but I’d really like to try it someday anyway, Love the photos too great work Marlena and Taryn I wonder if i could do a toned down look as in less liquid liner lol :)
Luv mel :)

Hi Marlena!

Great tutorial…very unique.

Question – when using pigments – is it easier to use all pigments on the eye (lid, crease, outer V)…or can you use a pigment on the lid and then an eyeshadow in the crease. I find when I use both that it is hard to blend…


I love all your looks!!! But i am starting my first year of High school. I was wondering if you could do another Back to School demos???

W/ <3 & Prayers,

hey…so can u give me an email-id so tht i can send d pics…her name is aishwarya rai…ex miss world,international personality and a successful bollywood diva…so wat do u say???

God! I love this!
I’ve always loved oriental cultures and this is awsome. You’re so good doing your job :)
But I want to tell you something personal: That hair looks SOOOOO good on you. You look beautiful, really!


hi. i’m a HUGE FAN OF YOURS! i have been watching you for a while now and i can’t explain how better i’ve gotten. i thank you so much!! for all the help and please continue giving them..i have tried your mac green smokey eyes! and i got so much compliment all to you
thank you love you so much..

Wow you are STunning! Love the Henna! Love the look! So Farfashion! lol =) My younger sisters just taught me that word! LOL..They say it means BeYOND FABULOUS! =))

Hi Marlena, I love this look and plan on using it for me wedding day (i am indian and so this would suit me just fine!). The only trouble is i cannot find the mac pigment colours on the UK mac website. Are these new colours that will be released in the UK soon? if so then thats ok as my wedding is not until next yr. Please let me know. Thank-you

Hi Marlena,

Thanks for this as i did request a bollywood inspired video. I think you did amazing and i must say you look very beautiful. I feel like you have given me inspiration to pursue my dream in make-up. I also like to thank you for all your efforts by giving us all information in regards with your tuorials. Great work. :-)

I love bollywood and i love this look!!! Any ideas on other colors that would compliment this lookk?!!??!!

Hey, you no longer have the set available online anymore…when are you going to have it stock?

i absolutely love your looks and that this one comes with a package set are there going to be more sets for the other looks?

This is one of your best looks (and I’ve looked at pretty much all of your videos) , cant wait to do it. Id also say it really really suits you. You have great coloring so it seems you can pull off a lot of different looks. Thanks

Marlena you have done it again girl!! Your passion for makeup is inspiring this is an absolutely beautiful look your breath taking perfecto!!

Namaste, im from india and ive had expierence with bollywood makeup and i just have to say you DEFINITELY brought out the bollywood style. I totally Love your videos and tutorials. excellent job :)

We dont always wear so much but its a great job on the bolly style.
luv the vid.u rly captured wut we friend are always asking me how to get the style since my family is from paki/india but my mom is also persian :)

LOVE that you made a kit for this!! I think you should do that more often!! Soooo glad I came across MUG.. Your site has given me TONS of insperation!! THANKS!! :)

hey, i was wondering where you get your music from for the beginning intro of the video, and also the background images. i really like the paisley pink design. please let me know where i can find this image!

Hi Marlena! I love all of your videos! They’re always great! I had a question about eyeliner. I wanted to know if you have any tips for me on how to keep my eyeliner from smudging when I put it in my tear duct. It seems to always smear at some point of the night whenever I do it there. I would really appreciate your advice.

Thank you for all of your help, can’t wait for more videos!

Hi Marlena! :) I absolutely love this look….I never tried something like this, but I’m gonna give it a whirl. What color blushes from nyx/mac would be good for tan complexions? Some of the blushes you use don’t show up on me.. :(

I just love this look!! Its amazing! I just have one question. What is the name of the song? I tired looking for it but cant seem to find it. Thanks Marlena!

I can’t get over how gorgeous you look these days! I used to watch all your old videos and the change since you have got darker hair and lost weight in unbelivable! Well done!! xx

Great! Thank you for this tutorial. In Indian makeup you can be quite daring with eyeliner, you can make even longer line :) I love the colours!

i have the magazine that you copied this from or looks verys similar you did a good gob!!!!!!

I have recently watched your videos and I am amazed at how simple you make this look so glad I found your site! thanks

hello marlena,
i am from qatar.i downloaded all your videos because it teaches me alot .i watch it everyday and i learn new things every day. eventhough i am fond of liquid eyeliners as an arab i always have problems of how to mix shadows colours and i was saved by your techniques.thank you so much for recommending wedge shadow from mac in your videos ,it saved my life.would you please tell me where did you get the music in the beginning of this video(bollywood arabic inspired makeup)who is the composer and what is the name of this album.thank you very much .