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from her previous video she stated that she always uses revlon colorstay pretty much on all her videos.

I love this colors they are beautiful, I am definitely looking forward to purchasing a pallet from MUG!! How can I get this look using. 88 pallet CS, if you don’t mind my asking!! Well thank you and your tutorials are very helpful =)

Hey love the tutorial, I love warm colors. Just wondering if u could please do a couple tutorials on the Naked Palette 2?

Hi Marlena, I loooove this look! It is so gorgeous!!!!

I have dark skin though (nw40) and I know you recommened some good colours to us but, I particularly love Country Girl and am worried it will lose that blended redish/pinkish look on my skin. Please could you suggest a alternative colour. Also, an alternative lipstick please?

Thank you for your many awesome tutorials! :D

I wish I could suggest a more intense reddish/pink color… I think Cocoa Bear may work but won’t be quite as red/pink. For lip color, I would go with a nice coral color

Amazing I love it love it love <3

Marlena, I'm looking for a good liquid eye liner and good mascara that will give volume yto my lashes n it wont leave them looking clumpsy. What do you recommend??

I know I am not Marlena but……I love Smashbox limitless liquid eyeliner. Although my new favorite eyeliner is the gel liner by Sonia Kashuk (Target for $8.99) My new thing with mascara now is use a lengthener first (I use Loreal double extend) then a layer of volumizer mascara ( I use Loreal Voluminous)

Love it! The eye colours you used are just perfect. I think this would be one that I could just tone down a little and wear everyday. I love that pop of gold in the middle of the lid, and all the colours together!! So pretty.
Thanks for the tip with the water line! I always find myself wiping off the water line when I put white in it, because it looks too stark. will have to try that one!

Hey,Marlena, the look is great as always :) Can you please say what foundation you are using here? It looks amazing :)

MISSED YOU!!! Love watching your videos! The eyeshadows that you used are about the only ones I don’t have…… oh well! Love watching the techniques and can apply that to other colors!

Hi this is a cute look. You should do a hair tutorial on your hairstyle from this video.Looks really pretty.Have a blessed day! :)

Thanks Marlena once more! I really love this look!! I am loooking for a makeup that match with blue eyeliner, can you create something? Thanks!!!! Kisses from Mexico.

Thanks so much Marlena for making your eyeshadows cruelty free! They have come just in time for the very disappointing Estee Lauder decision to change their animal testing policy and start testing again. I’m so happy that I have amazing eye shadows that rival MAC quality now that I can’t buy MAC (or other Estee Lauder co. brands) any more.

Love the look!!

That’s good to know! I didn’t know Estee Lauder is going back to animal testing :( That makes me sad…. MUG will NEVER support or do ANY animal testing. ever.

Marlena, I’ve been a fan of yours for a couple years. I love your site, tips and tricks, and all of your insight with tutorials. Only request I have is when you show pictures of the new “looks”, it would be helpful if you actually took up close pictures of your face instead of far away pictures of your head or pictures of your whole body. It’s easier to decipher the look when you can actually see a photograph of your artistry. Maybe at least one up close picture of your face along with your full body shots would be nice!

I think the pictures are awesome! I do photography as well, and I think the pictures that are further away show what you will look like to other people using this look. There are a couple pictures that are more close up that show the look more in detail. I think Marlena and her staff are doing an awesome job! Good job guys!

Sheri, thank you so much for recommending those products:) I used to use the gel liner Hip Hop by Loreal, but I can’t find it anymore:( but I will try the you are saying and the mascara too:) thank you again sheri!:)

Hi Marlena,,,,, you look beautiful ,,,,,, i love that look i missYOUR videos!!! They are amazing….you are my teacher i love u…
I wanted to ask u how did u get that waves on your hair… I love it too…. What products do u recommend for your hair!!!
Thank uuuu

Thank you for making eyeshadow sets to go with the different looks you do! Please keep it up!

Wow ! ! ! Marlena you look GORGEOUS! Your make up, your clothes, everything!

I love that you use Charity Vance’s music. She is so talented and the music goes perfect with your videos. I actually found your videos by way of Charity’s music and now I’m a fan of yours!!!

Hi im so in love wiith this bo ho chick look absoluvly i will rock it everyday n will try diferent colors o woo

i really love this look. But i kind of wanna know what other lipstick can be use for this boho looks i mean coral colour like mac one as in this video. I wanna grugstor one which is more effortable to buy. thanks!

Oh my god!

You’ve lost so much weight, i haven’t been on your website for a long while and now that i’m here i’m stunned!

You look amazing!


What happen to the tutorial for blue eyes? I have blue and green eyes what happen to the tutorials

So, I’ve been wondering something for a long time. Bronzer is about the only product I haven’t tried because I’m so fair-skinned, though I’d like to. Is there a bronzer anyone could recommend for fairer skin, or should us pale girls just not venture there?

Marlena has an awesome video about bronzers, I think if you go back in the tutorials section you will find it. She usually recommends the Sephora sculpting disk or Nars’ Laguna bronzer for the fairer girls. Good luck with the hunt!

I cut sugars out of my diet and refined starches (I mainly eat red potatoes and rice for my starches- no breads, crackers, or cookies) Sounds hard, but is very easy if you change your diet gradually :)

I did this look yesterday and would never of thought to use the gold and pink/brown together. I have blue/green eyes and oh my goodness, they looked so bright, really made them pop!!!

I didnt have country girl but had a pink/brown which was very? similar,I did have gold digger, which is so pretty!

The end result was incredible!!!

Love your work Marlena, Ive never loved makeup more xxx

Do I need to say how much I enjoy watching your videos? I really do! I dunno why but after watching them I feel happier and in a better mood. You have such a friendly smile and I love your tutorials :)

I don’t like the fact that you stopped taking the time to describe the colors you are using. Now that you have started your own line (which is great, don’t get me wrong) it seems that you just refer to the color’s name instead of what it really looks like. A lot of times in the past you would let us know “I’m using orgasm by Nars- it’s a pink color with a golden sheen.” or “I’m using Urban Decay’s Cocoa Puff- a rich chocolate brown with chunks of gold glitter.” I don’t have any of the Makeup Geek shadows yet and it’s hard for me to follow your tutorials when you refer only to the color’s name because I’m unfamiliar with them. Could you please elaborate just a bit on your color selection? Thank you :)

Actually, she does. She takes the time at the beginning of the video. Also you could take the time to go look in the store at the descriptions of the colors if it really bothers you that much.

There’s no need for you to be rude. I’m just giving a suggestion on how she can improve her videos.

Have you tried the Beecology lip balm? It’s really amazing. Also, can you make a tutorial about how to properly clean brushes?
Thank you!

So both me and my roommate adore your eyebrows. How do you make them look so nice? By the way, we love you and your videos! :D

Oops sorry i forgot one thing: Could you pretty please do a review on the Tarte Dark Circle Defense Under Eye Corrector and maybe the Smashbox Photo Op Under eye Brightner and The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. I know its asking for alot, but for me, these are the only 3 things, beside the DiorSkin Powder, left for me to buy to complete my makeup collection. Thanks to you, I have definitely become a certified Makeup Geek. Its because of you that I feel more confident about the way i look in makeup. I no longer think im completely FUGLY LOL just a little. Thank You so Much!

Marlena due u have a dupe for the lilicent blush u love so much!?? Or an extra one I can purchase from u! Lol

I always enjoy watching your videos beautiful skin. I am having a hard time finding a foundation, I have reddness on my cheeks &neck/chest but dark under eye circles and fine lines (in my 30s) nothing seem to workfor me always. Get cake face even with primers. Any recommendations?

@Alicia: i also had a lot of problems finding foundations. I finally realized that it is possible to have more than one that works well and Marlena always encourages mixing foundations to get the best shade or finish. I recently started using the same Lancome Teint Idole that Marlena uses and I am in Love. Also skin care plays a big part also because make up is to enhance beauty not completely change it. Primers/ I also would try the Lancome Make up pro Base primer. It is pricey, but i love it, or even the Benefit Pore-fessional is a great primer.

As far as under eye circles? i have serious problem with them (Hereditary) and i am a concealer junkie. I have literally one from each major brand it feels like, but just remember for under your eyes, a gel like consistency is the best in my experience. Hope this helps a little. I know its not Marlena, but im 30 and felt pressed o answer u. :)

Hi Marlena, I know you use the Teint Idole foundation in 4 bisque, right?
Do you know the equivalent in european numbers? Thanks,

Just a heads up, I followed the link to the lipstick and bought “Ravishing” on Amazon, only to find out that I bought a FAKE MAC lipstick! So bummed, but trying to get my money back :( Next time I’ll just go to the real MAC site/store and get my goodies.

I love this look more like what I do , Where can I find a brush like the one you used, can’t afford MAC too expensive for me, but I so want the Eye Pencil Brush and I’ve signed up for the alert to one of yours when it comes out again.

Beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to create all of these different looks for us! Can you suggest a less expensive alternative to the Tarte blush (tipsy) and an alternative to the Mac cream blush (lilicent)? These blushes are soooo beautiful but the price is a little bit to much for me. You may have suggested alternatives in previous tutorials but I snooped around and couldn’t find one. Thank you SO much! You are WONDERFUL. muah!

Do you always wear foundation and if not, can you do a quick everyday tutorial with powder or mineral foundations that you would recommend? Especially since summer is coming ~

hi marlena! im always writing you to see if i can get a respond from you so you can answer my questions, i know your a busy girl so hopefully i can get a respond from you. but what camera do you use to film? if you can provide me with alll the details that would be awesome thanks :)

Hi Marlena,

Not to be a copycat, but…. could you tell us what brand of boots you are wearing in this video/pics??? They are adorable!! Thanks so much!!

Hi Marlena!!

you are looking fabulous as always!! <3

I was wondering what is the best (and as cheap as possible) primer for combination to oily skin (with a pore problem) I don't live in the US and the Porefessional one is just way too expensive to have it shipped (nearly $50!!) :O

I would really appreciate your help!