Black and Orange Halloween-Friendly Look

This sexy and dramatic look is specifically for those of you who don’t want to dress up, but still want something breathtaking and expressive to feel and look like part of the Halloween fun. Using the 2 colors most associated with the holiday, this look combines black and orange to create a striking look that no one will forget. This is a great way to let your makeup be the biggest and best part of your Halloween costume. The cat eye shape is also perfect for anyone who is dressing up as a cat, or even a witch.

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Hi Marlena! I love this look for Halloween! I just found a palette by the balm and I was wondering if you could do some looks with things from that brand? It’s called the balm and the beautiful btw and I got it at tjmaxx for twenty dollars which is super cheap for the balm. Love you you are always flawless!

You could use Espresso eyeshadow for the brown and Orange eyeshadow for the orange and the inner tearduct use Melon pigment. Hope that helps. Smolder is also a good liner. :)

You can totally do this look! Just have the confidence in yourself, take your time, & blend, blend, blend! Don’t give up! ;)

Just keep practicing- you get better every time you try :) And there’s no rule as to what is good makeup- just do whatever you have fun with and what makes you happy :)

What fun! The look is beautiful on you – can’t wait to try it. Thanks for your enthusiasm and great teaching skills. I’m not one to wear costumes – so this is a perfect way to participate without having to dress up. Keep up the good work.

I LOVE your hair color right now and whenever I try to put red in mine like that it fades so fast and sometimes even to a weird pink color. Help me get your hair color pwease!!!

Amazing! Sooo fun and still beautiful! Any tips on how to keep the waterline lined? I’ve tried all kinds of waterproof liners, but after a few hours my waterline is no longer lined….I don’t even tear or wipe away, for some reason it just disappears. I absolutely love the look of lining the upper and lower waterline! Any suggestions?

when you have applied your liner, gently fixate it with some eyeshadow in the same color as the liner. This will make it last longer.

I hope this will work for you!

Great suggestion Ann! :) I’ve had pretty good luck lately with the MAC chromagraphic pencil (I still love my Urban Decay ones, but they are so creamy that they can slide after awhile), but Ann’s suggestion works too- just try and see :)

I love love this look Marlena! So crazy and perfect for Halloween! You always have such great fun ideas! :D If I try it I’ll go for a shimmery green instead of the orange for a more of a ‘witchy’ look.. :)

I want your top! Can you please do outfit of the days and hair tutorials! Start including where you get your clothes in the description box! Lol.

hey there, would you mind to upload it to viddler? It’s not working due to music copyright issues – german copyright law is a mess :-(

This is just AWESOME, Marlena, I totally love the look! I can’t wait to get up to my eyeballs (Ha ha) in makeup to recreate the look. AMAZING :) I would love love love to know how your hair was done in thie video. It looks so pretty, and would work for so many looks. If you and your team have a chance, I’d love to see a how-to vid! Thank you again for inspiring my inner MakeUp Geek :)

Fun! Fun! Fun! I love it so much!!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love this look so cute! Thanks Marlena!

I love the way you do your makeup! Thank you for taking the time and showing people like me how we can have that amazing look!

this is just awesome! i loved this and cant wait to do this for holloween! i might even play around with it like the other girl said, using different colors and what not. wonderful as always!

I’ve only recently started using makeup, and this website has helped tremendously! I have a VERY round face and contouring it, I hope, would help thin it some, so I’d love to try bronzer. However, I’m very fair with red undertones (esp. on the nose and cheeks), so I’m afraid that bronzer would look unnatural on me. Is there a brand/shade that you would recommend for people like me who are definitely not tan?

You could even go with a pressed powder that is 2 shades darker- or MAC has a blush called “Equilibrium” right now. I think that may work… If you have a counter, try it first before buying. But you just want something 2 shades darker (too light and it won’t show up, too dark and you’ll look like you have a beard ;) )

Just and FYI for anyone that is interested. I am a makeup artist for MAC and Refined Golden bronzer is not discontinued. It is part of the permanent line. The packaging in this video was from a previous collection but the bronzer its self is not discontinued. $23.00 anywhere MAC is sold. :-)

This is great idea! Basically you can put any bright color instead of orange :-) And it seems so easy when you do it, but I think I will need much more practice Nice ring!


— I heard that anyone can shop in MAC pro stores, BUT I live nowhere near one, adn I know I can’t order online…any advice??
I’m dying to get my hands on the cromeOgrapic pencils- especially in blackblack!


go to and look for a store in your area- you can call and place an order by phone. here’s the cities I know for sure have a pro store:

-Las Vegas
-San Francisco

Love the sexy and beautiful halloween look!
Any chance you could do a video doing Kim K’s wedding look using inexpensive products and if someone can’t pull off her warm, bronzy look, the alternative colors to that?

Thanks…love ALL

Hello Marlena,

Can you tell me more about the MUG brushes please. What are they made of and have you design them yourself? I have look thru your store but couldn’t find any information, thank you.

Hi Dabjana!

Most of the MUG brushes are synthetic- I have not designed these ones specifically, but have picked out each one based on how good I think they are. My favorite ones we sell are the Deluxe Outer V, Deluxe foundation stippling, blush brush, and the stiff dome brush :) OH, and the new crease brush- this one works great for blending in the crease!

I have been visiting your site for over a year now and I have enjoyed all of your tutorials. Thank you for making makeup easy and fun. i have learned so much from you. I have done a few faces since my makeup kit has grown and i have been sharing your web site and great tips. I am having a problem though and hope you can give me some idea of how to improve. I am Italian with olive skin and have no problem when doing makeup for women who are in the same skin color range as I am, but I have many friends and relatives who are ranges of colors from pale to dark brown. And I have practiced on all colors but when it comes to darker skin I am clueless to what colors are best to use, Alot of time the smokey eye is just too dark and the highlight under the brow looks to powdery. I would love to see you make a tutorial for dark skin using a model because i love to share your web site with all my friends and this would help them as well and me. I am working on a portfolio and I am just not satisfied with my work in that area. Please help when you get the chance. I would even love to hear of another web site that is comparable to yours for lovely dark skin women. Thanks again. Excited to hear back from you.

Thank you SO much for such a sweet comment!! I am working now with models since we had our model audition- they should go live first of the year (the end of this year is trying to do holiday looks…)

With darker skin, think more golds than beiges or nudes. A pale golden color works great under the brow, and gold shimmer is a good cheek highlighter (with pale skin, more champagne colors work better) Depending on how dark the skin, go richer and brighter with the colors- it pops beautifully against the skin. A dark purple smoky eye looks amazing on dark skin, with just a touch of gold to highlight. Hope that helps for now!

Thank you very much I am excited to try again. The black women I know love makeup they just aren’t sure what to apply to get their best look. I am excited for the upcoming year because i will surely share all I learn. Thanks again you are gifted!smile

Hey Marlena
Luckily I am getting a chance to dress up this Halloween and absolutely loved the video. My outfit is black and red, do you think I could swap the orange for red pigment, or do you think it would be much. I am on Asian Indian decent and have fair to medium skin? Was thinking of teaming it up with nude lips!! Your advice would be so grateful

Hey! I have the sephora block buster palette that broke in half.. So I can’t fold it up and take it on the go anymore I recently found this website and discovered that you can depot eye shadows and use a z palette. So I want to take my makeup out of my sephora case and put it in a z palette BUT I’m having a really difficult time depoting it. I’ve only tried 2 so far and both have resulted in broken eye shadow. I know it can come out because when my case broke in half one of the eye shadows popped out. I don’t think I can use a flat iron because the plastic is very thick. What should I do???

So sorry to ask for a mirror again, please let me know if it upsets you in a way.
The pictures look fantastic :)

hi Marlena, just wondering what nail varnish r u wearing in this video? i’m living in ireland so we don’t have some of your brands, so do u no of any nail varnishes that do this color? THANKS <3 i'm a big fan of your videos as well. keep them commin!

This is so cool!!!! My alma mater’s colors are black and orange; and this look was an absolute HIT at the homecoming/alumni night football game!!!!! Love your tutorials!