Prom Makeup Tips & Tutorial

Prom season is here!  You’ve found the perfect dress and hairstyle. You even bought those killer heels you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Everything is ready except your makeup.  And with so many different looks to choose from it’s important to test them and see which one you like best. While getting ready for prom can be a bit overwhelming, it can also be a lot of fun.  Not sure where to start? Here are some pointers to get you going in the right direction.


Let’s start with the basics, your skin.  It’s important to make sure your skin is in the best shape it can be for your big night.  This means hydrating your skin from the inside and out.  Drink plenty of water!  This will also help with breakouts before the big night. Also, make sure you use a good moisturizer to keep you skin from drying out.

Not all foundations are created equal and they won’t provide you with the coverage you need to really even out your skin for pictures. If you have one that you love and works well then stick with it. You don’t want to be trying one for the first time the night of the prom.

If you haven’t found one yet that gives you the coverage you want now is the time to try different ones.  Check out “The Best: Top 10 Foundations” for a list of great foundations, the finish and their price. You also want to make sure it perfectly matches you skin tone, don’t go a shade lighter or darker.

You can do this by visiting your ULTA or Sephora store and asking them to color match you.  On  clean skin, apply a swatch of the color down the chin line and onto the neck to make sure it will blend seamlessly.  If you are at a drug store and can’t open the product, hold the bottle up to your chin for a good idea of the color.

Decide On the Look You Want To Achieve

Are you all about the drama?  Than an intense smokey eye will be the look you want to go for.  Start with a universally flattering shade, our suggestion would be Makeup Geek Wisteria or any soft, matte purple. A pale purple will match any eye or dress color.

Step 1: Start by sweeping Makeup Geek Wisteria across the outer 2/3 of your lid with the flat shader brush. We’ll go in later to fill in the empty 1/3 you left blank.

Step 2: Time to amp it up a bit! Grab an Outer V Brush and fill in the outer 1/3 of your lid with any matte black. If you are opting for a simpler look then use a deeper shade of your lid color for the outer v and crease. Be sure to pull the color into your crease a bit for some definition. Play with the shape for a cat eye look, or keep it close to the lash line to fake thicker lashes. Once you’ve decided on a shape, blend out any harsh lines with a soft dome brush.

Step 3: Use a soft color such as Makeup Geek Unexpected to or any soft matte shade to blend out any harsh lines from your black.  Remember, you want this to be a soft transition, a gradient effect going from one shade to the other.

Step 4: Tap your MUG Pointed Crease Brush into Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma or any highlighting color and place it in your inner corner. This will catch the light and open up your eyes.

Step 5: With such a strong look, don’t forget your highlight shade.  Choose a color close to your skin tone and use directly under the brow to feather out any harsh lines left from your previous color.

Step 6: Add eyeliner to shape your eye if you want.

Step 7: Finally add mascara, and false lashes if you want some extra drama to the look. Don’t over-do it though.

You can also check out Marlena’s “Classic Black Smokey Eye” tutorial if you are going for a classic look.  But remember, not all smokey eyes have to be black. Maybe a fun look is what you’re looking for? Colorful smokey eyes are in right now.  Play around and see what you like best.  Look at pictures of your favorite celebrities and get some ideas about how you want to look and feel on your big night. You can also check out the tutorials and the idea gallery here on Makeup Geek to find a look that is perfect for you.

Do you appreciate natural beauty? Then stick with a nude palette on the eyes and a nude lipstick. You could even add some gold to the eyelid to not only make your eyes pop, but to keep them simple but add color. One way to look glamorous is to bring out that old Hollywood style. You can keep your eyes simple with just two or three shades of a neutral color and play up your lips with a rocking red.  Don’t let red lips intimidate you, if you are uncertain about how to pull off a perfect red lip then check out the “How to Rock Red Lips” tutorial.  This look is stunning with that perfect white dress.

For the rest of the face, we suggest:

  • A neutral, everyday blush color like MAC’s Tenderling or a soft peach or pink color applied to the back of your check bones to add that hint of color to your cheeks.
  • A no fuss lip product is best so try a lip stain. The stain + balm is perfect to stash in your handbag for quick touch ups.  But remember, if you choose to do smokey eyes keep the lips simple. You want to play up one feature and not over do it.  If you do decide to try your hand at red lips, then let the focus fall on them and keep your eyes a soft wash of color.

Prom is a special day in any teenager’s life.  It’s the last big social event before graduation! And who doesn’t want to end their senior year looking fabulous? The pictures will likely stay with you for the rest of your life. So you’re make-up needs to be photo ready! Prom is the perfect chance to make lasting memories with friends- so have fun!

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Posted in Beginner Looks on (last modified: May 26, 2012)