Red Hot Valentine’s Day Look w/ Makeup Geek Shadows

Youtube Video Link | Petja’s Youtube Channel

Hi MUGs!   We’ve been doing a slow roll-out of our new user-submitted Idea Gallery system and we’ve had a lot of great looks submitted (you can submit your own looks here).  One look that we recently posted on the Makeup Geek Facebook page received a lot of great feedback.    Lots of people were asking for a tutorial for this look, so we contacted he makeup artist, Petja, and she was nice enough to let us post the video she created for this look.  We hope you enjoy it!


  • Sleek Makeup Blush – Scandalous
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – 52 (eBay)
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (Amazon) (eBay)
  • Chanel Loose Powder



  • NYX Megashine Lipgloss – Juicy Red (Amazon) (eBay)
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CEO of Makeup Geek and Makeup Educator


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Absolutely GORGEOUS !!!
Petja you are SO freakingly talented!
Well done!!!
I would ike to see more makeovers with the MUG eyeshadows!
Don’t be shy Marlena show us!

So dramatic and stunning!!
I love it especially with your amazing blue eyes!!!
I love the MUG eyeshadows, cant wait for mine to get to me (:

I ‘ m so excited because i already have Razzleberry and Bada Bing. Also, Chickadee is on its way so i can’t wait to try this look on me. Marlena, I agree that you should do more tutorials using MUG eyeshadows. We, Make Up Geeks, can’t get enough of them. You changed my opinion about using e/s in everyday makeup!! xox

Hi Marlena
Can you do a tutorial/article on choosing the right nude lipstick, like the one you did for top 5 red lipsticks.
I love nude lipsticks but I don’t know which one I can pull off with my skin tone.

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I never used a PaintPot for my eyebrows before but have tried it this morning. Looks perfect with Quite Natural. Thanks for the input.

Lovely!!! I am very curious to know how well mug eyeshadows work with sensitive eyes if anyone could give me feed back that would be awesome. Even the pigments are wonderful I could still use them on other people but I would like to be able to use them as well.

maybe just from one point of view … my eyes are pretty sensitive and I can’t wear certain eywshadows and mascaras … I didn’t have any reaction from these eyeshadows so far … hope it helps a little :)

Tres jolie, Petya. The eyes were really incredible but truthfully, I really enjoyed the eye and face concealer application. Not always done in the world of tuts. One question: what ever happened with Bourjois, USA? The website brings up nothing, it was discontinued @ Ulta, and googling it doesn’t give any business information. It was always one of my favorite midrange price lines: good lipsticks and unusual, fun, colored mascaras, especially. I was sad to see their US demise. Let’s hope it’s a regroup! I miss them. Thank you for a lovely guest video. Great mise-en-face (hah!) of some of Marlena’s excellent shades.

Ok, absolutely beautiful! I will probably look like someone who just chucked the shadows onto my eyes, but I’ll give it ago lol

i love this look! its so different and creative! i will definitely be trying this! and you have beautiful hair, you should post more videos (:

I love that look it’s wonderful and yes it could really be for valentine , I don’t know what to say it’s just so wonderful , and I’ll definitely be trying this out, and I really love your hair ;) =]

gorgeous! i could watch tutorials all day long… in the morning when i get ready for work the thing that makes me wanna get up is thinking how am i going to do my make up today lol
this is one is next!

Love love love this look!!! It looks fan bloody tastic :) hahah. I’m pretty sad that I can’t pull of this look only because I have dark skin so I’m not too shaw on how well the colour of the eye shadow would show up on my skin colour. But it’s deffinatly a look that I would do on my friends for when they want to go out somewhere special. Sadly I’ve still got 2 years left of senior school so I can’t wear much makeuo because of the rules :( But on weekends I always bring out the makeup and my Bobbi Brown brush set and try different looks for each day. I can’t wait for the holidays so I can try out all these different looks from makeup geek and also experiment with other looks aswell :)

Petja you’r such a georgiouse person and I can’t wait to see what looks you come up with next!!! … And also I love your acent!!! Haahaha :D

LOVE this. I have bright red hair and love to wear dramatic eye makeup. This is a look I plan on trying

OMG! I can’t get over how gorgeous Petja’s eyes are!!! And another thing Petja is like the most unique and beautiful names I have ever heard, and my is Greer which, as you might be able to tell, isn’t a very common name! :P