Avengers-Inspired Makeup Looks!

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Wow. This is just on a whole other level from where I am. Hats off to you! I love them all but I’m going to be different and say Hawkeye is probably my favorite on a wearability scale but the Thor is my favorite overall but the Hulk one is awesome too.. Ack! Good job!!

There isn’t one bad one, hard to pick my favorite. I would totally wear these out somewhere! I’m stuck between The Hulk, Nick Fury and Thor!

wow! you are amazing!!! you are extremely talented :D i can’t decide which one is my fave they are all so good!!! and you made me even more excited to see the movie on top of it!

OMG this are just fantastic. really creative. I’m going to see the movie tomorrow. I hope it’s good. I’m actually tempted to do my own version of one of these looks when I go out but then I would just look crazy :P

Jangsara you are so incredibly talented!!! These looks are AMAZING!! I’m struggling to pick a favourite!! They are bold but still very wearable for a party or event. Love your work :D

Jangsara, you are truly an artist! I just adore your talent and creativity. It was also fun trying to guess which Avenger you took inspiration from in the 3-panel preview image. In case you don’t hear it enough – Excellent job!

Love the Avengers well esp Hulk. Love the Hulk. Jangsara is so talented luv these inspired looks. How awesome:)

These all look amazing, but I will have to go with my favorite Loki, I always like the bad guys :)

WOW!!!!!!! They are all awsome, but Thor especially, so complex with so much going on and still everything in it has it’s purpose and the different parts just become one and absolutely PERFECT! Almost makes me want to do editorial work :D Your best job ever I think! Go Jangsara! :)

my boyfriend hardly pays any attention to me anymore yet of course wants to go see scarlett johansson parade around in leather and be the token sex object…. yes these are creative but i’m having a miserable day and did not need a reminder.. :'(