Adele Makeup

Adele burst onto the music scene with dramatic impact. Not only with her amazing and spellbinding music, but her signature makeup that has left enthusiast everywhere recreating her trademark look. Since Adele’s look revolves around dramatic eyelashes and bold winged out liner, I decided to put together a tutorial to show you the easiest way to transform yourself and get the same timeless and classic look. This is ideal for those of you who want to add just a touch of glamour to your appearance.

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I hope you all have a wonderful week, Makeup Geeks!  I had a lot of fun taping (and playing) this for you :)
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they look soo good! would u recommend them? i know seeing a pic is different, but can you tell that they r fake from up close?

What was the black liner pencil you used in the beginning of the tutorial? I don’t see it listed?

The pencil she used to do the upper waterline and upper lash line before putting the shadow on. She was not using liquid liner at the very beginning…

I remember you mentioning you could play the piano in your house tour, so I was faithfully waiting for you to record yourself playing. Truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a lovely talent, m’dear.

Nice one Marlena!! These simple tutorials are helpful for us gals who like to wear a fun look at work but can’t overdo it either.

Nice touch with the piano as well!!


i hate to say it but i don’t like this look at all..i mean,i LOVE marlena and i definitely think she is a beautiful person but in my personal opinion she looks ill with this look..i don’t think the lips look right;even though i know she did it because she was copying Adele’s look exactly like she wears it..i just think it isn’t the most flattering on her.but,i still appreciate the tips and you marlena!

I agree- I would have liked a pink lip with this look, but I was trying to replicate as closely to Adeles :) A nice pink lipgloss would have been NYX’s Tea Rose

Ok so now you’re not only beautiful, super sweet, and a ridiculously talented makeup artist, but you play piano too!!! Damn girl….you are a truly amazing woman with so much to offer! I hope you appreciate yourself….I sure appreciate what you show of yourself! Thanks for everything Marlena!

it’s not easy! I would have cut them down for the vid, but they’re gel tips so it’s impossible unless I pull out a Drimel sander- haha

hehe don’t do that… leave it as it is, you seem to be managing just fine with the nails. You’re gorgeous, keep up the fantastic vid’s I am addicted!!! :)

I LOVE this. I am a huge Adele fan and a huge makeup geek but I never thought of trying out her look. Thanks so much for the idea. I’m wearing this to work tomorrow!

Hi Marlena! FIrst I’d like to say i love your website :-). Secondly I like all your tutorials. Lastly I’m hoping you could help me out a bit… I always have the poblem of my eyeliner smearing, which makes me look like i have really bad dark circles. What can i do to stop this? Please Help

Have you tried setting it with a powder eye shadow of the same color? Pat it on top before you do your facial makeup (besides any eye concealer). When you do this the powder from the shadow (and then the foundation) is helping to set it into place! Hope this helps!

Love this naked look ! Adele’s makeup is very understated and beautiful <3 Thanks for the tutorial Marlena ! Keep it up !


P.S.In my opinion I think colored lips suit Marlena more than naked ones ;P oh well, i guess naked lips looks better on some people.

Hey marlena how r u ? U look so gorgeous but in this look this lips shade doesn’t suits u…plz dont try this shade again………byee

Sweetheart, is like you read my mind. I’ve been wanting to ask you to do an Adele look but was afraid of sounding pushy, I know you guys must have a lot of work, but THANKS. Another thing that I like about your tutorials is that you encourage us to adapt each look to a our skin tone and daily lifestyle. It’s good to know that we can make any look our own. Take care.

Hi,Marlena.I like Bobbi Brown Corrector but I don’t know how to choose the right color.I’m MAC NW 20/22.Can you help me help,please?THANK YOU FOR YOUR TUTORIALS.

I cannot tell you enough how much I appriciate this. Adele is my idol. And you did a lovely job with that piece of hers. Thank you so much, Marlena.

<3 Rosalind

I loooooove this look! I would put a little color on my lips too, but other than that I would wear this look all the time!!!

Love love love it! I will have to make some adjustments as I am brown but I get the gist. Thank you for doing this! One of my fave tutorials!

I hate to wear makeup it makes my face look weird plusi just can’t
Ever find the right tone or brand! But the most important thing is!!!
My skin eats all type of watever makeup, eyeliner, eyeshadows et .
What can i doooo!!! :( i sweat supper easy even if dont move!! So this will really help thanks a bunch hope to hear from u!!! ;)

Sorry about your problem, Arleth. Even though I’m not a makeup expert, I do work with doctors and it seems to me that you might have to go to a dermatologist first to know if you have any actual condition in your skin and if there is any product you can use to regulate it. After that you may want to consult with someone who really knows about different types of makeup like the people who work in Sephora. Hope you find a solution because wearing makeup is a lot of fun, but most of all is about feeling good in your own skin.

Oil Mattifier is a must if you get super oily, but also using mineral foundations instead of liquid ones- the powder seems to stay on a bit better (liquid can tend to slide esp in heat)

Also, I agree with Annie- see a Dermatologist to see why you’re getting sweaty- it may be a hormonal imbalance (i’ve had that problem)

What’s the name of the song you play on the piano at the beginning???? Lovely tutorial by the way!!

LUUUUV ADELE!!!!!!!! Can you do a look like in her video “Live” from her home – where she has a darker smokier eye? Seems like “someone like you” had a darker eye?

You play the Piano! That is my Favorite Adele song! “Someone Like You” Check it out ladies! I am wearing this look to work tonight! Marlena, You never stop inspiring me! From publishing your weight -loss journey, to wearable beautiful looks and inspiring words Thank-you!

I just lightened my hair and was looking for a new natural look to try. this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

I love Adelle and her looks, so thankf for this video! I especially liked you playing the piano! Had no idea you did this! I loved your song :)

Beautiful Marlena! You are our multi-talented she-ro! Loved your piano playing. I always enjoy your tutorials and have learned so much from you! Thank you for your smile, your talent, and your love of teaching each of us how to be beautiful. I cannot thank you enough! Much love, Dianne

Really nice! Ive been hoping you would do a music icons series and it seems you are, very nice. Any chnace of some more music artists?
Also does anyone have any tips for blending foundation on and around the nose? I find this the hardest to do as it always seperates. I dont have oily skin and I exfoliate regularly. Its so annoying.

What music artists would you like to see? :)

Also, use a thicker concealer for the nose- it stays on a bit better than foundation. I really like the MAC studio finish one- it’s thick but not cakey…

OMG there are so many but, Katy Perry at the 2011 MTV music awards nominations looked so beautiful in her purple dress, Very sophisticated! A wearable Lady Gaga look would be cool. Also Miley Cyrus, Niki Minaj and maybe clare maguire? Sorry thats loads I got a bit carried away. Any you think of Im sure would be great.
Thanks for advice on the concealer. Ive tried benefits boing but I think its a bit cakey so I def try Mac.

I love this look. I recently got invited to a “dress as a celebrity party” with a bunch of girls I used to work with (when I worked as a MUA at Mac.) and wanted to be Adele! So happy this came out right when I needed it. I can’t believe it.. Your beautiful, a great MUA, and you play the piano?!?! Damn girl, can we switch lives?!?!? Love you marlena!

Hi Marlena, I’m new to your website. Can you provide some alternative shadows for someone who is the complexion of Queen Latifah? and Whether you can get away w/ using regular mascara if you have a fear of the falsies?

I’ve never worn false lashes before and I think that the look would be fine without them because they don’t make such a big impact… And I wouldn’t do the white eyeliner because it might look too stark… And I also think that the pale shadows would look fine.. but maybe you can try using colors that are slightly darker than the ones she used if your uncomfortable with the pale colors, Just in my 12 year old opinion ;)

I have been in ‘LOVE’ with this look forever, but never knew how to pull it off, thanx so much for the great tips and your piano playing is lovely : )

Seriously Marlna; Is there anything you can’t do? You are are so beautiful you make me cry. I really want to start my own youtube make up tuts, but I know they will pale in comparision to yours. I guess I’ll have to practice a little more ;)

Imagine if JK Rowling had said “I’d love to write fantasy fiction, but they’ll pale in comparison to JRR Tolkien or CS Lewis.”

The fact that you’d “love” to start your own youtube tutorials says to me that you are passionate. Never let doubts/fears get in the way of your passions.

I bet you’d have a different/fun angle all your own to teaching makeup that would build your own fan base.

I love Marlena’s site/videos, but I do also watch other youtube makeup vids. Fun to get another perspective from time to time.

go get ’em, Elvira! :)

She was probably using L’Oreal Volminous Carbon Black mascara because I know that’s her favorite. She also really likes the Tarte “Lights, Camera, Lashes” mascara but the wand didn’t look like the Tarte wand.

Your piano playing gave me chills, Marlena!! It was beautiful :) I like this look, Adele is incredible!!! I definitely think it looks better with the green contacts :) I play the guitar, so I got really excited to watch this tutorial lol

Since autumn is approaching, I was wondering if you were planning on creating any looks for my all-time FAVORITE season of the year?? I just love the bright reds, deep golds, and vibrant oranges and yellows. I recently got a new pallet with some gorgeous shades of copper and need some inspiration :) LOVE your work, girl, keep it comin!!!

OH and one more thing, I wanted to see if maybe you’d be interested in doing a string of tutorials about how to match your makeup with your clothes without breaking the matchy-matchy rule. I love to wear all types of colors and patterns and shapes, I really love clothes and getting creative with accessories, but even though I follow the color wheel rule, I still get stumped sometimes :) need your expertise!! :)

Hi Marlena! I just want to thank you for all of your wonderful videos! I am completely addicted. I was never interested in doing my make-up until watching them. You have helped me so much to feel beautiful and confident. I look forward to many more. Thanks again!
By the way, this look is beautiful!

you are absolutely amazing!! your videos have helped me so much and I thank you. your beautiful, i love your smile, your laugh and just the energy you give off in every video; never let anyone else tell you otherwise :D I hope your truly happy :)
Thank you again!!

Hi Marlena, I really loove this video, it´s soo beautiful especially the intro with you playing the piano, wow!! I was also waiting for you to start singing ;))
Are you doing your gel nails yourself? They really look great, inspiration for me because I want to do my gel nails tomorrow! And I love your earrings they´re so nice!!!

Greetings from one of your german fans =)

THAT WAS SO NICE!! I mean, the look was very clean, and I love that genre, but the video was such a huge surprise, a midsummer treat. Bless your heart, Marlena and thanx for sharing another talent.

Marlena, do you think that you could do the Taylor Swift blue eye shadow look from your “How To Pull Off Blue Eyeshadow” ?

i have seen all your videos and i LOVE them all!!! i swear to GOD because of you i know how to do my makeup!! you have touched my life in so many ways that you couldn’t imagen!!! thank you Marlena!!! N a very special Thanks to GOD because he made you!!!
*p.s. what’s the name of the artis and song your playing on the piano? i would love to downloaded if possible? thank you again!!!

love adeles make up very casual your very talented Marlena i really look up to u can pull out anything to dramatic to casual,natural….
can u plz do nicki minaj’s make up

what about your hairstyle
I just love this hair style
can u show me, how did u do this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I want to just leave a mensage to u.
I love ur work. Loking into ur videos makes me learn so much and belive me, before u i couldnt put a eyeliner cause it would destroi my make u, today i can do a perfect Amy Winehouse eyeline.
But still there is a luck that i love and that u didnt spoked our used
that is the smokey eye trio set of brourjois caled blue rock it no.07.
I want to say that im aa piano playor too and that u look perfect in that look. Just gorjous.
Congrats to your work.
Kiss kiss

Hello Marlena!
I really love this look ^^ Your fench nail art is so cute ;)
Kiss from France xxx

I started watching your tutorials on YouTube & I fell in love! You are so talented that I thank you for taking the time to teach all of us make-up geeks! :) I’ve been trying all your looks out but I’m a little scared with this one. I don’t know how’s it going to look on my medium toned skin any tips? Thanks once again and keep up the great work! Btw u r a beautiful human being inside & out u always sound very sincere in every tutorial. <3 ya Marlena!

She applied MAC’s brulee eyeshadow something close to her skin tone so if ur gonna do this look apply an eyeshadow close to ur skin tone

Thanks Rocio, I love makeup and have been watching tutorials so I can switch up my look…..and I’m having soo much fun. I have to admit that I had such a hard time applying false eyelashes but finally conquered it….YAY ME!!! LOL

Lol ur welcome! I haven’t tried that yet I’m kinda scared I’ll put them on wrong because I once tried doing it for a friend on Halloween & we just couldn’t get them on haha but anyway I’ll try one of these day to see if my husband notices the difference :)
I love make-up as well I’ve been doing it since I turned 15 & I’m 24 so it’s been quite some time :D although these tutorials have given me new ideas & have only made better ^_^

I love Adele and this look!:) I had one question though, what color is your hair? I love it so much! It reminds me a lot of my natural color but the red is a lot brighter. I haven’t been able to find a color like that to dye mine with and I’ve been looking for a while now.