78 Palette: Angelina Jolie


  • Makeup Forever Camouflage Palette (Sephora) (eBay)
  • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
  • Makeup Forever HD Powder (Sephora) (eBay)
  • NARS Blush in “Orgasm” (Sephora) (eBay)
  • MAC Blush in “Emote” (eBay)
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in “gold” (eBay)



  • NYX Iris Lipstick  (MG Store)
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss in “Amber” (Sephora)  (eBay)




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it´s a really beautiful look and it´s so simple thans Marlena and I can´t wait to see the new stuff coming up on your website

I love love love this look. I have an issue though with eyeliner. Throughout the day i reapply and its always ending up in the outer corners and inner corners of my eyes. Is there a way to avoid that?
Thank You

Oh my god thank you so much Marlena for sharing this! I’ve been waiting for this one! I’m so thrilled! ;D

Hi Marlena thank you sooo much for doing that look… Its so pretty… love your work, you are such an inspiration…


the amazing thing is the difference between the unmade eye and the finished one. it’s a subtle look but really brings out the eyes!

thanks so much for doing the look. great daytime office/glamour/subtle look!

love the nails, btw.


hello! I’ve seen all of your tutorials and I must say that you really are talented ! You also seem like a very nice and kind person – those qualities are not an easy thing to find these days. So keep up the good work ! Can’t wait for the next video. Have a nice day :)

Hello! I think that you are fantastic, I love your looks and how you make them easier for us, your tutorials are really helpful, thank you very much, have a nice year!!

You are so wonderful & gorgeous!!!! I fell upon your site by accident & Im hooked!!! Thank you for all of your tips, i thought at my age, 41…YUCK!, that i knew all i needed to know about makeup applications, WRONG!!! Again keep up the wonderful work!!! Laurie, Michigan

Can you do this cat eye effect on an almond shape eye? my eyes are small and almond shape and I really love this look
Thanks and Blessings on this new year to you and your family

I always thought that Angelina Jolie was gorgeous… but your look is even prettier than her’s here! Great job!

I really love that look. I will definitely do it and the cool thing is that I got everithing to do it. YEAH!!!
Thanks Marlena for another great look!!

Im new to makeup geek n marlena I LOVE YOUR TUTORIALs im 16 and your my favorite person to learn from i wanted to ask if the brushes from brush111.com real mac brushes i dnt wanna buy rip offs but wanna by them for a better price. well THANK YOU alot n cant wait to see more videos

I have the same problem as Staci. My eyes get oily throughout the day and my eyeliner slides under my eyes (even with shadow on top of the liner) and runs into the inner & outer corners of my eyes. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi Marlena name Is Melinda I am so glad to have found your site I acctually been looking at your tutorials for the past month,I love the way you explain everything,Your Gorgeous inside and out :-) I can’t wait to see MoRe Of You,Thank’s For Taking Your Time To teach and explain, We Really Love And appreciate txs xoxo Mel

Fantastic, as usual! Your eyes are already beautiful; however, this looks changes their shape and highlights them even more. Keep them coming. You are fabulous!!!

I love your tutorials!
Can you reproduce the makeup used by the girls from “lipstick jungle” series?
I’d love to learn how to make that…


Hi! I have just discovered your website, and I want to tell you I absolutely love your work, you are an artist, and thank you for making it look so easy for us; I’ll try and do it.
Keep doing this, because it’s great.

Thank you from Spain:)

I saw this through a makeupalley link, and I just wanted to say you are really, really gorgeous. That look is amazing on you. Your skin looks dewy and glowy. I’d love to try that look but I’m not confident enough to wear minimalistic makeup! But I’m can tell you still look like “you”, just amped up.

Very pretty. I want to do the entire look including the hair. I need a hair add piece. I do not want to just buy one from the middle of the mall? Where can I get one that could be dyed to match my hair and look very real? Kathryn


i want to do the total look including the hair. I need a small hair piece. Not the kind from the middle of the mall but one that I can have that looks real and would match or I could have dyed. Where could I get one? Kathryn

You do a great job with the tutorials!! If you have time, could you do a tutorial on bridal makeup or how to apply your own makeup on your wedding day that looks good in your photos.

Hi Marlena!! Greetings from Quito , Ecuador . I love your website, you´re really talented and fun!! I have your videos in my ipod and I always check them out when I´m getting ready for going out. I also do my mum´s makeup and this look was great on her! I would like to request a “day to night look” or “from work to party” look and also do a review on things you should carry in your purse for retouching your makeup on the run. Thanks!!

Thank you thank you thank you for this look!!!! It’s very beautiful and easy to do. I think that yours is more nice than Angelina’s.

I can never do that cat eye look with the eyeliner. Do your eyes have to be shaped a certain way? How can I get the top and bottom to connect and make it look good?

I love this look!!!! Have you ever tried the eyeshadow brand ***Flirt*** from Kohls … What do you think

Thanks for this look, I really like it. I love the way you show us how to do it, you are funny and very natural, and everything is clear. I am one of those busy mums you’ve talked about and I don’t take much time for me, today (I’m at home having a cold) I’ve decide I’ll do something nice for myself and try this make up. You cheered me up! Thank you!

Hi yeah i luurrvv this one the thing is theres 1 problem for me i ccaaanttt put eyeliner on the bottom i find doing it on the top really easy but i am to squeamish to do it on the bottom and all the looks u have to put it on the bottom any tips people

You have a wonderful talent and have enjoyed watching your tutorials. I happen to be a MAC product fanatic and wondered if you could suggest and comparable MAC eyeshadows to use in place of the Coastal Scents palette.
Thank You.

had a question about whether purchasing a 88 palette would be worth is vs purchasing a whole bunch of mac eye shadows. i go thru phases when i wear make up often then i don’t for like 6 months. so i guess i was wondering of the 88 palette was worth it cuz it’s cheaper. or perhaps the bare escentuals shadows because since they are minerals that they by chance wouldn’t go bad? it’s more expensive than the palette but if they didnt expire it might be worth it to me.

been watching your vids on you tube and love it


I always get so much eye shadow that falls down and makes my concealer look dirty, making my dark circles worse. I use a base and try to pat the color on before i blend :( what am i doing wrong? lol

hi Marlena i would love it if u would show how to put false lashes on, i always have a hard time pleeeeeeeease.

thank you for sharing this look with the rest of us! i love this look and can’t wait to try it out myself, and the penelope cruz ones :) classic! xx