5 Easy Hairstyles To Get You Out The Door

Regardless of whether you are heading to school, or a day at the office, we all have those mornings where we are rushing out the door or have days when we just don’t want to spend a lot of time curling and styling our hair. On those days we need an arsenal of quick and easy looks that will take us through the day while still looking amazing. Below we are going to give you some great looks to incorporate into your wardrobe and are versatile enough for any occasion.

The Twist and Pin

Start off this look with using an anti frizz spray, such as, It’s a 10! (Amazon) (eBay) After misting this all over your hair, start taking random sections of your hair, twist them, and then pin them out of the way. Repeat until you get the desired look!


The Fake Blow-Dry 

After prepping your hair with a heat protectant quickly  blow dry your hair so that your hair is only a little damp. Then, wrap your hair into a bun and secure it down with one or two bobby pins. While on your way to school or work, leave it in, then once you’ve arrived, take out the bun and shake your hair out. This will give you a blow-dried look with minimal effort. The higher the bun, the more volume your hair will have, the lower the bun, the less.


The Headband

This is an under-rated product. A headband is the perfect tool to save yourself in a hair disaster. Just throw a head band on, and the rest of your hair into a bun, ponytail, or braid. For a fancier look, try a jeweled or beaded head band.

The Messy Side Braid

Some people say they aren’t good at braiding, so the messy side braid is perfect. Throw your hair to the side, take three sections and start braiding! It doesn’t have to look perfect! After you’ve thrown a ponytail to fasten the braid together, pull random section of the braid to loosen it and give it a messier effect.

The Concealed Ponytail

Tame all your hair in a low side ponytail by using some pomade or styling product of your choice. Once your hair is secured into a low side ponytail, take an outside section of the hair and wrap it around the ponytail holder, securing it with one bobby pin underneath.

These looks are great for when you are short on time or want a quick hairstyle that still looks amazing. Each hair style should take you no more than 5 minutes to do, but will still give your overall look a polished and finished look. To make these styles even more elegant, try adding a small decorative headband, or use rhinestone bobby-pins to secure your hair. These will add elegant touched to take your look from day to night.


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I loved the headband idea – quick and easy and looks good too. i will try it at work.
its good for the lazy days (for me which is a Thursday or Friday, waiting for the week to end)

Me too! Even if I cross the Bobby pins in opposite directions. But I think its because I have way too much hear and it’s heavy:/

same boat, thinking about trying the Goddy Spin Pin for certain looks like buns that would normally require bobby pins. I’ve also found some bobby pins have a layer of silicon on the inside to prevent slipping/falling out. Just something to look for, it really makes a difference!

If you are opening up the bobby pins before you push them in you could be making them grab too much hair, thus sliding back out because they are basically in an open V position. If you have decent bobby pins, (I really like Goody’s Gripping ones) you shouldn’t have to open them with your teeth or fingers. Just slide ’em in. This method should not grab as much hair and stay in better. Note: You may have to use more if you have thicker hair.

This vid will be a life saver when I am rusing out the door to catch my bus to sschool thxs so much i love the blowdry stlye fast and easy

hi i love ur styling but my prob is i naturally have extremely straight and heavy hair .many ppl think i hve done rebounding or straightning so nothing really stays on my hair and they never give a messy look the way u have done .especially first hair style they wont stick into d bobby pin. can u suggest me somethg which i can do on my hair bec i am seriously bored with perfect straight look……….

Please see my comment to the questions above about bobby pins falling out. Have you tried taking small sections of your hair and teasing (also called back-combing) it? For super thick hair you should take smaller sections at a time to tease. Try to keep in mind since you are used to stick straight hair, teasing may seem too “messy” for you but probably will look good to others.

this is a joke, my hair would never look this good unless it’s properly blow dried or at least straightened…

Its hard to convince someone with super curly, unruly hair that their hair is gorgeous for messy styles… but could imagine that the messy braid would look good for that type of hair… if its long enough. Shorter hair (shoulder length or shorter) might not work for these styles. I would say picking the right styling product would help with possible frizz when creating these styles. Of course not every style works with every head of hair, but I would challenge you to experiment. You’d be surprised what ends up working and looking great.

Yeah, my hair is really curly underneath, I would have to blowdry it to a wavy texture just to even work these styles. But, if you have medium to long-length hair that is wavy or straight these styles would work for you.

Oh I love the headband, side braid and the twiss and pins.. perfect for the had hair day for me :’)

I love all of these! Thanks for the looks. I would love to see a tutorial on your makeup, its gorgeous!
– Jasmine :)

Thank you so much for all the hairstyling tips!! I always have such a hard time doing anything other than a stupid ponytail. I really like your side pony idea and I’m going to try it soon!!

All these ideas are great but my hair is shoulder lengthish so some of these i can’t pull off. Do you have any tips on how to make them work?

Okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these tutorials. They’re wonderful.. But…could you do any for shorter hair….? Mine is just above shoulder length, and it feels like I just have to wear it down every day until it finally grows out. Any suggestions? Help?

I Love these hair videos :D I would love it if you would do some for shorter hair! :D Because i don’t know what to do with it :(

My wavy hair is WAY too thick and long for any of these styles. Though I do put it in a side braid a lot, and then someone said it looked like a horses tail :/ oh well.

Hi, Tnx 4 the quick tips on daily hairstyles. But can u do party hairstyles for a change ? Lookin forward for the party hair dos. And u say voila way too much..lol..just saying :)

My two little girls (3 and 5 1/2) wanted to wear two different styles from this tutorial to school today. LOL! But they did look super cute going out the door :)

if Marlena is the Goddess of make up, you are the Goddess of hairstyles…you’re beautiful, amazing, and lovely… I love the site!!!

Looove them! But you can’t post such pictures without saying the name of the eye shadow you used! It is soo pretty and I think I need to go buy it. It almost looks like the new Chanel cream shadow. Sooo pretty!

Hey Paige!
I LOVE the videos! But I have shorter hair so i was wondering if you could do a video for that?
And what is that song! I love it and cant find it anywhere!
You’re the Goddess of Hairstyles! Xo!

I love the idea of your quick and easy hair-dos but the only fault i have with them is that they aren’t universal. I have medium-length hair with lots of layers and it is SO THICK bobby pins won’t hold in my hair, i might have to go out and buy one of those Godddy Spin Pins. Anyways, just wanted to say great video but i was a little disappointed that i can’t do any of them due to my layers and not enough length =[ (Besides the headband, obviously).

I’m from Germany and I cant’t watch the video. Could you please post it so that us germans can watch it>? I’m a huge fan.

Love this video! Especially in the morning when I hit the snooze button one too many times lol! THANKS A BUNCH!

OH! and for anyone wondering what song is playing during this video here it is!

Sirens & Sealions – Tumbleweed

Please give us a makeup tutorial on this! if not then just the products you used! loved this video by the way :)

yah dis bobby pin ding auint gnna wrk bobby pins dntt stuy in meh haur so yhu needah duw sumtin else daht i cun actuilly duw

Love the hair tute! I signed up for makeup geek emails and what a surprise to get one on hair!

Would love to know how to do hair like Phoebe off Friends with all the cool spikey fanned out bits.

Long straight hair, not much of it in the way of volume. Simple but quirky please : ) :) :)