Review & Swatches: Stila Travel Palettes

What is it?

A set of four award-winning Stila eyeshadows plus one Convertible Color in a chic, mirrored palette

They Describe it as:

  • Trendsetting in Tokyo-Whether you’re channeling a Harajuku girl or inspired by the elegance of a geisha, this collectible palette will help you add some pop to your everyday look. It has four trend-setting shades: Sake (beige with shimmer), Kawai (pink), Shibuya (blue), and Peace Sign (black). Also included are a Convertible Color in Sakura, a limited-edition shade, and a built-in mirror for touch-ups wherever you go.

  • Pretty in Paris-Whether you’re strolling through the Louvre or enjoying a crepe near Notre Dame, be sure to freshen up your look with Stila Cosmetics Girl Travel Palette. This lovely mixture of colors contains award-wining shadows and one convertible color for various alluring looks. The Paris-themed case opens to a generous mirror for creating looks on-the-go.

Overall Opinion:

These little palettes are a dream for anyone that travels a lot, or is always on the go.

I really liked the colors in the Trendsetting in Tokyo palette!  They were more fun to work with, where as the Pretty in Paris had a lot of  similar colors so that made for less diverse looks.  The eye shadows were fairly pigmented when applied with eye primer.  The cheek/lip  colors were both pretty, but I wouldn’t recommend the  rosebud color for anyone with fair skin. I think for the price you pay, it’s a good investment.


  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Yes
  • Price: $ 10

Where to buy:

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I actually got all five of mine from which offers free s&h. I love mine so much! All five are great

I had no idea that I could get makeup at Zappo’s. I thoughty they just sold shoes and some clothes. So, a HUGE thank you for writing on your review where you got yours. I just got mine off of Zappos. Thanks again.

oh that’s awesome, I order zappos one afternoon and my stuff is there the next day! will have to keep that in mind!

Hi Taryn,

Speaking of palettes…did you happen to see the new one by Too Faced…the Romantic Palette? Looks awesome!


I actually found these at JC Penney on clearance for $4.99! They also had some Stila lipgloss sets and Cargo items as well.

This sight has been very dissappointing latley. Hardly any new tuturorials/polls. Whats going on? I like the old makeupgeek bettter.

I’ve seen these in Urban Outfitters, and they’re adorable!
I’m just curious, why does everything lately seem to get a perfect 5 stars as an overall review? Is everything really that great?
That isn’t meant to be rude at all, and I’m sorry if it comes off that way, I’m just honestly curious! It’s just a little weird that there doesn’t seem to be much criticism of products.

Honestly, lately I have just been loving the products I review. I don’t know about anyone else that reviews, but that’s just how I feel. We try to keep negative critiques to a minimum, but I will definitely let you know if something

I loveee these palettes! I have them both, plus a few of the others. They are all amazing, and I especially love the convertible colors! <3

I tried one of these palettes (can’t remember which one!), but returned it immediately after using it. I found the eye shadows to be VERY chalky and hardly show any color when applied, even when I used with multiple bases (Shadow Insurance and when that didn’t work, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to amp it up). I was disappointed because they were cute, compact, and super affordable.

When I returned it, I assumed the quality would be the same for all of these palettes, but maybe some are better than others…..?

I have talked to other MUA’s about the palettes and I think it is just that, some are better than others. Which is weird because I haven’t come across that issue with any of their other shadows.

Thank you for including swatches… from the look of rosebud, I would have thought it was a lot lighter than how it appears in the swatch. Very helpful!

whats the convertible color for? lips and cheeks? love your stuff taryn :) keep doing what youre doing !!

Ive seen plenty of swatches for these and never have they looked
this good. Did you use a base? And how many layers did you pile
on to get such pigmentation?


I always use primer when I do swatches because then you get the best from it. I also used a Canon Rebel to take the photos in natural light and that also helps with the appearance of the colors. I also patted the shadows on the area instead of dusting or swiping.

Urban outfitters also sells the palette, including their own palette that Stila made for the store. Sometimes if you search stores Stila makes exclusive palettes. Ulta sold the Stila breast cancer awareness palette, and are now selling hollywood palettes that cost $25 dollars. So far I have 4/5 of the palettes and the one from Urban outfitters (they also sell it on the website). I really wanted to get the breast cancer palette but was only a limited time and sold out quick!

Trendsetting in Tokyo seems a bold combination, but it really conveys the spirit of the city, which isn’t a thing to say about all of these palettes. Some of them are too uneventful….
BTW, I really love your page, and I included it in the ‘favourites’ on my blog, hope you don’t mind :)