Review & Swatches: Eyeko Liptastik Lip Gloss Pencils


What is it?

Glossy lipstick pencil that is available in 3 bright fashionably shades.

They Describe it as:

Following fashions trend for bold lips is easy with Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen. Just line and fill in one easy sweep for liner, colour and gloss in one! Available in 3 must-have shades featuring a fresh fruity fragrance and added gloss for luxe lips.


  • Product: 4 out of 5
  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Yes
  • Price: $ 10

Where to buy:

Overall Opinion:

I was really positively suprised by these. These are close to Tarte lipsurgence lipstains I reviewed at some point, but instead of being just glosses, these have COLOR.

They are not dry at all, they are very glossy and VERY pigmented, and they stay on lips quite well. I still had color on my lips after eating, smoking and drinking, and it didn’t even look bad. Faded, but not bad.
My personal favourite turned out to be Hot Lips, which is lovely fuchsia shade. Loudmouth is a bit tricky color, it’s KINDA muted red-pink, but still very bright. Lip Lover is really stunning bright orange-based red, but unfortunately I don’t like using orange-based reds, I prefer blue-based more. But if your looking for real¬† firetruck red, Lip Lover is one!

I think the price is very reasonable for these, even though brand seems cheap,¬† it doesn’t mean the products are.
If you like your lipstick in pencil shape, and glossy instead of dry, I suggest you give these a try!


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Swatches on lips:



Hot Lips:


Lip Lover:

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WOW they look great! I have a few drom Sephora. They are great too, but much more shimmer. Love to try these

Lovely pencils, thanks for the lip swatches! Now, where can I find the ingredients list? I’ve been wanting to try some from Tarte, just hanging on for their F&F.

Doubt there are anymore colors coming out, but in answering your 1st question … You can find them in places like Myres, David jones, and especially in the city. If worse comes to worse try over the internet :)

I mean I know you probably mean well, but completely dismissing the review to say that is sort of rude.

Fab! They look great! Although … sadley they aren’t available in any other beautiful shades. I personaly reccon they look amazing on your lips, they are also really good for preventing your lips getting really dry … unlike some lipsticks that dry on your lips within half an hour. LOVE LOVE LOVE EM!

I LOVE that you did a review of these, because I have the 3 pack for $32 ULTA was offering of the Tarte lip stains…They’re nice but definitely not worth $24 regularly, and I’ve been wanting to compare Eyeko’s lip pencils. Have you tried their fat balms, too? They’re sort of my weakness when it comes to this particular line of products.

I lost all respect for you when you said you smoked. But the rest of the review was totally awesome and I have been thinking of buying one of these for a while! I like Loud Mouth! Pretty! xxx

great lipsticks. i wish i could find them in stores too………….hope to get more colors in future….thanks Marlen for the swatches….