Review: LORAC Box Office Sensation Palette

This palette is perfect for travel as it has almost everything you need in one sleek case!  Honestly, I bought this palette mainly for packaging as it was so stylish and reminded me of a caboodle ;)

It includes:

  • 36 eyeshadows- mixture of shimmer and matte finishes
  • 9 lipglosses
  • 3 blushes
  • 1 bronzer

*Pictures courtesy of:  Polish Insomniac

Overall Opinion:

I love how this palette has so many colors to choose from AND that there’s a mixture of matte and shimmery finish eyeshadows.  The quality of the eyeshadows is very good- not chalky and pretty pigmented (not quite as pigmented as MAC though).  The lipglosses are much more pigmented than I expected, but I’m never a big fan of lipglosses in a pan as you have to use a separate lip brush to get the product out.

The packaging was the main selling point for me- the way it folds up in a neat little compact with a handle makes it a great present for someone.  The croc design with silver embellishments is stylish and trendy!  The only downside to the packaging is it’s a little awkward getting to the 2nd level of eyeshadows as they have to fold out to the side.   Still, it’s a great quality product, fair price, and good packaging!


  • Product: 4 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Probably
  • Price: $56

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Very interesting. Thanks for the review. You always worry that with those big kits that the shadow quality will be downgraded. Glad to hear it was not. I agree with the lip brush conundrum, don’t really want the hassle of cleaning it… particularly when traveling!

Q-tips do a pretty good job as an applicator for the lip colors in palettes…also great for travel…cause you can just toss it away with you finish with the lip color application.. :)

I always find that having lip colours in a kit like that is very impractical, because it is impossible to touch up during the day! Am I crazy? I don’t feel like lip palettes are practical like a tube of lipstick…:P Thanks for the review! :)

I agree with Eimile regarding having the lip colors in a kit like this is very impractical. That’s always my thought when I reach in there to use them. I’m only going to be using this color once today because I can’t take this with me. As far as the lip brush condundrum; I might be grossing some of you out but, considering these are lip glosses and not REAL lipsticks — I’m just using my finger to apply them……is that bad?

What this given a 4 out 5 on product based on pigmentation as compared to MAC or were there other reasons? I have actually found Lorac’s e/s to be really amazing and underrated.


Hi I just recently purchased this kit and I love it. I absolutely love the quality of the shadows, they are so blend able and very pretty. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to use some of the colors from the top two sections. I know how to use the purples and blues and some of the browns, but I am not good at mixing colors from different color families. Also I am not good at mixing mattes and shimmers since I have never used mattes. Thanks

Who is doing this review? Is it Marlena? I’m never quite sure. The photos is by polishinsomniac but not sure who the writer is. Although I appreciate reading these reviews, it does matter who is reviewing. Can you please post this in future reviews?

I just purchased this palette from Sephora with my $20 off coupon – after much perusing and needing to find another option because the Too Faced Glamourland was out!! It was between this and the Tarte set. I went with this one and I am happy that I did! I have always found LORAC’s quality to be superior to MAC and even though the lip glosses are annoying, I’ll just use my finger or deal with a brush. Amazing quality for an amazing price!