Review and swatches: Tarte Lipsurgence lipstains

What are they?

Highly moisturizing tinted lip stain that promises to last all day.

They describe them as:

The old meets the new with the infusion of our high-performance natural LipSurgence™ technology which is clinically proven to increase moisture content by an astonishing 6000%. This proprietary blend effectively increases skin’s water content for a ‘plumped up’ appearance leaving lips defined, smoothed, and hydrated. The result is naturally fuller, healthier lips without any irritation or stinging.


  • Product: 3 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Overall:   4 out of 5
  • Would I buy again?  Maybe, if I would need something natural looking for my lips.
  • Price: $24.00

Where to Buy:  Sephora


  • Natural “bitten” result
  • Moisturizing
  • Refreshing peppermint scent (and taste!)
  • No tingling on lips
  • Easy to use
  • Natural formula


  • Price

Overall Opinion:

I would have loved these, if their would have been a bit more opaque.  As you might know by now, I love bright colors, both in eyeshadow and lip colors.
These are GREAT for natural looking lips, and they feel good on the lips too.
I love the peppermint oil, scent is really refeshing and it gives nice cooling effect.
I got one from the arte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain collection (Exposed) and that seems much more opaque than the others, and that Exposed has actually come one of my favourite lip products lately!

MUG Seal of Approval:


First swatches on hand:



And then on lips:












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I love the look of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know if they are selling them in Australia?????
I would love to get my hands on one or two or…. three.
Thank you for your wonderful reviews!

I love these. I hate how expensive they are! Damn you Tarte!
I got Moody to try out the fall plum lip trend without looking
goth…and it work really well.
the only thing i dont like about these is cause they are so moisturizing
they do come off more then a liquid stain. but i will take reapplying
over chapped dry lips anyday

I don’t think ‘Moody’ looks particularly flattering, to be honest. I think it looks like you drank Kool-Aid and it smudged on your lips. :D

I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the way exposed looks. I think it has a FABULOUS nude look that would be great with a smoky eye. I think I may purchase that one!

Thanks for the review!

I have this in Joy and while I love the product, I barely think they qualify as a stain. More like a balm that leaves a bit of color behind. I do find that they layer well, intensifying the shade, but the “stain” that’s left behind is no where near as intense as the initial application. Otherwise, I agree w/ you completely!

I don’t know if i qualify them as a stain either. They feel great on your lips but i’m not “wowed” enough with the staying power of the stain to justify paying so much $24.00

I got these from QVC .. I think 3 of them for 34.00 and I sending them back. They are not a stain but more like a light lip stick or balm. 34.00 for 3 is a deal when 24.00 for one but I wanted a stain.. a real one. And I am a Tarte fan but not for these.

I looooooooooove these! So many colors but just natural enough to pull off at work. not crazy about the price but i save up and pay it. Joy is my new favorite- one layer is natural peachy but it can be built up to quite a tangerine color! I love the minty-ness and how moisturizing they are, and the stain says Well enough to beat a lipstick or gloss any day, and none o that powderness of some stains. Warning: on light complexions like mine the colors can be surprisingly bright!