Review and Swatches: Palladio Lipstain

What is it?

An all-day hydrating and waterproof formula that won’t dry out the lips, these matte stains come in six shades that can be worn alone or mixed to create a unique pallet. For a sleek effect, finish with your favorite Palladio lip gloss.

They describe it as:

Palladio Lip Stain creates kissable lips with color that lasts all day. The comfortable felt-tip applicator is designed to make lining and filling in your lips easy.


  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4 out of 5
  • Price: $5.89

Would I buy again? Yes.

Where to Buy:

Overall Opinion:

I tried each color on different days, with different looks, and I really liked the results. They didn’t last all day but up to 4 hours at the most. They have a really nice natural look to each one and doesn’t come off when eating, drinking, or giving your significant other a smooch! I would also add some clear lip gloss on over it just to give it some shine and they still lasted longer than if I had used lipstick or a regular lip gloss. I would totally recommend these to the girl on the go, and your everyday makeup geek J

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Hi, Taryn!
I was wondering if you could post pictures of swatches (like Surabhi had mentioned) and/or pictures of you or another person wearing them. Thanks!

what would be the most sanitary way to apply these to clients?? im excited and want to order some, but am not sure, how i would go about applying them to clients in a sanitary way..

wow, price is low and those lipstick look so pretty…expecially the berry one ;))))
well…. probably they not available in Poland….maybe I’ll find them on e-bay:)

Thank you for the swatches!!! They look great! Are there any application tips or tricks for this product that you can share with us?? I am interested in stains but have not had luck with them in the past.

Thanks again!

do they let out enough liquid to use a lip brush on???? like transfer the liquid to the brush and then apply to the client???

You would not be able to apply this to a client because it does not let out enough liquid. Its Just like a marker. So these would be for personal use only. You may be able to dip the tip in alcohol but I don’t know if that would distorat the tip of the stain applicator.