Review and Swatches: Michael Todd Cosmetics

edit: we’ve received multiple complaints about the service of Michael Todd Cosmetics — please take this into consideration 

They Describe them as:

Tinted Gel Primer

  • Tinted Gel Primer is used after moisturizer and before foundation. It serves as a barrier between the skin and foundation. Think of a primer as you would when you prime a canvas before painting. The primer ensures that the paint will last and keep its rich color. Our primer provides a base for your foundation to make sure your foundation looks fresh all day. Silicone micro-spheres fill in fine lines and wrinkles to perfect skin texture. Available in five sheer shades that work with all skin shades.  Tinted Gel Primer is water resistant and helps to lock in your natural moisture. Treats discoloration and evens out the skin tone before you apply foundation, making foundation optional. Also a great alternative for men who prefer some coverage but do not want to wear foundation.

Everything Stick

  • This “everything” stick really does do it all.
    Our slim Everything Stick can be use on lips, eyes, cheeks, and anywhere else you can think of.

Créme Glace:

  • This Michael Todd favorite has the coverage of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss that adds sensual glow and a flawless texture. Our Creme Glace wears beautifully at night and protects during the day with SPF 15.


  • Come alive and indulge your lips with our Shimmer Lipstick. Lavish colors will transform your dull pout to dazzling!

Eyeshadow Base

  • It is fast drying and forms a barrier between your skin and your eye shadow to prevent mid-day creasing. Promotes longer wear of eye shadow and protects skin with botanicals and Vitamins A, C and E.

Longwear creme shadow:

  • Long Wear Creme shadows may be worn alone or used as an eyeshadow base for longer staying power without creasing.


  • Fantastic colors, great staying power and best of all, natural. You’ll love our good-for-you eyeshadows.

Mineral eyeshadow:

  • Fantastic colors, great staying power and best of all, natural. You’ll love our good-for-you eyeshadows.

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Generally they all are really good products. To mention a few of my favourites:

  • Tinted gel primer is great, especially on summer, when you don’t need huge coverage on your skin. Makes skin color look more even, and smoothens pores and imperfections well.
  • Longwear creme shadow works well used alone as shadow, and maybe even better if used under another eyeshadow, to work both as a base and as a “paint” that makes colors pop more.


– Some of the products aren’t unique, and can be found under different brands.

– Some products are quite heavily scented.

Overall Opinion:

They are good quality, they look nice and most of the time they smell nice too. Like every firm, Michael Todd has lots of hits but also some misses.

Photos & swatches:

Eyeshadow Base:

Mineral and Cream Shadows:

Eyeshadow palette:

Everything Stick:

Lip products:

Tinted Gel Primer:

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