NYX Round Lipstick Swatches

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*These images are copyrighted, so please do not use without permission. They took me a long time to do! :)

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Hi Marlena!
I’m 20 yeras old and i’m new in this fantastic world of makeup.
Now i want to buy my first lipstick. I just loved this swatches and I want to ask you for an opinion.
I want 3 diferent colors, pink, peach and a diferent one, to go out at night, for exemple. Can you tell me, in nyx round lipstick, the best for girls with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes?

Filipa P.

i love ur site it is soooo informative. do u think that u could do some tutorials geared toward african american skin tones im about rihannas complexion and find it hard to get colors that become me. and also im looking for jem inspired make up looks thanks for all u do and im glad ur lasik went well

Thanks for doing this Marlena!! I was hoping to stock on some NYX round lipsticks but the swatches on the website are always a bit off… so this helps a lot!

Hello Marlena!

I am looking for a beautiful coral colored lipstick. I am light to medium skin toned and would love to find the perfect summer coral color for my lips. I love the colors Vitamin, Iris, and Ceto. Of those, which one would you recommend for a pretty coral color? I appreciate your time and consideration so so much!! Oh and if you possibly could, what would be a good coral gloss to go with it?

Thanks so so much!