NYX Mega Shine lipgloss swatches part 1

Get them from MakeupGeek Store !

Part two coming as soon I’ll get more glosses to swatch.

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This is great, Thanks :)
Can I ask though, did you use any neutralizing lipstick underneath these glosses?

can you do swatches on a hand because everyones lip pigmentation is different and i want to see what it would look on a mute canvas

Did you? The colour seems so intense and beautiful!! I didn’t know you could get that with just a gloss!

I didn’t use anything but the glosses.
My natural lipcolor is best shown at Juicy Pink swatch, it is basicly just clear gloss on my lips.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently posted a request for these swatches on makeupgeek forum. I’m so glad you did this. THANK YOU!!! =)

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Very pretty colors. 1 prob 4 me w/nyx glosses: they don’t stay on very long! Any suggestions?

Try using a lipstain underneath. That is always a downer about lipgloss is that you need to keep applying it. I find that if you have something like a lipliner or lipstain underneath it, it seems to last longer. With lipstick it’s a bit different for some reason.

thank you for the swatches ,i’ve ordered already the glosses in:beige,perfect,la-la,french kiss,candy shop,and in natural.
and seeung thet i’m pleased wiht my chouce i would ordered more colors.

Hi MUG Team,
I would love to know how you make these glosses last? I really love them but find I have to reapply very oftern. Also the same as Nichelle0716, would like to know if any neutralizing lipstick underneath these glosses was used?
Many thanks! Lisa

I definitely appreciate these swatches! Which one of these (or any NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss) is your favorite peach lip gloss? From these swatches, I think Crystal Soda and Perfect look like nice nude-peach shades, but my monitor could be deceiving me. I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff). I’m just looking for a peach lip gloss right now :)

I am LOVING Dolly Pink. Beige and French Kiss are pretty too :) Glosses are so pigmented! Thnx for sharing. xx


Can you make a color selection suggestion for women of color? I am C7 in MAC Studio Fix.

Your lips r beautiful !!!!! Did u use any other lip spa or balm under before applying these lipglosses??? I have a very dry skin and so m lips have few lines on t.. I do use lip balms to keep it hydrated but a little scared to use these lipglosses fearing they might damage my lips more !!! Help?????
Thanks Jangsara !!! :)

Thank you for the swatches! I just bout beige from the makeup geek store I was interested in ‘natural’ but I think ill wait for the swatch to make sure I like the color