Victoria’s Secret Makeup Haul/Review

So… while shopping at Victoria’s Secret awhile back, I decided to try out the makeup products to see if they were any good-  I must say that I’m impressed!

VS Swatches

VS Swatches 02


Pro Concealer Palette

This palette has 3 different colored concealers ranging from light to dark as well as 2 corrector colors in green and orange.  The consistency is pretty thick, but is easy to apply as long as you use a little bit at a time.  The colors are decently pigmented so they cover really well.  I don’t like this palette as much as my Makeup Forever one, but for the price, it isn’t too bad.

Price: $14

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret Stores  (not sure why they aren’t online anymore…)

“Perfect Lipstick”

I’m not usually a lipstick junkie- I can take them or leave them, but once I tried these babies I was hooked!  The colors are gorgeous, the consistency is very smooth, and the pigmentation is amazing.  I will gladly give up my MAC lipsticks for these Victoria Secret ones (shocking, I know!)

Price: $12

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

Very Sexy Brilliant Lip Shine

These sparkling lipglosses come with a click pen packaging that allows for easy application.  The colors are beautiful and feel very moisturizing on the lips!  Some colors are more sheer than others, but each one has a almost glittery look to them (similar to MAC’s dazzleglasses)

Price: $12

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret Stores

Lip Liner

Finding the perfect nude lip liner is harder than it looks, but I finally found one!  These liners are creamy and don’t tug on the lips leaving that jagged line. But, the best part is that the colors are perfect!  My favorite is the nude color as it’s not too beige, yellow, or brown.

Price: $8

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

Velvet Silky Eyeshadow

These matte eyeshadows are super pigmented and ultra smooth!  They blend really well and the light pink actually shows up on the skin.   If I had to choose between the MAC matte eyeshadows or these, I would choose these as the texture is smoother.  My only complaint is that I wish they had more colors!

Price: $10

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

These glosses smell amazing and are super shiny!  I feel like they moisturize my lips well, but the color doesn’t show up as I expected.   I still love these as they make my lips smell delicious and they keep my lips moist, but I wouldn’t use alone as a lipgloss since the color is so sheer.

Price: $7

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

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