Soft, Sexy Lips: VS Lip Scrub Review

Victoria’s Secret FX Smooth Scrub and Lip Balm (Victoria’s Secret)

I hope you beautiful Makeup Geeks are doing great today!  Here’s my thoughts on this lip scrub…

What it is:

“To ensure a perfect pout, our pros always prep lips with this sugar scrub and moisture- rich balm before applying color. Gently massage the scrub onto lips for 30 seconds, then tissue off. Finish with a light layer of balm. Lips are left feeling soft, supple and ready for camera-worthy color.”

Why I love or hate it:

I love this scrub as it works well, smells good, and feels great on my lips BUT I mostly love it due to its packaging! Since I travel a lot and can’t always take a portable concoction of olive oil and sugar (see recipe below), then I need something I can toss in my suitcase for on the go! I love how it has the scrub and balm together as I always lose my lip balms (I swear I have at least 10 different ones and currently know where maybe 3 are right now- haha).

Price:   $14

Where to Buy:     (eBay)   (Victoria Secret)

Homemade Recipe:

  • Raw sugar
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey

*Mix together 1 part each, then apply to lips and scrub with finger or toothbrush.

I use the VS scrub when I travel or when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to make a homemade version :)




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