Review: MAC “A Tartan Tale” Collection

Here’s my thoughts on each part of the collection- these are just my opinion, so take it for simply that ;)


These aren’t anything too unique, but they still are pretty.  The most unique color to me is the “Courting Lilac” which is a pretty lavender color- very “in” at the moment. The “Full Fuchsia” is the most fun color  (is a bright pink), but you can get anytime at a pro store.

Dazzleglass Creme

These are my favorite lip products by MAC as they are super pigmented, glide easily, and don’t feel sticky at all.   If you want to splurge on any lip product, get one of these!  The most unique color is “Gone Romancin'” as it’s a beautiful light purple color.

Eyeshadow ($19.50)

Each eyeshadow has a plaid pattern imprinted on the eyeshadow and is similar in size to Mineralize Eyeshadows.  They are very pretty, but go on fairly sheer.  I would personally pass on these as I have eyeshadows in similar colors already.  I will admit the plaid pattern is very unique though…

Pigment ($19.50)

These pigments are super pretty- definitely worth checking out!  My favorite is Moonlight Night as it’s a dark shimmery green that looks like NARS famous Night Porter eyeshadow.

Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner ($14.50)

These are excellent eyeliners as they glide easily, have a slight shimmer to them, and are beautiful colors.  BUT, I feel that some less expensive eyeliners work just as well so spend your money on other parts of the collection.

Blush ($18.50)

Both of these are beautiful, and are a satin finish which means no shimmer!  I like matte looking blushes sometimes as they don’t emphasize pores or blemishes on the skin- that way I can choose where I want the shimmer. I really like “My Highland Honey” as it’s a peach color that is flattering on fair to medium skin types.  “Her Blooming Cheek” would be beautiful on medium to dark skin.

Nail Lacquer ($13.00)

I don’t usually wear nailpolish, so couldn’t say whether I like these or not- I’ll leave it up to you whether it’s a “buy” or “save my moola” ;)

Gift Sets ($36.00 or $49.50)

Every year MAC comes out with their holiday gift sets that include eyeshadow palettes, lipgloss sets, lipstick palettes, brush sets, and a wide array of other sets.  All the sets are great quality except the brush sets (they’re not bad, just not worth the money as most of them aren’t practical).  I would say to use the money and buy 1 or 2 regular brushes that you will use all the time- like the 217 or 239 brushes.

Eyeshadow Palettes: great quality, but nothing incredibly unique.  They make great gifts for anyone who doesn’t have similar eyeshadows already or for those looking to have several colors in one palette.  My favorite palette from what I tried is the “Reelers and Rockers” palette as it was somewhat neutral, but not boring.

Blush palettes: beautiful, but ordinary colors

Lip Palettes: I never use these, quality is ok, and not worth the price

Pigment sets: Can’t go wrong with these as you get several colors, cute containers, and amazing quality!

Lipgloss sets: I don’t buy these anymore as I can get full size NYX lipglosses for cheaper

Lipstick Palettes: I also don’t buy these as I end up not using them, and I don’t like having to use a brush to apply my lipstick.

Combination Sets: these are great for a new makeup geek looking to have MAC products in a cute little bag.  I love the plaid pouches as they are fun and great quality!  I just don’t buy these for myself, as the products are from the regular line.

I hope that helps you all!  This collection is a wonderful one and is SUPER huge!  There’s something for everyone- just have to decide which is a must have for you ;)

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