Review: Clarins Everlasting SPF15 Foundation

The Packaging

A very pretty frosted glass bottle (breakable, thus, but still pretty) with a pump and a gold cap.

The Claims

This foundation claims to be ‘everlasting’ as in ‘lasting up to 15 hours’. It’s non-oily and suitable for oily skins. It gives enough coverage to hide minor flaws and has a matte finish. Thanks to its active ingredients, it should keep your skin hydrated and radiant. The SPF 15 and anti-oxydants will protect your skin from external aggressions.

Where to Buy

The Pros

  • A medium to full coverage, buildable and with a very easy to work with creamy texture.
  • I do find it DOES last well over 10-12 hours on me (I rarely wear makeup for 15 hours straight). I usually don’t use any primer underneath, and my T-Zone can be a bit oily, but this just won’t move. You can even blow your nose a couple of time without it transferring to your tissues – I was pleasantly surprised about that.
  • A flawless finish that is quite matte and doesn’t settle in fine lines. No need to set it with powder to keep it matte.
  • You don’t feel it on the skin, it’s very light
  • Application with the hands is very easy, but you can also use a damp sponge
  • At $35 for 30ml/1 fl.oz., it remains affordable compared to other high-end French brands

The Cons

  • There’s alcohol in the ingredients list. Dry skin-types, stay away – this is formulated for the normal to oily skintypes, obviously.
  • It sets very quickly so you need to be quick as well when applying it. But hands and brushes work well.
  • It is very matte on the skin, which can look a bit unnatural or ageing it, depending on what kind of finish you’re usually going for. On the other hand, that allows you to place a cream or powder highlighter exactly where you want and avoid looking greasy – that’s what I usually do since I do like some dewyness.
  • It’s scented, which you may or may not like; the scent fades away quickly though.
  • Shade selection: only 8 shades available, all leaning towards beige/warm tones. If you’re really pink toned or very yellow toned, you might find it hard to find a match within this limited selection.

The Verdict

Definitely a very good foundation for combination and oily skins, if you don’t have issues with the alcohol in it. It will keep you matte and will stay on all day. This is the foundation I wear when I have flaws to hide and don’t want to be bothered doing a lot of concealing work, or when I have a super long day ahead of me and want to be sure I’ll look good util late at night.

Posted in Face Products, Product Reviews on (last modified: June 10, 2011)