Review: Cinderella Holiday Palette

Every girl loves the story of Cinderella and the thought of being swept away by her very own Prince Charming. Maybe that’s why this palette by Sephora has garnered the attention that it has. The packaging on this is both decorative and fun and looks simply beautiful. The palette is embossed with gold details from the iconic movie. The drawer pulls out smoothly and is done in velvet leaving the overall feel and appearance of the palette luxurious. The eyeshadows themselves can be removed to leave a drawer that slides into the box and can be used as a jewelry box. The spared no detail when it comes to the packaging on this kit.

The eyeshadows themselves are not bad, however they aren’t as good in quality as some of the other palettes that are available right now such as Tarte and Too Faced. There is a good range of colors in this, but there are only a couple of matte shades available. The colors of the eyeshadows are not pigmented and they come off quite chalky and sheer. For the price of the kit the eyeshadows are not as good as they should be. The other downside is there are no actual blending shades like a matte nude to blend out the crease of the eye. This means that I would have to add other products to it for a complete look and for the price I feel there should be those shades included in the kit.

Price – $55.00 USD at Sephora and Amazon


The one thing I did love about the eyeshadows were the clever use of names from the movie for the eyeshadows. These colors are from the bottom two rows in the palette and feature names from some of our favorite characters like Gus Gus and Jaq (my favorites).


Gus Gus – Gold Shimmer, Charming – Nude Pearl, Chateau – Brown Shimmer, Palace – Rose Gold Shimmer, Drizella – Medium Brown Gold Shimmer, Cinders – Black with Gold Glitter, Jaq – Mauve Matte Gold Shimmer, Midnight – Midnight Blue with Light Blue Glitter, A Wish – Cream Pearl, Rococo – Plum with Mulit Glitter

Royal – Matte Bright Blue, Glass Slipper – Light Blue Shimmer, Fairy Godmother – Periwinkle, Kill Joy – Shimmery Taupe, Ball Gown – Pearl White Pearl, Pumpkin Coach – Cream Gold, Cincerelly – Sea Foam Green Matte, Destined – Light Blue Pearl, All Aglow – Shimmery Tan, Maiden – Glittery Magenta

There are four lipsticks that can be purchased to accompany the palette as well. The packaging on these, like the palette, are great. The silver foil tube has a design embossed on the it to go along with the other products in the line. The over all look is sleek and elegant to look at. The are very creamy and go on smooth, however they are overpriced for what you get.

Price – $25.00 USD at Sephora

The one shade that was a definite miss for me was “My Moment”. This is a very sheer glitter that had very little color to it. The rest can easily be outdone by more inexpensive drugstore lipsticks like Revlon that are amazing quality and a much better price than these.

Overall I think the main thing you are paying for with this entire line is the packaging. There are several more items that accompany this line such as perfume and nail polish along with a Collectors Set for $125.00 USD and even the palette with Swarovski elements for $150.00 USD. These are extremely overpriced for the quality of the makeup itself! If you want to give this as a gift for the effect of the packaging alone then this is sure to be a hit. But for someone who wants great products for everyday use and desires good quality over high priced packaging then I would pass on this.

So there it is, another holiday palette review. Hopefully this helps you when it comes time for you to pick which palette is ideal for you or as a gift for someone special.

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