NEW MAC ‘Fashion Flower’ Haul!!!

Hello you beautiful makeup geeks!  Here’s my thoughts on some products from this MAC Fashion Flower Collection…
  • Beauty Powder in ‘Alpha Girl’ & ‘Light Sunshine’  $25 (MAC)
    • I’m not going to lie…. this wasn’t my favorite product as the color was so pale.  Even on fair skin, this blush won’t show up too much but you could possibly use as a highlighter
  • Magically Cool Liquid Powder in “Cajun” and “Truth & Light”   $29.50 (MAC)
    • LOVE these!  They feel like water on the skin but they are powder!  They make gorgeous highlighters- Cajun is great for dark skin, Truth and Light is for fair to medium skin
  • Studio Fix Boldblack Lash  $14 (MAC)
    • Hate this mascara.  The wand is plastic and very small- sorry MAC!
  • Lipgelee Gloss in ‘Budding Beauty’ and ‘Fashion Flower’  $14.50 (MAC)
    • If you like glittery lips, then these are pretty but I’m not a huge fan.
  • Glaze Lipstick in ‘MLLE’ & ‘Summer Shower’  $14.50 (MAC)
    • These lipsticks are quite sheer so they don’t apply much color at all… “Ever Hip” is a pretty color, but “Mlle” and “Summer Shower” are just too light.
  • Eyeshadow in ‘Groundcover’, ‘Bows & Curtseys’, ‘Free to Be’, ‘Aqua’, ‘Lucky Green’, & ‘Fresh Daisy’  $14.50 (MAC)
    • Love all of these!  A few of these are colors from the regular line, so if I had to pick just a couple colors, I would get “Bows and Curseys” and “Aqua”


Also, here is what products I was wearing in this video:




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