Reviews of Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Launch

We just updated our list compilation of reviews featuring the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (now also available as compacts) — We’ve had so much love pouring in about our shadows, it’s been a challenge to keep up with it all.

We want to say a sincere thanks to those who have purchased the shadows so far, and we wanted to share a collection of reviews from around the Net for those of you who want some additional opinions of the quality of the eyeshadows before diving in yourself…

Review by BettyGirlMakeup:

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“Overall, I think the colors are divine!

It’s like the Makeup Geek shadows are filled to the brim; giving you all the product you could possibly have

Right now, across the board, I mean, it’s A+ for me”

Review by EmsLuv4Makeup:

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“Great pigmentation compared to MAC!

The price is wonderful!

I would definitely recommend trying a couple of colors from MUG eyeshadows! I do believe they have great potential, and they blend well. They’re smooth, and I just really,  honestly do love them!”

Review by ShadesOfKassie

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“They are very, very pigmented. And very creamy. They are very smooth, very blendible. I don’t find them to be chalky or have a lot of fallout.

I love that there are so many matte shades to choose from.

A lot of them are pretty unique shades… I find some of them to be more pigmented and a little bit more blendable and creamy than MAC.”

Review by TheBeautyBags

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“The eyeshadow quality is PHENOMENAL — completely comparible if not better than MAC.

What I love about these shadows: even though there are some that are shimmery they aren’t glitter-bombs, which is really nice.

I think because Marlena is a really experienced makeup artist, she kind of took all the really good qualities of brands like Urban Decay and MAC and incorperated them into her product and eliminated the bad things about some of those brands.

She has a wonderful mix of matte and shimmer and they are all pigmented regardless of the finish.

I can’t rave about these enough.”

Review by MakeupJunkieNikki

Youtube Link | Blog Review w/ Swatches

“It’s so creamy. It’s so Smooth. Very easy to work with. Very blendable. Absolutely gorgeous.”

“This is my my all-time favorite highlight color. If you have to buy any of these shadows, you have to buy Shimma Shimma. It’s the best. I love it.”

“I don’t think I’ve found a black that is this crazy-intense… [Corrupt] is just insane… it blends so nice.”

Review by kristingehm

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“Holy Pigmentation… BOY, that’s really nice!”
“Holy Payoff, Batman! That is some serious blackage!… [Corrupt’s] blacker than [MAC] Carbon”

See Another Video from kristingehm with more swatching

Review by MakeupNirvana101:

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“I was SOOOOO surprised! Pigment payoff is awesome. They blend beautifully. The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

I’m just going tell you right now. I’m gonna run, not walk, and I’m going to purchase some more of these. I have been so impressed with these eyeshadows.”

Review by AnnieFinlandBeauty:

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“I intend to order more of the Makeup Geek shadows.

I’m like HALLELUJAH! Praise the Makeup Gods because I LOVE these!

Once I stop filming, I’m going to go and order more of these shadows.”

Review by Smashinbeauty

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“MUG shadows….amazing!

If you are a professional, seriously consider these shadows!”

Review by TBeautyBox

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“I can’t complain about the eyeshadows. They’re absolutely fabulous!

Congratulations to Marlena! I’m a huge fan of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows!”

Review by cosmoelectra:

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“The pigmentation is really, really good!

It’s just beautiful. I really love this color! [Poolsode].

It has really good color pay-off [Wisteria].”

Review by makeupbymsvalie

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“These are some of the best shadows I have ever come across in my life — and I have used a ton of different brands.”
“It’s an amazing deal”
“It’s unbelievable… I love, LOVE Cocoa Bear”

Other YouTube Reviews

From Beauty Blogs

Musing On Beauty:

“Shimma Shimma:  the perfect inner corner or browbone highlight, also very nice wash shade to combine with a dark matte crease and some liner.
Pretentious: gorgeous all over color, I like to wear it on its own with dark brow liner, like I would do with UD Deeper, for example.
Twilight:  I do find it’s a very nice crease or blending shade, that reminds me a bit of Mac Style Snob.
Moondust: The pigmentation is absolutely awesome and the texture is really buttery soft. Not only is this color unique, I think the quality is also incredible.”  (Read Full Review and See Swatches)


“They are SO incredibly affordable! Each eyeshadow is only $5.99, a fraction of the price as MAC…. They blend like a dream!  … Wears ALL day, I personally have had no problems with fading or creasing. I definitely plan on purchasing more from [Makeup Geek], and soon!”  (Read Full Review and See Swatches)

My Makeup Issues:

“I have never seen a black like Corrupt before. This is hit me in the eye BLACK. If you are looking for a black eyeshadow with crazy payoff, look no further.
These are all high quality eyeshadows that could seriously pass for high end eyeshadows.  For $5.99 each, there is nothing on the market in my mind that can compare.
It looks like there is a new kid in town…” (Read Full Review and See Swatches)

Namaste Beauty:

The overall quality of these MakeupGeek Eyeshadows is very good. I did find differences from one finish to the next, but overall the quality is good. My favorite color is Cocoa Bear. I find it a unique warm reddish brown color… I love the quantity of eyeshadow that you get for the price. I found they really compare with the higher quality brands but at a fraction of the price, so Marlena might be unto something. The warm brownish colors were my favorite, simply beautiful. I didn’t get to try many of the bright colors, but the 2 I have I found ok, can’t say I was crazy about them, but didn’t dislike them either. Overall, I was impressed with the quality and the quantity, and would recommend them if you’re looking for an alternative to higher priced eye shadows out there”  (Read Full Review and See Swatches)

Squared Nails:

“Quality is excellent, as is the color range. I love that there are a wide selection of matte shadows. I also love that the shimmery shades aren’t a shimmer explosion like other brands can be. And unlike MAC, Makeup Geek has an excellent light to medium gray matte shade, which is harder to find than you might think.

Most of the shades I got I would repurchase – there are few shades that I didn’t think complemented my skin tone very well, but would work with tanner skin tones (Purely Naked in particular). Some were just a little too yellow or orange toned for me, but would work with other skin tones. I also love the names of these – very original and charming. I love the purples, and my favorite shade is Twilight, I’ve worn it twice, and already gotten a compliment! My only complaint is that there are so many cool colors – I want to try more!”  (Read Full Review & See Swatches)


” I absolutely love them <3 They’re extremely pigmented and the smoothest eyeshadows I’ve ever tried! They just feel like velvet on your skin. They’re also easy to apply and I have no trouble blending them. The colours Marlena has picked out for this kit are gorgeous and will work great for any occasion; There are matte colours you can wear during the day and more shimmery ones that you can use at night. Underneath you can see some swatches I did of the eyeshadows, but I don’t feel like the pictures do them justice!”  (Read Full Review & See Swatches)

Booyah Beauty:

“Overall rating:


(considering the price and pigmentation, not to mention the color choices) …

I can’t wait to try out the other shades of the 50 currently offered.” (Read Full Review and See Swatches)

Scarlet Hearts…:

“I am truly ecstatic to say that I have ZERO regret with my decision […to buy the eye shadows]!

I have tried all eight shadows [Starter Kit] and love them all.

My favourite colour so far is Glamorous, a BEAUTIFUL golden brown that is a perfect dupe for LORAC’s Serenity eyeshadow at about a quarter of the price – amazing!!”

(Read Full Review)

Makeup Junkie Nikki

“These Shadows are high quality without the price tag! I would easily put them in the same category as MAC! Now that’s a bold statement! They are smooth, creamy & very easy to blend. You do need to buy your own palette to put them in, such as, MAC palettes or Z Palettes (which you can buy off of Makeup geek). I do wish that the shadow pans were magnetic so they could just be slapped right into a palette, but I can let that go because these are AMAZING!!!! Lets not forget about the adorable packaging. It’s so cute… Love it right down to the print on the eye shadow folder. Every detail was taught of.   ”   (Read Full Review & See Swatches)


“The shadows lasted all day on TFSI, including through tears! I was impressed.

Like with the previous Makeup Geek shadows that I’ve played with, these are nicely pigmented. They apply easily and blend well.

I’m happy with my latest acquisitions, so you can expect me to continue to do looks with them.”

(Read Full Review #1 and See Swatches)

(Read Full Review #2 and See Swatches)


“These shadows go on very easy without feeling chalky and have GREAT color payoff, especially when used with a base.

If your looking for a new line of makeup to add to your collection I would highly reccomend these shadows, oh and guess what…there $5.99 a piece and there are 50 shades to choose from!! That’s a deal for a shadow of this quality!!

(Read Full Review and See Swatches)

You’ve Got Nail:

“I am so impressed with these. 

Longevity wise, these last all day so long as you use a good, sticky primer as your base. I haven’t noticed any creasing during the day or fading when using a primer.

In the end, I’m happy to have supported Marlena but I’m ten times happier that I’ve found a great brand, that prices fairly, and where the products are the equivalent of MAC products in every way.”

(Read Full Review and See Swatches)

Fierce Makeup and Nails:

” I have been playing around with these new eye shadows for the past week, and can I just say I love them! 

They are so vibrant, rich and pigmented. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome they are.”

(Read Full Review and See Swatches)

Make Up Like Graffiti:

“The colors are beautiful and there’s a great variety to choose from.

Bottom line, I really like them and I can’t wait to get more…”

(Read Full Review and See Swatches)

 A Brush With Colour:

“All in all MUG shadows, the ones I’ve bought so far, are awesome! Every single one has great colour pay off.

I la la love these shadows!! GO MARLENA!!”

(Read Full Review and See Swatches)

My Makeup Issues:

“[Moondust] I will be happily wearing this colour for months to come!

[Sensuous] I LOVE THIS COLOUR! This colour is gorgeous! It is by far my favourite MUG eyeshadow to date. It is smooth and looks amazing. It wears like a dream and doesn’t fade!”

(Read Full Review and See Swatches)

My Pintastic Life:

“So far I am really liking these shadows. They are velvety smooth, have great pigmentation and a little more affordable than Mac or even Makeup Forever…. Overall I really like these Makeup Geek Shadows. Will do a look with them soon for you all. Will def get more from the collection in the future!”   (Read Full Review & See Swatches)

Beauty By Lee:

“When I found out that Marlena (the face of Makeup Geek) was now selling eye shadows under the makeup geek brand I had to try them out and here is my honest thought on some of the shadows, “boy am I happy I tried them” these eye shadows are extremely Pigmented smooth and the colors are just to die for.”   (Read Full Review & See Pictures)


“The eyeshadows are very pigmented and are the same size as MAC’s refill pans, which is handy if you have an empty MAC palette lying around. In my case, I don’t so they are in the Z- Palette…Overall I think these shadows are great and thats not because I’m a fan of Makeup Geek. You definitely get your moneys worth on these and they are such good quality, unlike the others like Coastal Scents. MAC charges about $11.50 for their eyeshadows. I will definitely make more purchases of Makeup Geek Shadows. ”  (See Full Review & Swatches)

From Facebook


“I just received ur stater kit and they are AMAZING!!! Luv them more than UD NAKED2 pallet and I’m telling all my beauties this on my YouTube channel!! U need more In Stock for the other single pan colors cuz I have to make a HUGE pallet!! THANK U!!! :)”

From Ricklynn:

“MUG eyeshadows are the best shadows created! Bye-bye MAC, hello MUG :x”

From Jessica:

“I GOT MY STARTER KIT TODAY AND THE LOOKS I HAVE ALREADY CREATED ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I think I will be switching from MAC to Marlena’s line!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the the free Palladio Green eyeliner, it really makes my green eyes pop!!!!!! Great product, EVERYONE must purchase!”

From “Bandanas and Headbands by AmeeraDesigns”:

“Omg!!! I am just opening my mail box and my shadows are here!!!! Thanks Marlena! Really pigmented as Deborah said, cream texture can’t wait to use them all ??? All the colors are extremely beauty, can’t tell which one is my fav! They fit in my Mac palette as well, but need to add a little piece of magnet to stay in. Congrats Marlena, so far is what I expect and just luv them all! Thanks again ?”


“I’m in love with shimma shimma!!! So smooth, so sweet color!! A lil bit shiny!! And so classy to wear!!


“Corrupt. So pigmented. Don’t even use eyeliner just the shadow.”


“I love sensuous for its beautiful shade of purple and the gold flecks in it.”


” At first when I received chickadee I thought what a horrible looking color I will probably never use it, oh my was I wrong!! It is a PERFECT crease color to accent any type of look, I use it all the time!!!”


“Although I love all of the MUG shadows I own, Moondust is by far my favorite. It is so unique and gives a beautiful glow to my eyelids.”

From Hannah

“Got my makeup geek eyeshadows today and they are all so amazing. The pigmentation is awesome. Love them all and looking forward to making another purchase. I cannot wait for the blushes to launch:)”

From Tara:

“Just got my shipment of new eyeshadows in from!!! Marlena you are AWESOME!!! I will be doing a review on these inexpensive shadows shortly!!! They r high quality just like MAC but without the price to go with them!!! What an amazing job you did Marlena!!!! Thanks!! ;-)”

From Deborah:

“Just got the starter kit in the mail. Amazing quality – buttery cream texture, excellent payoff, gorgeous colors – can’t wait to play. Also, the packaging is awesome and it was shipped well with great care.”

From Meghan:

“Finally got my starter kit today!! Super excited to use them for work tonight… The texture is amazing!”

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