Makeup Geek Lipstick Review Round-Up

Makeup Geek Lipstick Reviews

We just wanted to put together compilation of reviews featuring the Makeup Geek Lipsticks (like with did with our eyeshadows) so everyone can see some impartial, third-party reviews of these products.

We want to say a sincere thanks to those who have purchased the lipsticks so far!

Review from BettyGirlMakeup:

Luscious was one of the rock stars for me…It’s pretty impressive!

Captivating; this is my other favorite. I wear the crap out of Captivating!

I’m in love with these lipsticks!


Review from Sabastien24:

[Innocent] Gorgeous! This may be my new favorite color. Very pretty

[Shy] …Also a very nice color!

(Beginning at 3:40)

I have to add these in my favorites because I’ve used them for like the last week and I fell in love with them

[Innocent] It’s just the most gorgeous pinky nude…I just like it!


Review from SusieJoey1:

As a whole, good website; nice lipsticks; feels good; beautiful pigmentation…

It goes on nice and creamy, but it doesn’t swish around.

These are nice. These are really nice lipsticks! I have nothing bad to say about it.


From Beauty Blogs:


All of the lipsticks are unbelievably creamy, they feel like lip balm when applied.

 I would definatly recommend these for any lipstick or Makeup Geek lover. They are really great and will quickly become a part of your favorites :D

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Wonderland Beauty:

The colors are all very pigmented & beautiful.

I’m also super happy to say that these are not the least bit drying to my lips at all. In fact, they actually feel a little bit hydrating! They don’t settle into fine lines on the lips, since they are not  a dry texture. They feel really creamy  & also quite conditioning.

Overall, I really liked these lipsticks, I think they are great quality, and I love the fact that so many of them are dupes for MAC lipsticks, at about half the price.”

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Makeup Junkie Nikki:

These lips sticks are very pigmented and creamy! They feel really nice on the lips. I love love love the nude pink tones! I just gravitate to those shades. 

The range of colours are great from your nudes, hot pinks, purples, and deep reds. The shades that are available are perfect to satisfy our cravings… for now :)”

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Bella on the Beach:

These lipsticks glide on the lips and have staying power!

I can say without any exaggeration that these lipsticks are by far the best I’ve used.  They’re moist, yet they last.  They’re highly pigmented, yet they aren’t dry or chalky. They don’t feather! Mac, Bare Escentuals, Revlon, Clinique, Lancome,etc.  – you name the brand and I would put these lipsticks up against them any day of the week.  And you can’t beat the price.”

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Vampy Varnish:

I think these are great lipsticks!

They feel really comfortable on, very moisturizing, and no bad scent or taste at all. For the price especially, these are a great buy!”

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Bows and Curtseys:

These lipsticks are unbelievably smooth, creamy and highly pigmented. They sort of have a lip-balm-like feeling to them.

I highly recommend these awesome lipsticks. Their quality is really outstanding, and you just cannot beat that price!”

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I rather like the way they look sheerly on the lips.

[Would I purchase again?] Yes! I like the two colors I have. I was especially pleasantly surprised by Delightful because it’s a great peachy-pink on me.”

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Madame Noire:

All of the lipsticks are smooth and perfectly creamy, and still highly pigmented.

[Fearless] It is a beautiful pink shade that feels very bold and bright on the lips.

[Darling] For me this is the perfect nude color…I love it!”

I’m definitely going to try and collect them all!”

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Beauty Info Zone

Darker lips are always an adventure for me, and it’s definitely a treat to go on that adventure with Makeup Geek.

What we at Beauty Info Zone love about Makeup Geek lipsticks is that they are cruelty free as well as Gluten-Free and Carmine-Free. Plus the prices are amazing. If you don’t want to be adventurous there are 16 lipsticks total in this line so far so there’s surely one calling your name.”

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