Inglot Haul and Review

On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I came across a promising makeup store- Inglot Cosmetics.  I can honestly say I have not been this exciting in a long time over makeup!!  The quality of their products is amazing (comparable or even better than MAC), they have a massive array of products and colors, AND their prices are very good for the quality!

Single Eyeshadows

Yes I realize that every makeup brand known to man has their own set of eyeshadows, but I really love these shadows! Inglot’s eyeshadows are very similar to MAC’s in quality and presentation: single shadows that can be placed in a customized palette of your choice.  Their shadows are very pigmented, easy to blend, excellent quality, and come in a massive array of colors- over 100 colors!  The difference is the size compared to price- Inglot gives you more for your money vs MAC.  Also, they have the largest array of matte finish eyeshadows I have ever seen!  The most unique colors Inglot has is #372- a matte seafoam green color, #495- a shimmery coral red, and #379- a matte periwinkle.

The only downside I see to these eyeshadows is if you buy the single pots, they are very difficult to depot if you change your mind later and want to put them in a palette (the packaging is really sturdy and thick).  I have to admit that I’m favoring Inglot’s shadows a bit over my precious MAC ones *gasp*!

Price:  $12

Matte Eyeliner Gels

These super pigmented eyeliners are almost like cream eyeshadows- very creamy and rich in color.  They come in 20 different shades ranging from purple to orange to even white! You get a fairly decent sized pot and the packaging is perfect- lids that seal tight and are easy to open.

The gel formula glides really easily and doesn’t seem like they would dry out (I’ll keep you updated several months from now to see for sure ;) ) My favorite color is #87 which is a gorgeous deep teal color!

Price:  $12

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Body Sparkles

One word for these babies:  FABULOUS! I love these finely milled glitters as they come in so many beautiful colors and aren’t chunky like most glitters.  These should be safe to use on the face- just be careful around the eye area as they obviously will irritate the eyes if you get glitter in them ;)  ( I recommend using Too Faced Glitter Glue as it works really well!  )

My favorite colors are #65- a golden rose color and #64- a bronzey gold.


Pure Pigment Eyeshadows

Similar to MAC’s pigments, these loose powder eyeshadows are so rich in color, shimmery, and absolutely gorgeous!  They come in over 50 different colors- my favorite ones being #35 and #79 as they are different from what MAC offers.  I love the packaging on these SO much better than MAC- the clear jars make it easy to see what color is inside, and the lid opening is large enough to fit a brush into (unlike MAC’s skinny little jars *cough cough*)

The fun part with these is you can mix with clear lipgloss to create a custom lipcolor or can apply to the cheeks for blush- the possibilities are endless with what you can do!

Price:  $14


I have honestly never seen such a wide array of lipstick colors- ever! I give Inglot props to creating so many different colors and finishes!  My favorite thing about these is the packaging though- very sleek and clean looking.  The lipstick quality is very comparable to MAC- glides easily, richly pigmented, and last a long time.  I wasn’t fond of the shimmer finishes at all (um, can we say frosty lips?), but the matte and satin finish ones are really nice.  I picked up #419 as it’s a universally flattering deep rose color and #409 as every girl needs a deep berry red color ;)

Price:  $12

Sleeks Cream (lipgloss)

These fancy little tubes of lipgloss are so unique in packaging and so fun to apply! These come in over 30 different shades- some matte and some shimmery. The formula is smooth and not sticky, and they smell a little bit like vanilla and nutmeg (which I love)- it’s a faint smell so not overpowering.  I have to say my favorite part is the test tube like packaging- very sleek and easy to slide into your purse!   (I would have bought more than one if I haven’t spent so much on eyeshadows- haha!)

Price:  $10

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Matte Collection Lip Pencil/ Lip Crayons

These jumbo lip pencils are like lipsticks in a crayon form- very easy to apply.  The formula is a matte finish and the colors are very pigmented.  As with any matte lip product, they can be a bit drying so make sure to wear lipgloss on top or exfoliate well before wearing.  My favorite color is #31 which is a gorgeous purply pink color that is unique.  I would say the closest thing to compare these to are the NARS lip pencils or the NYX jumbo lip crayons.

Price:  $12

AMC Eye Pencils

These jumbo eye pencils are similar to NYX’s jumbo eye pencils but they don’t crease (although, neither do the Palladio Shadow Crayons)!  I love the formula on these- very smooth yet not greasy feeling.  The only downfall is there’s just 8 colors, but they are made very well with excellent pigmentation.  I picked up #81 as it’s a unique periwinkle color (perfect for summer!)

Price:  $11

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Soft Precision Eye Liners

I have tried just about every eyeliner out there- high end, drugstore, and everything in between.  What you want is something creamy that glides (who wants your eyeliner to pull out those wrinkles?!) yet something that stays put.  I feel that these eyeliners stay put really well and are richly pigmented, but they are too dry for my liking…  Plus you can find less expensive ones that work just as well (my fav “cheap” ones are the Milani Liquif’eye ones and Prestige Waterproof)

Price:  $9

Liquid Eyeliners

I‘ll admit that I don’t use liquid liners that often as they can be a pain in the booty to apply…  But I was drawn to these because of the unique colors.  They come in 29 different colors- some shimmery, some matte.  I picked up #27 as it is sheer and would add just a nice shimmer under the lower lashes, and #39 is a gorgeous teal (I’m such a sucker for teal)

The downfall with these is the packaging- nothing really fancy about them, and they have a brush tip instead of felt (I like the felt as you can be more precise)

Price: $10

Face and Body Illuminator

If you want that JLo type glow to your face, then this is the perfect product- a rich, creamy highlighter that gives you that summer glow.  I love how smooth yet pigmented these are!  My favorite is #62 as it is a golden color that is flattering on everyone- especially for this time of year.  They come in 8 different shades and can even be used as cream blush if you get one of the pink colors.  To apply, just use a cheek highlighter brush and tap very lightly on the top of your cheekbones- voila! Beautiful glow :)

Price: $15

I hope this was helpful in showing you a new makeup brand!  I’m pretty impressed with Inglot so far- great quality and fair price. All these products I purchased myself, so my review isn’t biased in anyway :)

Have a great week, beautiful makeup geeks!

Me swatching all the Inglot goodies ;)

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