How To Use: Makeup Geek Chisel Shader Brush

What is it?

The chisel shader brush is flat and made of shorter bristles. They are easily recognizable because of their unique design. It is comparable to the MAC 214 brush, which retails for $24.50 USD, whereas the Makeup Geek brush retails for $4.59 USD. The tip is rounded and thin to create clean, thin lines.

Where to Buy: Makeup Geek Store
Price: $4.59

Makeup brushes have come a long way since the simple sponge tip applicators. With so many different types on the market it can seem like a whirlwind of confusion when trying to figure out what brush does what!

Specialized makeup brushes exist to help us apply and create specific looks, and having the correct brushes will make the world of difference when creating your makeup look. It is essential to know the function and benefits of each makeup brush specifically.

This article going to define for us what exactly the Chisel Shader Brush is best used for and what techniques we can utilize to get the most from it.

Synthetic v/s Natural Bristles

Eyeshadow brushes can be made of synthetic or natural bristles.  This is really a personal choice.

For those of you with allergies however, you will find a synthetic brush is going to work best. If you’re not into natural hair brushes and want to go faux, synthetic brushes are the way to go.

With makeup brushes as advanced as they are, synthetic brushes look, feel and work the same as natural bristles.  Every new brush is going to shed a few hairs, however, when you are looking for a good brush, the bristles should feel luxurious, soft and light.

What’s it for?

With its distinctive design, the chisel shader brush is perfect for helping to smudge your eyeshadow or eyeliner, especially under the lower lashes.  Because of this, the chisel brush is perfect for helping to create a perfect smokey eye.

The chiseled edge creates a distinct, defined line without feeling harsh.  Don’t stop there though; this brush is also perfect for creating a defined or cut crease on your lid.  It also creates a perfectly distinct outer v or anything that requires a making a line.

Is it a Must Have?

To be honest, this may not be something you would use every day unless you wear a smokey eye a lot.  However, if you are serious about your eye makeup, then this is something you will want in your arsenal of brushes.  Its ability to smudge out a line under your lashes, or create a defined line in your crease or outer v, makes this brush a must have!

Why I like it:

I love how easy it is to smudge shadow with this brush or even create a sharp line of shadow in the crease.  The chiseled edge gives a very defined line, while the soft bristles don’t feel harsh.


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