Tarte Haul and Review

Flush– Deep Berry

Where To Buy:(Amazon)  (eBay)  (Sephora)

Exposed– nude

Where To Buy: (Amazon)  (eBay)  (Sephora)

Price: $25

Tipsy– coral

Where To Buy:(Amazon)  (eBay)  (Sephora)

Dollface– light pink

Where To Buy:   (Amazon)  (eBay)  (Sephora)

Price: $25

EmphasEYES™ Waterproof Clay Shadow / Liner

Black-  matte black

Where To Buy: (Amazon)  (eBay)   (Sephora)

Green-  Golden olive green sheen

Where To Buy: (Amazon)  (eBay)  (Sephora)

Brown– Matte chocolate brown

Where To Buy: (Amazon)  (eBay)  (


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I have a Tarte recommendation for you Marleena! Have you tried their Dark Circle – Natural Undereye Correctors? (I’ve been using the fair-light one after I had to get rid of my Make Up For Ever camoflage palette and I LOVE it!) It has a gel-like consistency which I know I should look for in my undereye concealers thanks to watching your videos :) If you haven’t tried it, I’d love to know what your opinion is, since you’ve tried more brands than I have! Keep up the great work, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time I get an email about a new MakeupGeek video/review :P

P.S. – perhaps you could do a top 10 sensitive skin product list? Maybe you have already and I just haven’t found it yet lol.

Ooh, I’ve tried that, and I love it. It’s actually made my under eye area smoother and my dark circles less noticeable over time. Tarte never disappoints.

I had the same problem with the NARS Blush. I wore it once and it make my cheeks itch so bad and when I went to return it they looked at me funny because they said they have never heard of that before

I got my makeup done at Nars for my friend’s Bat Mitzvah in March and the applied Orgasm Blush to my cheeks and it looked great, but the next day my cheeks (nowhere but my cheeks) were all red, irritated and bumpy :(

Also, Great Review! Marlena you are my inspiration! I am 13 and one day I want to have a site just like yours! Makeup is my true passion!


PS- Thanks so much for viewing and liking my Makeupgeek.com Haul + Thoughts video! I really appreciate it! And Yes, I am still enjoying the goodies!

Also I wanted to add that maybe your skin could be breaking out from the new products you’ve been using, such as Diorskin Airflash Foundation, Lancome Teint Idole Foundation, Diorskin Nude Powder, and Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer. Just wanted to throw that out there!

Best of luck with your skin! :)

Actually Marlena, it’s funny you bring that up about the nars blush because I have been using Nars for awhile and have been breaking out on my cheek area. I never thought of it being the blush. They aren’t big red pimples…they are very small and just sooo annoying. I never had a problem until now but never really realized what it was.

I think I may have to try a new blush!! :P

I really love some of these tarte products. The blushes are truly lovely. I own peaceful and dollface which work well on my pale skin; A little bit goes a long way. I’m pretty jazzed about the waterproof eyeliners, too. I have them in black and plum. They seem to wear very well (even on my oily lids as well as in the water line). The true test, at least for me, is how long it will take for them to dry out. Here’s hoping! I’m also loving their smoulderEYES waterproof eyeliner – applies like a dream. Once it sets it stays put. It’s perfect for getting out the door in a hurry.

As always you are a wealth of information as well as inspiration.


Ugh! I’ve been eyeing these for a a while now, the colors are soooo gorgeous! But I had purchased the Tarte Jewelry Box set a while back and positively could not wear the eye make up. I’d put it on, and you remember all those gorgeous colors???, and in 5 minutes my eyes would be watering, and so itchy I’d claw my eyes out! So sad, returned the whole thing.

Ever since I’ve been afraid to try anything Tarte anywhere near my eyes. Actually, I haven’t bought any since. Anyone else have trouble with the Tarte eye products? Can you wear the blushes????


I actually can’t wear any of Tarte’s products, as attracted as I am to them, particularly the cheek and lip stains. My physician told me something very enlightening when I told her about reactions I was having from various makeup products– Just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. For example, some of Tarte’s products, I have been made aware, use bluegrass and other natural elements that I’m horribly allergic to. So while we’re trying to be environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, we also need to look at what is best for us. If you have allergic reactions to natural elements, Tarte simply may not be the best option.

AND, to add to that note… per FDA guidelines, for a product to be considered “natural” it only needs to contain 5% of natural products. Talk about false advertising!

A similar fact about “hypoallergenic”… if 100 people in a test group use a “hypoallergenic” product, up to 49 people can react and it will still be considered “hypoallergenic”.

Make sure you read ingredients on all products, ESPECIALLY if you know what you are allergic to.

$22 for the eyeliner?? No thanks, I’ll go for the Bobbi Brown ones ($21) or the Maybelline’s, which has the same quality and wear for $10!


Love Tart! Such a fantastic makeup brand. It all depends on your skin type really :) Love your work Marlena keep it up xx

I really want to try them out, but what a shame I can’t get my hand on it cuz I live in Australia and they don’t sell that here :(

Hi Tammy! I know you’re expecting a reply from Marlena but I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on the Hip eyeliners. I took advantage of a “Buy 1 get 1 Free” deal at my local drugstore and bought every single color of the Hip gel liners ( or what I thought was a gel liner). They are horrible! Very dry, chalky nothing like I expected. I’m not sure if the product was old or it’s just how it normally is but I wouldn’t recommend it. I will definitely be buying the Tarte or Bobbi Brown. Hope this helps! I know they’re cheaper but don’t waste your “mula” like Marlena says.

I agree with Gledys’ review. Not only do they dry out quickly, they don’t last long on your eye when you wear them. I set all of my gel liners with an eyeshadow of the same color (oily lids); and, it still wore off quickly and creased. My upper lid kind of hangs down over the lower part of my lid (getting older), and the color creased and wore onto the upper part of my eye. Bobbi Brown & even Mac fluidline didn’t do that. I haven’t tried the Maybelline one that someone else above is recommending.

The allergic reaction might be due to the ingredient Carmine, which is from brushed up bug shells. It is often used for red colours. If you are allergic to this ingredient, opt for vegan products, which do not include carmine.

I have the same problem with Nars blush (Deep Throat). I stopped using it and the break out stopped. What is annoying is that those bumps take along time to go away. I read somewhere that it is because of the glitter. I stopped using it and used Nyx Peach and Tarte Amazonian Clay in Tipsy. Noticed they didn’t have glitter so I think there may be some truth to it. Attached is a link where I saw it.


I was wondering about the glitter in blushes causing breakouts. I have only one NARS blush and it’s amour (matte) and I have no problems. But I feel like glittery blushes do cause some problems.

Hi Marlena,
I’ve also heard gluten can make your face break out. Gluten is not only in food but some make-up, shampoo, etc… Just thought i would pass that along.

She’s got a tutorial on green and pink. Look it up in the archives. It’s very similar to what she’s wearing. I hope this helps :)

I’ve read most of the comments about NARS blushes and have noticed a trend. When a makeup brand breaks me out I always look at the ingredients and compare it to a brand that does not break me out. It could also be they have altered the formula for their blushes. Just to be safe though, I would stop using the current blush, wait for the skin to heal, and try again with a new product. If the face reacts the same way then the blush is the culprit, and I would change brands for that product. Makeup gets old and the chemicals change over time and it’s not a good idea to use it after the product has gone bad. I’ve found this to be true on multiple occasions.

Since we’re talking about sensitive skin I have a question about brushes, so far I’ve been lucky with products (at least I think…) but I seem to have certain brushes that when I use them will give me hives. I have a MAC 168 for example, and if I try to use it for contouring about 2 minutes after applying my skin is crazy itchy, and the elf blending brush (eye) I literally get little welts after blending. I just maintain and fight off actually scratching and the irritation clears up in about 5 minutes but short of asking if I can rub a brush all over my face when I’m shopping…are there brushes that are meant for sensitive skin?

I myself started trying to use more organic/natural makeup. I fell in love with tarte. Their mascara is amazing ( Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara ). Go to QVC.com. They offer kits that are perfect for trying out a variety of products. :)

my cheeks have been breaking out like crazy (never had this problem before) , and I am using NARS “orgasm” blush… so thank you for posting this because I could NOT figure out what was causing this!!! The pimples are so thick and have no puss or anything, just very red and painful, takes about a month for each one to clear out….. VERY VERY STRANGE! Hopefully this will stop once I change the blush- damn you NARS!

Hi there Marlena..
Love your site and your inspiration.. I am very new to cosmetics (only been playing with it for the last year, and I’m 32) – I’m a very natural, organic girl overall, so when I got into cosmetics I immediately went for the most natural & green products available. I was stoked when I discovered Tarte. At this point, most of what I use on a regular basis is either Tarte or Bare Escentuals with a smattering of other brands thrown in. I’ve been careful to look at the ingredients listings on almost all the products I buy before getting them…

For the most part, I’ve not had any negative reactions to anything I own by Tarte. I own 2 of the blushes – in Blissful & Peaceful – and they’re both gorgeous. Really love Peaceful; similar to Nars Orgasm I think; it’s got some shimmer in it… I also swear by the Illuminating Serum & I really do love the Tarte amazonian clay foundation that I got on QVC.. Also got a few other Tarte products that I think are pretty special; the maracuja concealer (amazing!!!) & the cream eyeshadow. Overall, I’m in love with their line and they’re my favorite brand…

I just wanted to mention something I learned a few months back about purchasing brand name cosmetics on eBay. There are a lot of articles, websites and blogs out there on this same subject.

Many of the sellers on eBay stating they are selling genuine brand name cosmetic items are actually almost undetectable knock-offs usually made in China. Especially those who have several or many of the same types and brands. How they get them less expensive that the rest of us are able to was a question posed. When I read the answer, I realized it takes a lot so I followed the research and will not purchase another brand name cosmetic from eBay.

I was skeptical at first because I thought how can they look so real. Some of the sites show the tiny little details on each brand name of what to look for on the fake vs genuine product.

I wouldn’t have a problem with a good knock-off to save money but the problem is we don’t know the ingredients in them. Of course, another problem is paying good money for something we could get ourselves for a fraction of the cost if we chose to purchase knock-offs.

Why does everyone leave ULTA out. Ulta sells Tarte. On 9/11 you will be able to get the Tarte Gifted Mascara for $10s and on 9/19 You can get the Tarte Emphaseyes Aqua Gel Eyeliners for $9

hey marlene..i also had breakouts with nars..thought i was the only one…
loved the review..thanks for all the info on makeup geek..ure amazing :)

i have a similar problem with the nars blushes… i don’t get breakouts but my cheeks feel very itchy and uncomfotable…

So I have a random questions for all you make up geeks. Every time I put on eye liner it ends up under my eyes making me look like I have dark circles under them. I do I stop this from happening? It doesn’t seem to matter if I use waterproof liner or not. I have only tried drugstore eye liners, so any suggestions for brands would be awesome. Has anybody else tried the Maybelline gel eyestudio liner? So far I really like them!

Hey April :) Yes I do use the Maybelline eyestudio liner and I love them!!! Now about your eyeliners… what brands exactly are your using? Because depending on the brand depends on how well it stays.

A really good brand I recomend it Napoleon’s eye pencil liners ($28 AUD), Neo Noier liquid liner ($30 AUD), or the china doll gel eyeliners which are $32 AUD each. Napoleon eyeliners are very trust worthy, they have a great finish to them, and they don’t cut back on colours to choose from. If you don’t want to use Napoleon for any reasson, I also recomend MAC eyeliners. MAC is a fantastic brand and they also have alot of makeup to choose from… visit http://www.maccosmetics.com.au/ for more infomation on that. If your restricted on the places you go to buy your makeup, go to your local drug stores and try out Covergirls range of eyeliners, or try any Rimmel London products because I can tell you here and now that I use them alot and I fully trust them. Rimmel and Covergirl are a little similar but neither of them are too expensive. From Rimmel London I recomend the Soft kohl kajal eyeliner pencil because its a really good product if you want to smudge it or just keep it as it is :) Hope I helped April and have a great time shopping for all those amazing products out there :)

Thanks so much for answering my question! I typically use cover girls perfect point plus eye liner. I did get a free sample of make up forever waterproof eye liner, but I still end up with eyeliner under my eyes. Someone had told me to smudge eye shadow over the eye liner to help, but I havent really tried that yet.

I’m glad I helped April :) Yes the smudging the eyeshadow over the eyeliner does work :) But it depends on the look your going for. It’s a really good tip for when you want to do a nice smokey eye look, or an everyday look. Go and try out the Napoleon eyeliners I sugested and test em out and see how they work for you. But yes definatly try the smudging eyeshadow thing it really looks good :) xx

Hi Marlena:)

My friend is actually breaking out because the tarte blushes, they are not natural at all actually. they have alot of ingrediens that is cousing break out, expesially the ingredient lanool ( lanolin).
I am a skin therapauth and I know that many of my clients also break out with this in their makeup, and parabenes and mineral oils thats in non mineral makeup

I will also recommend to use the jane iredale makeup, the foundation is great. the glo minerals is also really good and have a great coverage:) I have also adult acne, like you, ( really ennoying) and it really helps to use mineral makeup

Love from


Wish i could find those in Europe. Seems like neither Sephora nor Tarte ship internationally. :/ i hope a co worker can get me some when she visits Chicago next month.

Many blush cosmetics contain red dye #35, that can cause breakouts varrying from under the surface congestion to full blown pustules and papules. I’m a liscenced cosmetologist that does skin treatments, I found some my own experience and my clients, blush and other highlighting products can really cause many skin issues. Cleansing, toning, regular exfoliation and hydrating with the correct products with quality ingredients on your face is crucial.

I have found that using mineral based makeup, especially blush, helps to minimize my under the skin congestion, especially in the cheek area.

Marlena, have you tried Arbonne blush? Its made from botanicals like Tarte, but unlike Tarte, its also vegan and made in the USA, so the ingredients and manufacturing process follow government safety protocols. It might be worth checking out if you have skin irritation from some cosmetics.

Hi, I’m so happy to see you’ve gotten a Tarte Haul. Just wanted to add my two cents
I’ve become quite the Tarte girl in the last 7-8 months. Very few things I’ve returned. I can get the list from my returns if you’re interested. I too have adult onset acne issues. I use the Tarte Amozonian Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer, as wll as full coverate foundation. Lovr,Love,Love. I have her Blushes(3), Gel Liner, Hydrating Highlighteer, and more. Only thing I can say I REALLY don’t like are her brushes, and eyrlash curleer. Oh, her mascara’s are really, really nice.
Ok, it’s 3 AM, and this post is likely a mess, so I’ll just be quiet now and go to bed:)
Have a great week!!!

Hi! :)
I know you probably get a million and one messages and comments a day because you are AMAZING!! always been a big fan!
I must say you look amazing and I love your personality. you make watching your videos like talking to a friend!
My question is… What colour is your hair?!?! I am in love with the colour and need to have it haha it would be a great help since i have to go to the hairstylist soon! :)
Hope to hear from you!

i would love to get some tarte products really love the look of the blushes but we can,t get tarte in ireland so sad

Wanted to share the links below to help others learn the relationship between dairy products and acne. Eight years ago I suffered a long list of skin problems (acne,dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis) which limited my ability to enjoy cosmetics. During and elimination diet of 90 days I watched my skin detox and become flawless. Ive been dairy free since and my skin just glows. Might be worth a little research for some of you. Hope it helps.



I break out from many Nars blushes too. For me, it’s the lanolin. I can’t use the Tarte blushes for the same reason. I can’t use lanolin anywhere. There are also lanolin derivatives to watch out for, if you suspect an allergy/sensitivity to it.

Just and FYI: other fairly common irritants are chemical sunscreens, esp. avobenzone (benzophoe) preservatives like: methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, and formaldehyde donors such as DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea etc. I only know these things because I have sensitive, allergic, acne prone skin. ALL these things cause issues for me. Sounds lovely, right? Good luck to all of you with skin issues.

I have very sensitive skin. I also react to pure aloe vera. Bismuth Oxychloride makes me itch and rash, too. I have eczema as well.
I just started to try Tarte Cosmetics for the first time with my fair skin. I picked up the Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer Agent 00 porcelain, neutralEYES II palette, and Smooth Operator Amazonian micronized clay concealer in fair. So far, so good. Up until now, I’ve been using gluten-free mineral makeup by Joelle Cosmetics Mymineralglitters – but I needed something that wasn’t quite as drying. ;)
For me, it’s all been about trial-and-error. Rashing sucks, though.