Review: Too Faced Lipsticks

It’s review time and today’s review is for the highly anticipated release by Too Faced of their La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams. I recently got these lipsticks and they are amazing to say the least! These remarkable lipsticks are Too Faced answer to the popular lipbutters. Too Faced exceeded everyone’s expectations when it came to these lipsticks by combining the best of lipbutters with the rich pigmentation of their lipsticks with the added shine of a lipgloss.

These lipsticks are very smooth, creamy and very hydrating. Unlike some other lipsticks that feel dry after a while these retain their creamy texture all day. With a stunning array of shades to choose from, 16 to be exact, there is a perfect color for everyone. All of these have a very creamy, slightly glossy finish to them. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the packaging, I really don’t care for the gold tube. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints. I do love how they have the Too Faced name embossed on the side of the container which gives a sleek and classic look.

The sixteen shades are as follows:

1. Naughty Nude

2. Naked Dolly

3. Nude Beach

4. In the Buff

5. Spice Spice Baby

6. Cinnamon Kiss

7. Honey Bear

8. Sweet Maple

9. Marshmallow Bunny

10. Razzle Dazzle Rose

11. Juicy Melons

12. Fuschia Shock

13. I Want Candy

14. Coral Fire

15. Stiletto Red

15. Fine Wine

These retail at Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, EBay, and at $21.00 USD for .11 ounce.

To compliment this collection they also came out with a series of 4 lipliners that can be used with the lipsticks. They have a nude, rose, red and pink so you can use them with any of the coordinating shades of lipstick. The one thing I like about the packaging on the liners is they have a rubber grip so they are easy to hold and maintain control over. These are retractable so there is no sharpening with these and just like the lipsticks they are creamy, smooth and very moisturizing. They have the same high pigmentation and glide on smoothly and evenly.  For me I like my lipliners to be a tad bit drier so they last longer and don’t wear off quite as easily. These sell for $17.00 USD also at Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, EBay and at



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love love your makeup in this vid. please do a tutorial for us! thank you always for all you do for us…you’re so inspiring and uplifting. god bless you :)

Nice colours!!!!! But I got a question: aren’t lip liners harder to apply if they aren’t creamy?

Hi, this is my first comment, I just wanted to say that I LOOOOVE the Makeupgeek website and so THANK YOU for all the reviews, and the videos, and everything. :D

Marlena u luk stunning in this Vedio and ur side bun is amazing can u tell Wht it is I would love to see the tutorial ….. San u Plz tell me Wht it is called as thanks


Ok stupid question- do you put anything over the swatches on your “cheat sheet” for your lipstick case? Seems like they might get smeary if not super careful (well at least mine would). Thanks!

Hi, Love all these lipsticks. Thanks for doing the vid. My question is about your pretty pink nail color you’re wearing in this one and a couple of others recently. I love the bubble gum pink color of it. Can you share what it is?

Thank you and Peace and Blessings to you

I LOVE your hair in this video, you should do a tutorial on it, your makeup is awesome too.

These look gorgeous, hope we can get them in Australia, though it’s not looking good. Marlena please post the video for your apmakeup in this video, it’s gorgeous and you look amazing!

I love your makeup & hair in this video sooooo much!! Please do a tutorial on it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I’ll have to try these, all I’ve ever used was MAC lipsticks but for a few dollars more I don’t see why I cannot give these a whirl haha.